Great Pretenders: Costumes for Creative Play {Review & Giveaway}

What child doesn’t love to dress up?  The chance to be anything or anyone is pretty appealing for kids.    I love watching the creative play my boys have when they are dressed up and get ‘into character’,  so I was pretty excited to surprise them with a set from Great Pretenders.

great pretendersWhile I loved all the cute little super hero capes I knew as soon as I saw the Dragon Cape With Claws it would be a hit with my boys.  Man, was I ever right!  As soon as the cape and arm cover/claws go on, Smashie he is running fun tilt around the house yelling ‘RAWR’.  He loves to wave his claws around, thinking he is the scariest thing to walk the earth.  We don’t burst his fun by letting him know he is too cute to scare anyone, but Bug plays along begging Smashie not to attack him, which of course leads to him being attacked. Smashie would also like all the other toddler/preschool aged kids to know that the costume is not at all itchy when worn with nothing else.  Yup I have been chased by a naked drgreat pretendersagon.  On more than one occasion.

I appreciate that the sizing is variable, my boys aged 3 and 6 can both easily wear the cape and the claws.  I can attest to the fact that it is snug on an adult sized head.  I was quickly demoted from ‘scary dragon’ role to screaming villager.  I feel I nailed my performance.

I love that they have everything from super-heroes to princesses to pirates.  Whatever you little one can imagine!  Also they carry some great accessories to go with the costumes, if you list the category of costume you can see everything they carry to go along with.  For example you can check out the Pirates section which includes t-shirts, full costumes and swords.

great pretenders
I love that they put so much care into creating their products, they ‘get’ dress-up.  They understand what is going to spark a little ones imaginations and then they make a costume to stand up to vigorous play.  I love this quote they have on their page about creative play:

“Pretend play is not just great fun. It’s the way kids develop imagination and creative thinking skills and try out being big and powerful. Pretending also brings the world down to the child’s size and understanding. It’s a way to develop communication skills and an outlet for expressing feelings and fears.”

Right now all the feelings that are being expressed at our house are those of pure silliness.  Now if you excuse me I need to rescue my 6 year old from a suddenly ferocious dragon/little brother!

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a costume of their choice from Great Pretenders (up to $50 value). Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter.  Good luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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68 responses to “Great Pretenders: Costumes for Creative Play {Review & Giveaway}”

  1. loving the cape and mask sets! i have a little boy turning 2 in May and he would love it!

  2. I love the Renaissance Gown.

  3. Love the Spiderman mask and cape. The dragon is also very cute. Everything is .

  4. My little boy would love the Pirate Mate set!

  5. I like the fire breathing dragon or the pirate costume.

  6. My son would love the fire breathing dragon

  7. My favourite is the Fire-Breathing Dragon.

  8. I would go for the Royal Princess dress in Fuschia.

  9. Pirate Skirt and Hat Set.. took a while to find it on the site though. Would be nice to see a Pirate Costume listed in the girls section

  10. The captain Hook one is my fave 🙂

  11. My son would have a ton of fun with the fire breathing dragon!

  12. The Crystal Queen dress

  13. so many cute costumes and so hard to pick but my daughter thinks she is a princess so i think she would like Royal Princess Fuchsia dress

  14. LOVE the Magenta Princess Cloak!

  15. The Crystal Queen dress is one of my favourites

  16. We would love the Royal Princess Fuchsia

  17. they are all so cute but love the Fairytale Princess Blue

  18. love the rainbow fairy dress

  19. I love the Awesome Cape/Mask Set, Kapow, Red/Blue

  20. I like the Fire-Breathing Dragon

  21. I like the Royal Princess Fuchsia.

  22. I really love the Storybook Series – Elegant Gold small!

  23. I love the Spider Witch Dress

  24. The Spider Cape Set with Mask and Wristbands costume is pretty awesome!

  25. The Spider Cape Set…my son would love that1

  26. Love the royal princess fuchsia

  27. We love the dragon cape with claws!

  28. I like the Spider Cape Set with Mask and Wristbands, Sm

  29. i like the fire breathing dragon

  30. love the renaissance gown

  31. I love the Sequins Petticoat Skirt in Purple

  32. I’m sure my granddaughter would love the Crystal Queen Dress.

  33. My son would FLIP over the spider cape!

  34. The Rainbow Fairy Dress.

  35. I love the Royal Princess Fuchsia

  36. They are all so cute but I like the Spiderman cape and mask.

  37. I love the fire breathing dragon costume

  38. I like the Flower Fairy with Wings costume. And the Bumblebee dress is so cute.

  39. My favourite is the Flower Fairy with Wings. So colorful and cute!

  40. I love the Flower Fairy! My girls would have a lot of fun with it.

  41. The adventure toddler cape is too cute!

  42. I like the Rainbow Fairy Dress.

  43. I love the Renaissance Queen costume! I also love that they have doll clothes too! That is too cute!

  44. my fave costume is the reversible dragon/knight cape.

  45. I love the Musketeer Set.

  46. Spider Cape Set with Mask and Wristbands, Sm

  47. My son would love the bat cape with a hood.

  48. There are so many but I really like the Parisian Pink Hoop Dress

  49. I am loving some of the fairy costumes and would love to add one to my daughter’s dress up collection.

  50. The Captain Hook costume is cute.

  51. I like the Fire-Breathing Dragon costume

  52. My favourite is the Fire-Breathing Dragon!

  53. rainbow ferry dress

  54. My favourite is the EVA Armor Set (Black/ Grey)

  55. I like the rainbow fairy gown. My granddaughter would look so sweet in it.

  56. i think my son would really love the Adventure Toddler Cape in Blue

  57. My favorite is the magenta princess cloak

  58. I know a girl that would love the Fire-Breathing Dragon

  59. The king/ knight set would be fun.

  60. The Crystal Queen Dress is very pretty!

  61. I love the spider man and the captain hook costumes!

  62. Pirate for sure

  63. I love the EVA Armor Set (Black/ Grey)

  64. Sorry this is my pin for 28/02/
    I put the twitter share in the wrong slot

  65. I like the flower fairy with wings.

  66. I really love the reversible Spider/Bat cape!

  67. Royal Princess dress

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