Getting Ready For the Summer! {Barbie® Giveaway}

summer giveaway

Summer arrived early this year! Temperatures are rising here in Vancouver and we have been enjoying beautiful sunshine and high summer like temperatures lately. We are all getting a healthy tan already and spending a lot of time outdoors.

Running around the backyard, riding bikes, splashing around the mini pool and getting muddy means changing clothes multiple times a day.  The kids are loving it and our almost 5-year-old is all about picking his own clothes and changing his outfits himself. He usually picks what he wears to preschool in the morning and then what he is wearing to play in the afternoon. He even picks his pyjamas before going to bed.

He is very particular about certain combinations and sometimes wears the same polo t-shirt multiple times a week. I am usually o.k. with him picking his own outfits and I am happy to allow him to express  his personal style. Sometimes I do have to ask him to change though, like when he suddenly wants to wear a full firefighter or policeman costume to school…

firefighter and policeman costume kids

This May, Barbie® is challenging YOU to participate in a #SuperStyle challenge. All you need to do is take a photo of your little one’s Super Style and share it via Twitter using the hashtag #SuperStyle, it could be a silly school outfit or one of their creative dress-up time creations! Can’t wait to see!

Barbie® has also just released their new Barbie® Fashionista line of dolls, the line includes 23 uniquely-styled Barbies with eight different skin tones, there are also 18 different eye colours and 22 hairstyles, all dressed in trendy, authentic street fashions. So much fun for little ones!


barbie giveaway

In celebration of Barbie #SuperStyle, one of my Canadian* readers will get the opportunity to receive a Barbie Fashionista doll set with 3 Barbie Fashionista dolls, a Barbie Helmet and Protective Gear Kit to get outdoors this summer ($120 total value).

Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck all!

Note: Open to all Canada excluding Quebec.  You may enter this same giveaway in multiple blogs but you are only able to win this prize once. Thanks!

Disclosure: I am a Mattel Play Ambassador and I receive perks as an ambassador, however all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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64 responses to “Getting Ready For the Summer! {Barbie® Giveaway}”

  1. Batman caped shirts!

  2. Oh, so many… she really likes a pair of stretchy leggings that have a sparkly heart design on the legs.

  3. My daughter has this really bright pink dress that she loves to wear.

  4. My sons fav. is his florescent sweater

  5. My niece has the cutest red and white dress and that is all she wants to wear at the moment

  6. My daughter has blue dress.

  7. my daughter has Pusheen the cat unicorn T shirt she loves

  8. My son loves his angry bird shirt!

  9. My son likes his Skylanders t-shirt.

  10. she loves her shoes.. she does not care what she wears but she loves to pick out her shoes.

  11. Oh it would definitely be one of her many, many dresses – she has refused to wear anything but dresses for the past 2.5 years!! Except when absolutely necessary! I think her favourite is her fancy floral dress.

  12. She love her leggins

  13. My granddaughter just loves her party dresses!

  14. my daughter doesnt have one particular item but she LOVES leggings! whether they are regular leggings or capris leggings she loves em

  15. My granddaughter has a pair of coveralls that I just love on her.

  16. My middle daughter has a white dress with cherries all over it that she loves to wear as often as possible.

  17. Monster High t-shirt and leggings.

  18. My pjs

  19. my daughter loves her dress up shoes

  20. she loves her barbie shirt and p’js

  21. Anything that is a dress!

  22. a pink hat

  23. My daughter loves her gymnastics team hoodie and wears it everywhere she can.

  24. A cinderella dress thats way too short so she now wears it to bed with shorts lol

  25. Sophie has a beautiful eyelet sleeved dress. Its the perfect shade of pink.

  26. Black sequin sneakers

  27. My grandson’s favourite piece of clothing is his Spiderman t-shirt.

  28. My granddaughter favorite piece of clothing is her Frozen PJ’s!

  29. My granddaughters favorite piece of clothing is her “Angry Bird” pjs.

  30. My favorite piece of clothing is my leopard print tights

  31. anything with bling or sparkly

  32. My granddaughter loves anything that’s girly. She’s 7 and turns her nose up at clothes her mother would like to buy for her, she has to choose her own – at 7!!

  33. My kids love wearing shorts, even if it’s cooler weather

  34. My daughter has a purple dress with all different types of dogs on it that she loves.

  35. a hoodie when they pull the hood up it’s a shark

  36. My grandchild loves dressing up!

  37. My daughter has a black and white spotted jumper (Like a dalmatian). She loves it.

  38. My niece has a shirt with an owl on it and purple leggings that she likes to wear.

  39. My kids love their peeper hoodies

  40. My granddaughter has a pink dress she loves to wear.

  41. My favorite piece is my cropped dark jeans. Wear them weekly at least.

  42. My daughter loves all of her dresses – she’s such a girly girl!

  43. My daughter has this adorable layered skirt that is pink white and grey. It is both our favorite!

  44. play shoes

  45. she loves her tutu

  46. anything with lightening mcqueen

  47. My granddaughter has a blue tutu skirt that is her favourite.

  48. My favourite piece of Clothing,is,my royal blue Dress!

  49. My little man doesn’t even like to wear clothes lol but my Niece, the one who’d enjoy this incredible prize pack loves her rompers and I think they’re adorable 🙂 Thanks a bunch!

  50. My son loves the colour green so he has a few shirts that are his favourite because they’re green.

  51. My niece loves to try and dress as the barbie’s!!! It’s super cute – she would love this so much! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  52. My niece is all about the funky clothes she wants to wear skirts over leggings,and even regular pants all the time. Her favorite thing to wear is a black tutu styled skirt with jeans under it. teehee

  53. My niece loves her Frozen costume. She thinks it is something she can wear everyday.

  54. anything hello kitty

  55. My daughter has this 1970s-looking shirt that she got at the thrift shop where my mom volunteers. Pure polyester but she loves it.

  56. My daughter loves summer dresses, she has a few she loves to wear!

  57. Anything blue ! 😀 and if there is a whale on it , even better

  58. My children are adults so I think that one of my favorite items is a light mauve jacket I bought last year. I love wearing it.

  59. My son loves his Ninja Turtles running shoes.

  60. I’ve no idea what my granddaughters favourite piece of clothing is. Myself, it’s all the varieties, colours of jeans I have.

  61. My daughter likes her pink sweater cover up. She wears it year round over dresses, t-shirts, blouses.

  62. My daughter loves her pink dress up dress.

  63. colourful tunic with leggings

  64. Neither of my kids really care what they wear…though my son likes to dress like Han Solo as often as possible.

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