Great Pretenders SuperHero Costumes {Giveaway}

We are quickly becoming a superhero family, not that our kids needed much help with their imaginations, but thanks to Great Pretenders, I now have a cute muscle guy running around my house.

We are in the middle of my little guy’s dress up phase, and now every day is accompanied by a costume. This week he is Super-Fly Muscle-Guy, from playing with his toys to cleaning up his toys. His Great Pretender costume has even made clean up a bit easier – I just mention that he could superhero clean and BAM! He’s cleaning up!  The lack of arguing over cleaning is incredible.

Great Pretenders SuperHero Costumes {Giveaway}

Great Pretenders SuperHero Costumes {Giveaway}

I love that The Great Pretender costumes last. He has some from Christmas time that are still in perfect condition, especially comparing them to most of the costumes that we’ve had for our girls in the past that have fallen apart within days, and with all the wear and tear that a preschooler puts them through.

My little superhero wears his costume to check the mail, to the playground and anywhere else that he wants without it falling apart. And the best part as a mom is that I can toss it into the wash to keep the fun going. Which is great because my little superhero is not a neat eater and loves to jump in puddles.

Great Pretenders SuperHero Costumes {Giveaway}

This costume is molded EVA with blue muscles and red spandex top that is attached to a gold adjustable Velcro belt that allows for kids of all ages to have fun and have the costume to grow with them. Embellished with gold piping, Velcro closure, and cute red satin cape.  We love it!

What kind of Superhero does your child want to be? Vist their website to see all of their costumes available for boys and girls.


WIN IT: One lucky CAN reader will win a SuperHero Costumes set like the one reviewed above or any item of their choice under $35. Perfect for Halloween coming up!   Enter to WIN by visiting the Great Pretenders website and sharing your favourite costume from their site in the comments.

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-Giveaway open to CAN residents 18+. Ends  September 30th 12:00 pm PST-

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Great Pretenders. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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38 responses to “Great Pretenders SuperHero Costumes {Giveaway}”

  1. I love the Violet Flower Fairy Dress Set.

  2. I just love the Fairy Blossom Dress Blue & Magenta costume.

  3. I love the Bat Cape with Hood Costume

  4. I love the Snow White Tea Party Dress

  5. Thanks for the chance to win. My son would love this

  6. SEQUINS FAIRY DRESS with the Glitter Rainbow Wings – Multi Pastel & Gold would be a huge hit with my granddaughters 🙂

  7. My Facebook user name on Facebook is my full name, Alicia Boisvert-Rutter. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, my son would love this!

  8. The Bat Cape is my fave!

  9. Definitely the Snow White costume!

  10. Liked, commented and shared FB post. My FB name is Jocelyn Paprocki.

  11. My favourite costume is the King/Knight Reversible Set

  12. My favourite is the Hooded Spider Cape!

  13. The pirate best and eye patch!

  14. The pirate vest and eye patch!

  15. My favorite is the Tea Party Witch Dress With Hat.

  16. The bat cape is adorable!

  17. the Snow White costume

  18. Snow White Tea Party Dress !!!

  19. My daughter would love this! She’d also love the dress up dolls and the colour in costumes!

  20. Liked/Shared/Commented and Tagged Neal Hartwig

  21. I really like the Blue Mermaid Dress .

  22. FB- Juliee Fitze

  23. I love the Construction Worker costume – my little one would flip for it!

  24. Interacted on FB as Nicky Marie 🙂

  25. Glitter ladybug

  26. I like the SPIDER CAPE SET. My son would look very cute in it.


  28. Liked/Shared on FB as Judy Cowan

  29. I like the Bat Cape with Hood.

  30. Sequins Fairy Dress is way too cute!


    Dylans very young and will get to be pushed in a stroller!! So this is best suited for him.

  32. I like the Bumble Bee Dress.

  33. I love the Chainmail Metallic Cloak – Gold

  34. We like Reversible Super Hero – Blue

  35. Liked, Shared, Commented on FB as Fan Rakhim

  36. the superman costume is cool

  37. Liked/shared/commented on FB winnie bee

  38. I love seeing the kids who come to the door all dressed up, especially in really original costumes – though I don’t always know who or what they are meant to be. 🙂

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