This Month’s Streaming Suggestions {Netflix Canada}

curious george

Looking for family friendly shows and movies to stream this month? You can find some fun suggestions from Netflix Canada below.

We are big Curious George fans and our 4-year-old loves watching the show. They have 8 Seasons so lots of episodes to watch. We also just watched Despicable Me as a family a few weeks ago and it was such a fun movie, he loved the Minions. Great movie to watch to catch up now especially with the new Minions movie coming out soon!

What favourites have you been streaming lately? Share yours below!

Family is What You Make It
For your little kids:

1. Curious George
2. Stellaluna
3. Lily’s Driftwood Bay
4. Pound Puppies: “The Yipper Caper”
5. Veggie Tales: “Pa Grape’s Son / Larry’s Cardboard  Thumb”
6. Baby Jake


For your big kids:


1. Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman
2. Mr. Peabody & Sherman
3. Despicable Me
4. Kung Fu Panda
5. Full House
6. Yours Mine and Ours

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam. All views and opinions are my own.

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11 responses to “This Month’s Streaming Suggestions {Netflix Canada}”

  1. Curious George was always a favorite in our home

  2. Lily’s Driftwood Bay is new for us, I’ll have to check it our for my girl! Thnx.

  3. I have watched Despicable Me with one of my great grandchildren and I can’t really say who enjoyed it more, me or him. I really liked it.
    Curious George is one of the favorites of another of my great grandsons who is 4 as well. He has loved this show for a long time.
    It is so wonderful to see your little ones enjoying these entertaining shows and being so engrossed in them.

  4. Stellaluna looks new….we’ll have to check that our for my little one! Gotta love Netflix!

  5. First time hearing about Lily’s Driftwood Bay!

  6. Netflix is awesome. A lifesaver at times when there’s kids around.

  7. Curious George definitely got my girls attention this morning!

  8. We have been trying to decide whether or not to get Netflix for a long time now. I think we’re going to cave one of these days.

  9. It would be great to watch Full House again!

  10. We’ve not had Netflix for long but I am really enjoying it. I love being able to watch a series from begging to end without having to wait a week or so for the next episode. At the moment I’m watching 24 hours. 🙂

  11. Just got Netflix after Christmas and….. We love having Netflix

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