Get Home Faster with TomTom {Enter to WIN a TomTom Go 500 GPS}


As a busy mom of two I am always on-the-go and driving around the city with the kids. Vancouver is unfortunately the most congested city in all of Canada* and getting stuck in traffic is stressful and a waste of our precious time.

Reducing travel time is very important for us and thanks to the new TomTom Go 500 GPS we have been able to get everywhere safer and faster. The TomTom Go 500 uses real-time traffic data that lets you know where there are road blocks or excessive traffic, it also suggests alternate routes that will be faster.

Having the real-time traffic updates has been a total life-changer. Before I go anywhere I now check my route using the TomTom Go 500 and take alternate routes when necessary. I find that saving those extra minutes allows me to get home earlier and I can spend more quality time with my family instead of just being stuck in the car!

Here are some of the other features we love:


TomTom also sent us a really adorable cartoon book with the GPS, the book called “Alfie’s Story” was written by award-winning children’s author Miriam Moss. “Alfie’s Story” is about a little one who just wants to get home in time to read his new book, but encounters all sorts of obstacles along the way. My 4-year-old loves the story and he keeps reminding me to use my GPS to save us time.  Very cute book!

I could find a million things I would rather do than sitting in my car waiting in heavy traffic and I am sure you could too. Nobody likes wasting time and we are giving you the chance to save time to spend it with the ones who matter the most! Canadians enter to WIN a brand new TomTom GO 500 GPS below via Rafflecopter and #GetHomeFaster.

*According to the TomTom Traffic Index


Win it: Open to Canadian readers, WIN a brand new TomTom GO 500 GPS. Enter below.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign, however all views and opinions are 100% my own.

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144 responses to “Get Home Faster with TomTom {Enter to WIN a TomTom Go 500 GPS}”

  1. I would spend it putting in more effort making my lunch & snacks in the morning. A lot of times I’m just rushing & throw something fast & useless together, but if I had more time I would plan better & healthier options.

  2. More quality time with family or more me time.

  3. honestly I would use that extra time just connecting with my family.

  4. I would use the time to prepare better meals for my family

  5. Use it to do some reading & relaxing

  6. Extra free time would be used reading or meal planning 🙂

  7. I would be using the extra time just to clean up around the house.

  8. I would use the time to relax and enjoy myself.

  9. Use it to relax 🙂

  10. I would take that time to relaxe 🙂

  11. I would do a little extra housework with my extra time.

  12. I would be able to spend more time preparing meals.

  13. I would spend it with my family . But I would def not spend it cleaning lol

  14. More sleep

  15. I would sleep

  16. I would spend more time helping my wife and playing with my children! Life is too good to stuck with traffic…

  17. garden more

  18. I would stop and get a good coffee. 🙂

  19. I would just relax with that time.

  20. I would relax with a good book.

  21. I would read more!

  22. I would spend more time with my kids! 🙂

  23. I’d work in my garden more.

  24. I would spend it working on designing my photo books from our last vacation. going through the pictures takes forever.

  25. spend time in the garden

  26. spend more time with my family doing fun things

  27. I would stretch my body more by doing yoga

  28. If my husband could save time on his commute he would have more time to spend with the kids and I!

  29. At this time of year, I would do more gardening with extra time.

  30. I would read a book or spend more time with family and friends

  31. I would read in my extra spare time!

  32. I would get my gardens in order…its been a long and hard winter

  33. Sleep!

  34. Probably go shopping 😛

  35. more time for shopping, or eating, or reading

  36. Spend time with my family! 🙂

  37. I would spend a bit more time reading!!

  38. I’d get an extra few minutes of sleep!

  39. sleep in just a few more minutes

  40. I’d sew. thanks for the chance to win this device.

  41. I’d play video games!

  42. I would spend it exercising.

  43. I’d rather spend it playing board games with the family

  44. I don’t have a commute so I’d spend time saved on journeys either playing with my grandchildren or soaking up a good book and a cup of coffee 🙁

  45. relax with a book or crossword puzzle

  46. I would use the extra time to sit and relax.

  47. have a nap!

