Five Tips for Keeping Your Little One Warm in Winter {Giveaway}

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Brrr, it is getting pretty cold outside! As the winter approaches it is time to get the nice thick blankets out of the closet and get ready to layer and wear your winter jackets.

To help your littles stay warm Disney Baby has put together some helpful tips for the colder months. We’ve experience a few winters with our babes too so check out some of our tips we added below as well.

TIP #1: Appropriate attire

While it may seem like a good idea to turn your little one into a snow-suited marshmallow, be careful not to overdo it – you don’t want baby to overheat! A good rule of thumb is to dress children less than a year old in the same number of layers you’re wearing, plus one more.

Our tip:  Remember to use blankets instead of bulky snow-suits or big fluffy jackets when strapping your little one’s in their car seats. Once baby is properly strapped you can add a blanket on top for extra warmth. Wearing bulky clothing prevents you from adjusting their straps properly and ensuring your baby is safely strapped in his car seat. 

Tip #2: Easy on, easy off

Opting for a cozy jumpsuit, like this fleecy Winnie the Pooh number, makes layering an easy task. Simply slip these one piece wonders over baby’s outfit as you’re leaving the house. With built-in booties and mittens, a snuggly suit will ensure your little one is ready to face even the chilliest of days.

Our tip: Always bring a change of clothes with you. If what you picked is too warm you can change baby into something more comfortable and if you picked something too light you can always use an extra hat, thicker pants, etc. So pack a few different options.

Tip #3: Collect cute caps

Heat escapes through the top of the body, so always make sure your little one’s head is covered. For warmth and style, try these adorable Princess and Pooh cap, mitt and bootie sets – they’re perfect for tiny noggins!

Our tip: Watch carefully when you get baby in and out of the stroller or the car-seat, I have seen so many babies lose a pair of mitts or booties while being transfer from the car to the stroller and viceversa. Always check they are still wearing them after the transfer! 

TIP #4: Take brrr-eaks

Babies need fresh air, even in winter, and it’s perfectly fine to take your little one outside when it’s chilly. But it’s important not to keep baby out in the cold too long. Look out for fussiness or other signs of discomfort and if you see them, head inside for a cuddle!

Our tip: If you are going somewhere with the option to park underground DO IT. I don’t mind paying a fee extra dollars if I know I don’t have to walk an extra long distance in the middle of a snow storm with my baby in the stroller. 

TIP #5: Create a cozy crib

Your baby can get chilly, even inside, and many moms worry about keeping little ones warm while they’re asleep. Step one is to create a snug environment. Try using a flannel fitted sheet in your crib and a cozy footed sleeper to keep your little one toasty from tip to toe. For really tiny tots, swaddling is a great option – just make sure you don’t use too many layers!

Our tip: Try using a sleep sack as well. We have been using one since our second son was about 3 months old and he loves it. Keeps him warm and cozy all night long!  

What’s your favourite way to keep your little one comfy in the cold?


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Disclosure: I am a Disney Baby Mom Ambassador and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group; however all opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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52 responses to “Five Tips for Keeping Your Little One Warm in Winter {Giveaway}”

  1. I have a friend who crochets and knits and she makes the cutest hats and mittens. I like to keep my kids warm that way.

  2. If we are out in the stroller, I like using a bunting bag to keep my little guy warm. Knit hats are also used a lot during the winter time.

  3. We use comfy blankets, mitts and hats to keep us all warm

  4. My favourite way to keep my little one warm in the cold weather is to put her in a cozy sleep sack that can be worn even in the stroller or car seat – the type with the holes to insert the straps through. They are a life saver when having to tote her around for all the drop offs and pick ups required for her older sister because I can transition her from her crib easily while keeping her warm, and she can’t kick them off like she could with a blanket. I also keep hats and mittens in the car and in the stroller basket so that when we are heading out I just have to add the layers.

  5. Cute hats , jackets and blankets ! 😀

  6. in a snowsuit,hat and mittens and comfy warm blanket

  7. a nice children’s size afghan my aunt comfy and cozy

  8. We just purchased a super warm one piece snow suit for my girl. She’ll be nice and toasty while playing in the snow! We’ve also been using our foot muff (or as I call it, the sleeping bag), in the stroller. It’s been the best thing ever for the cold. I tighten up the draw string at the top, and it acts like a hood too, keeping all the warmth in. We’re all set for the winter!

  9. Nice, homemade knitted goodies – sweater, hats, afghans etc!.

  10. I always knitted hats, scarves and mittens and socks for my little ones. I made sure they were warmly dressed with a blanket to cover. One-piece snowsuits were my favorite to wear and I did not take them out in really cold weather unless it was an emergency.

  11. Knitted scarves, hats and mittens.

  12. Knitted hats and always warm the car up before she comes out to it.

  13. nice warm fleece blanket

  14. A nice comfy blanket and fleece pjs

  15. Cuddling up under soft blankets on the couch!

  16. lots of layers

  17. We are very strict about no snowsuits in the carseat, so we use cozy carseat ponchos!

  18. wrapped in blankets

  19. I full body fleece suit and a hot water bottle.

  20. My son sleeps in a sleepsack in the crib that way he doesn’t kick his covers off. When in the stroller or car seat we always have a flannel or fleece blanket for extra warmth.

  21. I’m a babywearer, so I’ll snuggle my daughter up in her wrap.

  22. Dress them up in warm clothes like a onesie, long sleeves, warm pants and a warm blanket!!

  23. Warm jacket, hat, gloves and blanket.

  24. mittens, toques, scarves, blankets

  25. a magic bag and warm blanket

  26. Dress them up in layers to keep them warm

  27. Layers! And a cozy scarf 🙂

  28. a warm blanket and footmuff for the car seat and stroller

  29. Warm blankets, mitts and a balaclava.

  30. Bundle in blankets

  31. cozy blankets and sweaters

  32. Cozy crocheted blankets!

  33. I dress them in layers and buy them coats with snap on mittens.

  34. lots of layers. its my little guys first winter so I am looking for lots of advice

  35. Nice soft blankets and lots of cuddles.

  36. If we’re out for a walk I always put the plastic weather shield cover on the stroller so my munchkin is protected from the icy wind.

  37. My favourite way to keep the little one comfy in the cold is a hot water bottle sandwiched in all the blankets

  38. a big plush blanket

  39. a nice fleece blanket

  40. Hot chocolate and warm blankets!

  41. We keep them comfy with warm fuzzy blankets

  42. A warm plushie blanket or a fleece onesie with a hood

  43. We invested in “The Warmest” coat from The Gap. It is a super warm down filled coat, and worth every penny!

  44. Lots of blankets

  45. Lots of layers and a fuzzy blanket!

  46. Many blankets!

  47. When my kiddies were little I always used a bunting bag when I took them out. I loved how they kept warm them. Of course always keep their heads covered.

  48. A nice big fluffy blanket!

  49. Layers, warm hat, snuggly blanket.

  50. Layers, a hat, and a blanket

  51. Sleep sack, warm blankets, woombie donut, wool beanie

  52. Cuddling/snuggling is the best way !!

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