Custom HD Metal Prints from Posterjack {Giveaway}

I am a big fan of displaying family photographs in our home, and we have multiple canvas prints on our walls. I was recently given a chance to try out the new HD Metal Prints from Posterjack, and I was excited to place my order.

The Posterjack HD Metal Print is a premium Metal Print created by using Dye Sublimation Printers, a heat press and Chromaluxe Metal Panels. The result is a finished product that features vivid colours in a glossy and durable surface.

For the HD Metal Prints, I picked two of my favourite photos taken recently, one of the boys and I during one of our hikes and the other one of my youngest and my husband in front of a mural in Main St. I used the Posterjack website to upload, crop and customize the photos and sent in my order. The uploading/ordering process was very simple, and it took just a few minutes. I like that you can even upload and order your prints directly from your mobile phone.

About a week after placing my order I received my prints safely wrapped and packaged to avoid any damage during shipping. For both prints, I ordered the float mount hanging system and the prints came ready to hang out of the box. There is an extra cost for the mount, but it is worth it if you want to hang your photos on your walls right away.

Pressing the image onto the Metal Panel shifts the background colour slightly yellow, so expect the colours to be a bit different than when you are printing on canvas or a paper surface. Still, the colours are vibrant, and the print quality is very high.

I have been admiring the HD Metal Prints on our wall, and I am thinking of ordering a couple of new prints for our family. In general, I love the look of the Metal Prints; they are glossy, thin and super shiny and durable.  If you want to place an order you can visit their website here; they also offer regular Metal Prints, Canvas Prints, Poster Prints and more!


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a $100 gift voucher from PosterJack. Enter to WIN it via Rafflecopter below. Good luck friends!

Note: Gift voucher must be redeemed at once and any unused balance does not transfer over for a later purchase

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Posterjack. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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Angela V

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77 responses to “Custom HD Metal Prints from Posterjack {Giveaway}”

  1. I would get a family picture done on canvas! we have quite a few walls that are bare and not enough family photos up

  2. I’d love a canvas for my living room wall! The acrylic prints are pretty awesome too!

  3. I think I would definitely consider a metal print, I have been interested in getting one of those done for a bit.

  4. I would get a metal print of all my grandchildren.

  5. My husband is an amateur photographer who has many photos that I would like to hang up.

  6. I would use it to make my pic from my trip up north. I would probably use the metal print.

  7. I would get my parents wedding photo on canvas & give it to them for their anniversary in July.

  8. I would love to get a metal print of my family.

  9. I would print off some wedding and family photos!

  10. i’d print some travel photos on canvas

  11. Use this towards a print of my Beautiful Family of 5!

  12. I don’t have a metal print so I would probably choose that. I have some photos of me with my oldest two boys collecting rocks on a beach on Vancouver Island from about 15 years ago that I have always wanted to get enlarged. I would use one or two of those. Thanks for the chance.

  13. I would get a metal print of my two children this is very neat

  14. I would love to have a picture of our 6 daughters and their families in a metal print

  15. I would use it for the HD Metal Prints. It’s something new.

  16. I would buy a big canvas with our family picture in it.

  17. I just took a photography class and have some pictures I would like to get on the wall.

  18. We have a group photo of all our family members together at Christmas this is the one I’d love to see on the metal print. This medium would give everyone something new to talk about. Thank you for the giveaway.

  19. I would give the code to my daughter for her birthday. She could pick a piece of her artwork

  20. I would get a picture of my son!

  21. We are so long overdue for a picture of the family on canvas! ☺️

  22. I would definitely have our new family portrait that we are going to have taken in a couple of weeks. Thank you for introducing me to this company and for the great giveaway opportunity!

  23. My son just had his first birthday id love to get some canvas portraits of him done up to put up in our home.

  24. I would get a canvas for my living room of my family!

  25. I would probably use it on an engagement photo on canvas…haven’t decided yet

  26. I would get a family picture on canvas.

  27. Thanks! Your pictures look lovely!


  28. I would buy a canvas print.

  29. I would use gift code for a family photo print

  30. I would love to get an updated family photo for the wall!

  31. I would get a picture of my 4 grandchildren made!

  32. I would get a family photo done in canvas.

  33. I would get a metal print if I win

  34. I get one of their collages every year for my Mother. Usually printed although I also have a canvas one. I’d like to try metal though. Beautiful shots.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  35. I’d try the metal print, never heard of this, so it’d be cool to get one of my cat.

  36. I would love to get a canvas print, perhaps.

  37. I would love to get a metal print!

  38. I would have some family photos done on canvas.

  39. I luv to get a canvas print,

  40. I would use it for a picture of all our grandchildren.

  41. I would use it for a picture of the grandchildren. Maybe a metal print.

  42. I’d use it to print out some of our recent vacation pics!

  43. I would have a canvas print of my daughter made! This would be beautiful in our new home!

  44. i am wanting a gallery wall. we just had a baby and.i would love to get a.canvas of her on.the wall

  45. I would use the gift card to create a wall collage of my travels and place it in my office as inspiration.

  46. Many thanks! It a fantastic web page!

  47. I would get a pic of the kids.

  48. I would use the gift code to get a metal print of my family.

  49. I would probably do a family portrait because we haven’t done one for a very long time.

  50. My daughter is graduating from University this year and I would love to get a great print of the special day .

  51. I’d get a few nice prints for my mom to hang up her new place.

  52. My friend is getting married next year, I think they would love to get one of their engagement photos done!

  53. I would use the gc to get a print of my three girls.

  54. I would print some photos from our upcoming Eurotrip!

  55. I would get some of my wedding pics printed.

  56. I would use it to create prints for our wall from all the pictures we’ve taken that we’ve been meaning to make into hardcopies to hang. The metal prints look awesome!

  57. I would get our recent family picture done up on a metal print!

  58. I’d use it for a photo of my niece

  59. I’d get a print of my children.

  60. I would love a canvas print of our latest family picture.

  61. I love photography so probably on a landscape picture and a family picture.

  62. I would have our favourite vacation picture printed poster size to display in our living room.

  63. I would get a metal print of my two girls!! They are growing up so fast so I want to cherish the moment when they are still young!!

  64. I would get a metal print of my two boys. This would be fantastic !

  65. I would have metal prints of my pets made. Thanks for the chance.

  66. I would love a family print for my office.

  67. Cheers! Lots of write ups!

  68. I have some vacation photos I’d love to see on canvas or on metal!

  69. I would get a picture for our livingroom.

  70. I’ve really wanted to get a metal print. I would get one of my husband’s golf pictures done on metal.

  71. I would use it to purchase a great print for my family room perhaps a three split print

  72. This would be nice for a pet portrait

  73. I would get a family picture done with our first grandchild

  74. I would pick a photo that my mom took when I went to Florida with her last year.

  75. I would get a family picture from when we went on a cruise.

  76. I would love to have a decent photo blown up as the ultimate enlargement, a poster!

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