EasyPouch: Self Feeding Made Easy and Less Messy {Review & Giveaway}


Food pouches are usually a convenient solution for snack and meal times on the go, specially as baby learns to feed himself.  They are also great even with older toddlers, like my almost 4-year-old who still loves food pouches. Whether store bought or reusable they are super convenient but they can also be really messy. Babies can squeeze all the food in one go and make a crazy mess! Enter the solution to that dilema, the EasyPouch.

EasyPouch is the no squeeze, no mess, baby food pouch feeder. A simple yet effective product that allows little ones to feed on their own without making a big mess. Children love independence and giving them the chance to feed themselves without having to worry about the food being spilled everywhere is fantastic.


EasyPouches come in sets of two, one for your diaper bag and another one to keep in the kitchen for snack time. We received a set and I had a chance to try them with my children. I took some food pouches with me while out with my toddler and I found that we were able to avoid a messy carseat when he ate his food on our way home. I would usually never let him have something like that while in the car, fearing a messy accident, but having the EasyPouch made it easy!

The EasyPouch has been designed to be used with both large and small disposable food pouches but it is also compatible with the Infantino Fresh Squeezeed food pouch system and the PouchPop Topper.

Here are some of the EasyPouch features we love:

  • It protects the food pouches from pressure and leaking while being carried in a bag
  • It is made out of reusable plastic that can be washed after each feed
  • It has slots on back to attach a tether onto a stroller or highchair
  • It has child resistant latches that are easy for parents to open
  • Conveniently sold in pairs so one for the diaper bag and one for the home
  • Reasonable priced at $12 per pair.
  • Sold and fulfilled through Amazon for safe, secure, checkout and fast delivery, click here to purchase

Win it: US&CAN readers, enter to win a set of EasyPouches AND a 32-pack of pouch food below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of EasyPouch. The opinions and text are all mine.


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8 responses to “EasyPouch: Self Feeding Made Easy and Less Messy {Review & Giveaway}”

  1. The mess for sure!

  2. Him being a picky eater 🙂

  3. Figuring out what he wants to eat!

  4. getting to finish the meal and then the clean up

  5. The hardest part about mealtime with kids is keeping them focused on eating

  6. The hardest part of mealtime is when they are done eating, they throw the rest of their food all over the place!!

  7. making sure he actually eats

  8. We have five adult children. When they were little, three of them were really good to eat most foods. The youngest two, a girl and a boy, for some reason, were much pickier eaters. I got to the point that it was ‘what was on the table;’ or bread and peanut butter. Mind you, I tried to include their favorites at times but not let their eating habits dictate the rest of the family.
    It is much easier with my husband and myself. The boy was a better eater after he was married but my daughter is still a picky eater -she does have digestive problems but i do not know for sure what caused what!!

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