As a busy mom of two I am always on-the-go and driving around the city with the kids. Vancouver is unfortunately the most congested city in all of Canada* and getting stuck in traffic is stressful and a waste of our precious time.

Reducing travel time is very important for us and thanks to the new TomTom Go 500 GPS we have been able to get everywhere safer and faster. The TomTom Go 500 uses real-time traffic data that lets you know where there are road blocks or excessive traffic, it also suggests alternate routes that will be faster.

Having the real-time traffic updates has been a total life-changer. Before I go anywhere I now check my route using the TomTom Go 500 and take alternate routes when necessary. I find that saving those extra minutes allows me to get home earlier and I can spend more quality time with my family instead of just being stuck in the car!

Here are some of the other features we love:


TomTom also sent us a really adorable cartoon book with the GPS, the book called “Alfie’s Story” was written by award-winning children’s author Miriam Moss. “Alfie’s Story” is about a little one who just wants to get home in time to read his new book, but encounters all sorts of obstacles along the way. My 4-year-old loves the story and he keeps reminding me to use my GPS to save us time.  Very cute book!

I could find a million things I would rather do than sitting in my car waiting in heavy traffic and I am sure you could too. Nobody likes wasting time and we are giving you the chance to save time to spend it with the ones who matter the most! Canadians enter to WIN a brand new TomTom GO 500 GPS below via Rafflecopter and #GetHomeFaster.

*According to the TomTom Traffic Index


Win it: Open to Canadian readers, WIN a brand new TomTom GO 500 GPS. Enter below.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign, however all views and opinions are 100% my own.