My youngest boy has always loved plush toys. He has a large collection of them in his room and he usually sleeps with a handful of his favourites. I’ve even tried to get rid of some of them before with no success, he has a name for each and would immediately know if one is missing. 

I think it is really cute that he loves plush toys so much so I was super excited for him when our friends from Hasbro sent us their new furReal Cubby The Curious Bear as a surprise.

furReal Cubby The Curious Bear Plush Toy {Giveaway}

furReal Cubby The Curious Bear Plush Toy {Giveaway}

Hasbro personalized a surprise package for him, featuring Cubby and he absolutely loved the bear and cute accessories he received, perfect for a little explorer. You can see a video of the unboxing and his reactions as he gets to interact with Cubby in the video below:

Cubby is the perfect companion for kids ages 4 and up. He is a friendly little bear who loves being picked up and hugged, he enjoys playing peek-a-boo, sings, closes his eyes to go to sleep, and more! The way he moves his eyes, nose and mouth is just too cute, so expresive!

Cubby also responds with 100 and more sound and motion combinations, moving his arms, head, eyes, ears, nose and making lots of different sounds. He comes with a bottle/comb/treat accessory.

Win it: One very lucky winner will win a furReal Cubby Bear Plush Toy ($130 value). This toy would make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for a child in your life. Enter to WIN the giveaway below via Rafflecopter. Prize to be fulfilled by Hasbro.


Good luck friends!