Canvas Factory Canvas Print Review

I love taking photos of my boys and capturing our many adventures together. My phone’s camera roll is often full with their pictures, and I have a cloud service with unlimited storage for all my images. With so many photos, picking and getting some of my favourite images printed onto canvas allows me to relive some of our memories and display them in my home.

I have an empty wall in my bedroom where I wanted to display a beautiful photo of my boys from our last vacation to Los Cabos, and I finally got the photo printed thanks to Canvas Factory.

Canvas Factory Canvas

Canvas Factory is a website that provides high-quality canvas prints at an affordable price. Through a very easy to use interface you can upload and process your photos to create beautiful canvas prints, metal wall art, acrylic photo prints and more. You can upload photos directly from your computer or your social networking profiles.

The high-quality canvas print is then shipped and delivered to your doorstep in about a week or two. And if you don’t have an image you want to upload you can always select one from their gallery of images, bringing new life to an empty wall/room in your home.

Canvas Factory Canvas

I love the way the canvas I ordered looks, the bright colours make a beautiful impact in our room, and the sunny image brings me back to our sunny vacation. The image wraps around the frame nicely as well.  The Canvas Factory canvas is a beautiful piece, and I love seeing my boy’s smiley faces on my wall every day.

You can visit their website to order your print HERE. They offer free delivery on all orders over $126 and fast service to get your print in as little as 5-10 business days.


Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a gift code to order a 16×20” / 40x50cm canvas from The Canvas Factory. Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter. Good luck everyone!


Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Canvas Print. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.</p

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  1. I used to get them printed on a regular basis and now I seldom do so. I may keep them longer but eventually i delete every few months.

  2. I delete the pictures every couple of months and I haven’t been getting them printed much lately.

  3. I transfer photos from my phone usually when it gets full. I get them printed for special occasions.

  4. I delete photos about every week. I have printed pictures in years!

  5. I delete them every couple of weeks, but almost never get them printed.

  6. never print my pictures, it didn’t work when the Bluetooth connection came out to print from phone. And with getting new phone I forget. I’ll have to soon! I delete duplicates and ones that’s are important every week or two

  7. I delete photos about every week.

  8. Now-a-days I never get photos printed. I delete often from What’s app since my kids seem to love filling up my phone with thousands of photos. They are mostly still on my phone in the Gallery though.

  9. would be nice to win

  10. I delete them about once a week and make a photo book each year

  11. I never delete photos and always have a backup on a separate hard drive. I should do a better job of printing photos though… Think i last printed pictures 2 years ago.

  12. I actually don’t delete Any photos i have them transferred from my phone to my laptop and I try and get them printed when I can but sometimes it’s just costly because you end up wanting all the cute ones and they are all cute to me lol

  13. I do delete every so often from my phone and I really should transfer them to my computer. We have just gotten a few pictures printed over the last few months only because of bereavement in the family.

  14. I print my photos a couple of times a year in batches. I clean off my photos from my camera as soon as I put them on my computer.

  15. I delete photos from my phone a lot because I don’t have enough memory. I print photos rarely.

  16. I rarely print my pictures which is a shame. I love the ease of digital but must admit I miss the good old days when we sent in our film was excited when we got them back in the mail lol.

  17. I delete my photos every few months and I print them once a year or so.

  18. I usually upload my photos from my phone every 6 months and then delete them off my phone since they take up to much space. We do not print photos as often as we should!! we would have 50 albums full if we did and our walls wouldnt be so bare lol

  19. I rarely delete them. I don’t print them out too often.

  20. I delete photos off my phone and camera once a month. However, I don’t print them off very often.

  21. I deleted photos from my phone every few months, and get them printed once a year!

  22. I pretty much never delete pictures from my phone and I print pictures of special occasions a few times a year.

  23. I am always full in my pucture roll so I put a lot of them in my facebook. I have never printed one but so often planned to.

  24. I rarely get anything printed but delete photos probably weekly.

  25. I clear photos often from my devices and have them organized on a laptop by month. This has worked for me for the last 5 years! I probably print off photos about 2 times a year and only a few at that.

  26. I transfer my photos once a month to a memory stick. I have a back up memory stick too just incase! It has almost 3000 pictures.

  27. I’d love to have a family portrait up that’s canvas! I take a million photos and rarely print them out.

  28. I’m really bad about downloading my photo’s and deleting them from my phone. I just did it this week and the last time as over a year ago. I generally post my photos and only once in a blue moon print them, though I keep meaning to.

  29. I transfer photos about once every few months, print photos maybe once a year

  30. Not often enough! But I really do need to print them more and make space for new pics!

  31. I try to go through/delete/transfers my pictures from my phone once a month. Getting them printed is not something I do that often.

  32. I tend not to get them printed as much as I used to, and I delete them on a regular basis.

  33. I dont delete any photos until they are printed

  34. I delete pictures after I’ve uploaded/save them to a usb so i can print them later, which is about every 3 months (or whenever i have extra time)

  35. I delete off my phone and camera once they are put on the computer. I order prints 2 or 3 times a year normally.

  36. Every few weeks, I transfer them from my phone to my computer so they can be backed up safely. I make prints on occasion.

  37. I transfer photos from my phone usually when it gets full.

  38. I have tons of pics still on my old phone PLUS tons of pics on the old computer that I need to get done (like from when my daughter convocated over 2 hyrs ago)

    I am trying to save up on amazon for a cell phone photo printer thingy lol

  39. I delete photos from my phone every few months and I get them printed 2 times a year.

  40. Once the camera card gets full! I do not print pictures as often as I should!!!

  41. I keep my photos on my pc. I delete the bads ones and put the others on a cd.

  42. I don’t have a smart phone, but I do have an older camera that is very good. I usually get pictures printed off about once a month. After that, I go through the memory card and delete the ones I’ve already printed or decided some are not necessary. I really like to keep them printed so I can share them.

  43. We rarely get them printed – a few a year for sharing with family maybe. They do mostly get deleted on a monthly basis – we take a LOT of pictures, and have to back them u and delete them so there is room for more.

  44. I rarely get them printed, maybe only like 1-2 a year. I should clear my camera, there’s a lot of photos

  45. I am so bad at printing photos!! I usually upload my photos from phone to computer and that’s about it.

  46. I delete my photos off my phone after they are backed up. I only print my favorite photos.

  47. I tend to delete most of the photos on my phone after I upload them to my computer. And I don’t print photos ever unless it’s to frame and display in my house.

  48. I’d really like to get more photos printed. I used to, but I haven’t in years.

  49. I download them monthly onto a flash drive and get prints every 6 months or so

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