I sure love weekends!  Lots and lots of quality family time, fun outings and really good food. Whoever invented the weekend truly is a genius! *wink*

Here is my weekend Photo Dump update (photos taken with the free instagram app on my Iphone, follow me @onesmileymonkey).

Iphone Dump

And if you are Canadian, have you filed your personal taxes? If you haven’t then don’t forget that the tax deadline for personal income tax filings for the 2011 tax year is tomorrow April 30th. In case you still need to file them.

Finally, here is the super adorable video I wanted to share of  chimpanzee and a puma cub together. It looks like the puma cub is the chimp’s baby,  the chimp is even feeding the puma with a “baby” bottle. Just amazing!


Hope you all have a great week!