Enter to WIN a New Pantech Flex Smartphone

Pantech phone

Are you looking for a premium and easy-to-use smartphone device? Check out the Pantech Flex Smartphone’s key features:

  • Loaded with high end smartphone features: 4G LTE speeds, bright touch screen, thin and lightweight design, sharp dual-facing cameras
  • Access to 700,000+ Android apps
  • Option to navigate in “Easy Experience” mode for a streamlined menu and quick access to apps
  • Ideal for first-time smartphone users, or for those who want a customizable experience
  • Retails for $399.99 and is available for only $0.99 with a two-year contract at AT&T (USA)

Flex’s 60-second video walk-through



Pantech Flex

One very lucky USA reader will win a Pantech Flex smartphone (currently available at AT&T, a $399.99 value).

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below and remember to stay up to date with Pantech news on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pantechusa) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/pantechusa).

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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105 responses to “Enter to WIN a New Pantech Flex Smartphone”

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  59. I spend Mother’s Day doing something special with my kids

  60. Go out to lunch.

  61. we usually go out to dinner with my mom, which is exactly what we did this year!

  62. My daughter pampers me for the entire day! I love it!

  63. I enjoyed a quiet day at home with my son and my mom.

  64. This year we went out to lunch to Olive Garden 🙂

  65. We usually go to Las Vegas for a few days on Mother’s Day for a family reunion. We just got back and had a wonderful time!

  66. FLOWERS and a nice dinner for MOM!

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  67. we went to the riverfront with the whole family then came home and had a cookout

  68. We always go to my parents house and all the kids and grandkids and great grandkids come over and we have a BBQ. So much fun to see everyone and let all the little ones play!

  69. We go out to dinner with my mom.

  70. We take my mom to brunch!

  71. I hung out with the kids all day and took a free day off of home school

  72. My sons and grandsons always come over and we either have a cook out or all go out to dinner.

  73. we usually just go out ot eat 🙂

  74. Visit mom.

  75. I spent Mother’s Day at home with my husband and kids

  76. she loves plants so we all got her some and planted them where she wanted them, the garden looks great now!

  77. My kids fixed me dinner for mothers day.

  78. Dinner with my family & grandbabies!! Getting flowers from the little ones just melts my heart.

  79. Now that mom has passed we really don’t do anything. Although I do make sure to call my sisters to wish them happy mother’s day.

  80. Went out for lunch

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  82. Games, presents and dinner. Thanks.

  83. We always go out to eat for my momma 🙂

  84. I celebrate with breakfast in bed and then lunch in the park

  85. The whole family goes on a picnic for Mothers Day!

  86. Shopping with my mom which is her favorite hobby. LOL. I personally just want to sleep.

  87. My family took me out to dinner for Mothers Day

  88. I celebrate Mother’s Day with lunch and a movie with my children. 🙂 Thank you.

  89. mothers day brunch.

  90. we take my mom out to breakfast

  91. Spending time with my family and having a nice dinner at home.

  92. We take my mother in law out. Thank you

  93. We went to a Dodger game 🙂

  94. I spend it with my daughter, try to get a bubble bath in later and a nap. LOL!

  95. I don’t get to celebrate. Everyone in the family (including me) is usually working.

  96. I spent Mother’s Day being relaxed and doing absolutely nothing.

  97. Generally, in whatever way my kids want to celebrate it.

  98. i celebrate mother’s day with my family, this year we had a nice brunch

  99. we all sit down to a great homemade dinner and share some laughs

  100. In the morning I get the gifts the kids have been making me all week long (my favorite part). In the afternoon, we go to my mother-in-laws home for dinner on Mother’s Day, and we give her gifts from us. The kids give her gifts they have made.

  101. My favorite is the Gaura, Rosy Jane

  102. everyone comes over and we usually BBQ

  103. I take my mom out for breakfast, and my hubby usually take me out for dinner!

  104. Mother’s Day is usually a day for the entire family to get together and barbecue- our family grew by 7 new little ones in 2 yrs, so it’s an awesome time 🙂

  105. I take my mom out to a nice dinner

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