  48. Take a nap

  49. With the extra time, I would sleep in!

    • I would use the extra time to prepare meals for the family and lunches for the next day

  50. I would play with my grandchildren!

  51. More quality time ♥ with family for sure

  52. Would absolutely love to win this Tom Tom GPS as my old Tom Tom just broke and I really need a new GPS!

  53. I’d go for a bike ride!

  54. relax and read a good book

  55. i would spend more time with my daughters!

  56. Want to start travelling with my kids this summer. A Tom Tom would come in quite handy!

  57. I would use that time for more sleep in the morning.

  58. I would read with the extra time.

  59. Relax with a glass of wine!!

  60. I’d spend more time with my family

  61. have a nap! MOMMY gets a nap!! LOL thanks for the great giveaway and all your hard work!!

  62. Reward myself with ‘me’ time.

  63. spend all the extra time with my dog

  64. Any spare time is ME time….so rare….

  65. I would use the extra time to work out a little longer


  67. Relax with a good book

  68. spend time outdoors with my dog!

  69. I would sit on the back porch and read.

  70. Making more dinners for my lovely wife of course.

  71. I would spend it reading.

  72. Relax

  73. I would eat a healthier meal

  74. I would spend the extra time with my family. Maybe go on a vacation.

  75. I’d read. It’s hard to even get through the newspaper in a timely fashion.

  76. Spend it with my son!

  77. I’d use it to make extra money at work

  78. Sleep more

  79. Nice prize!

  80. I’d like to hope I would exercise more with extra time

  81. I would use the time to get more exercise, preferably outdoors as the summer weather arrives.

  82. I would spend more time outside especially riding my bicycle.

  83. I would spend it with my kids, I can never get enough time with them to do fun things!

  84. I’d use the extra time to do more spring cleaning

  85. i would spend more time with the family

  86. More time with my family.

  87. I would spend more quality time with my family with extra time 🙂

  88. I would make myself a latte every morning!

  89. go for a walk with the kids and dog.

  90. I would probably spend more time sleeping lol

  91. Take a nap

  92. i will spend more time outside with my dog!

  93. I can spend more time exercising and cooking good meals.

  94. I would love some more family time!

  95. Read more of a great book.

  96. I’d spend the extra time reading 🙂

  97. Give me the outdoors and my bicycle and I happy!

  98. I would read some of the books I have started.

  99. If I had extra time I would probably sleep longer.

  100. Sleep in a little longer! Or read.

  101. I would read a book

  102. Either read or exercise.

  103. I would relax outside

  104. I would read more!

  105. spend it doing morning yoga

  106. I would use it to spend more time at the gym or hulahooping in my livingroom while I watched tv

  107. get dinner started earlier so that I could get in some reading

  108. That’s easy, SLEEP. 🙂

  109. Relaxing and enjoying my life

  110. I would be home a lot earlier to relax!

  111. Spend more time with the family ! 🙂

  112. I would spend any extra saved commute time making nicer dinners for my family to enjoy while we talk about our day and enjoy our extra minutes together catching up.

  113. I would spend more time with the family

  114. play with my girls

  115. I would spend more time with my family.

  116. I would use it to relaxlol

  117. i would watcch tv

  118. I would sleep a little longer.

  119. Alittle more sleep!

  120. Eat a snack 🙂

  121. Anything is really better then time wasted on road. More time for meals and family for sure.

  122. I would spend the time reading.

  123. exercising for sure

  124. have a bath

  125. I would spend the time getting better prepared for family meals.

  126. I would spend it sleeping in for a few extra minutes 🙂

  127. Read a good book!

  128. extra time just to clean up around the house…

  129. I would use the extra time to spend more time with my kids

  130. I would braid or curl my daughters’ hair. Maybe even pull some weeds.

  131. play with my kids!

  132. I would use that time to soak in the bath tub.

  133. I really need this to help me out – I get lost too often!

  134. I would take some time for myself; read a book, take a bath, enjoy a glass of wine in pure silence. LOL!

  135. I would spend more quality time with the family

  136. I would sleep in a bit later in the morning. For the afternoon commute, I would enjoy having time to make dinner.

  137. I would use the extra time to relax and meditate.

  138. sleep in!

  139. I would use the time to just relax.

  140. I would get my gardens ready

  141. Relax with a glass of wine and book!

  142. I’m really getting behind in reading my newspapers. I’d use any spare time to get caught up!

  143. I would do more reading.

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