HUMLAN Headphones by Urbanears {Review & Giveaway}


Tired of your old, probably not so clean, headphones? Allow me to introduce you to the world’s first headphones with machine washable parts.

The HUMLAN headphones by Urbanears have been designed so you can have a fresh and clean listening experience every time you use them. They have removable headband and ear cushions that you can throw in with your laundry. Amazing right?

Headphones can get pretty messy and dirty with everyday use and having the option to wash them is fantastic. I received a pair of HUMLAN headphones and I love the freedom of knowing that I don’t have to worry about any germs or dirt collecting in my headphones.

The HUMLAN headphones feature Zound Plug for instant music sharing and you can use them with your phone to pick up calls and for hands-free talking. They also have a tangle free chord that saves you time.

I washed the headband and ear cushions prior to first use and it was super simple. I just put them inside a laundry bag and then throw them in with my regular laundry, SO easy!


I use the headphones when I am nursing baby and I want to listen to audiobooks on my phone, he often naps in my arms and I can continue enjoying the books without moving. I love the sound quality and the nice comfortable fit.


These cool headphones are available in 10 fun and vibrant colours and they retail for $60. They are available in stores across Canada right now, and as a special promotion, a free laundry bag is included with your purchase.

Sound Features

  • 40mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
  • Impedance 32Ω
  • Sensitivity 100dB
  • Max Input Power 100mV@1kHz


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a pair of Humlan headphones by Urbanears (colour of choice). Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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194 responses to “HUMLAN Headphones by Urbanears {Review & Giveaway}”

  1. Red or black if they have them.


  3. I’d choose Tomato


  4. great selection but I would have to go with black.

  5. PUMPKIN is nice

  6. pumpkin

  7. indigo

  8. I would have to go with dark grey

  9. I really like them all but would most likely choose lilac.

  10. Lilac

  11. I would probably go with black, just so anyone in the family would use them.

  12. Black

  13. black. thanks

  14. Black 🙂

  15. Tomato would be my pick

  16. pink!!

  17. I was so ready to say red but then I saw the cobalt!! Goegeous colour!

  18. I would choose black.

  19. I would have to go with Coral!

  20. Black please! (Although I LOVE the other colours…I’m just not sure I could still rock them at my age!)

  21. I’d love it in Coral.

  22. always pink 😉

  23. Coral – I’m all about pink-ish colors these days 🙂

  24. Citrus

  25. the cool green headphones

  26. julep

  27. The black ones look pretty darn sexy to me!

  28. I love the blue and grey!

  29. The light blue

  30. I would choose Cobalt!

  31. I would pick the lilac

  32. Purple my daughter would say….but any color would do…except pink !

  33. I would love the pumpkin ones. Orange is a big winner in our house 🙂


  35. I would like black

  36. black

  37. I’d select Dark Grey

  38. I really like Coral!

  39. I would choose the black headphones.

  40. Black for me!

  41. I would choose cobalt.

  42. I could really use these 🙂

  43. Would love the cobalt headphones

  44. The orange one!

  45. Indigo

  46. Like the light blue and orange

  47. I would love the HUMLAN LILAC

  48. My colour choice would be yellow, they call it ‘Humlan Citrus.’

  49. I would probably choose coral or julep

  50. forget me not 🙂 love it!

  51. INDIGO

  52. Would love a red pair!

  53. Wow!!! Amazing color choices!! Hard to choose a favorite, I think most would agree, Hey!? BUT since you asked, if I haaaaaaaad to choose I think Coral, Julep are my favorites , but I think Pumpkin and Tomato are runners up!! ( such cool color names too!)

  54. I think I would choose the red although I like black too

  55. I’d want julep or coral~

  56. I would choose the Indigo colour.

  57. I’d choose coral.

  58. INDIGO – love this color

  59. If I win a pair of Humlan headphones by Urbanears I would choose the colour clover.

  60. If I were to win a pair of Humlan headphones by Urbanears, my colour choice would be their Humlan Dark Grey

  61. Cobalt

  62. I would choose Lilac.

  63. I love the coral colour.


  65. I would pick clover

  66. I’d like to get black – the most basic colour for headphones.

  67. Lilac is my fav color,but I love them all.Would love to be able to have all the colors,to go with my clothes to match.

  68. The black ones

  69. I thought I was going to say black but the indigo looks nice.

  70. Clover. I love the clover!

  71. I’d choose black!

  72. I’d love HUMLAN Headphones in Coral, that way I wouldn’t have to share with my Husband! Functional, Practical & Stylish, more like an accessory. Thanks for the chance.

  73. black

  74. I would love them in coral.

  75. purple

  76. alway black….

  77. I would choose the INDIGO

  78. I love all things green, so Clover would be my choice.

  79. So many great colour choices but I would stick to black lol

  80. I would choose the Cobalt ones! Gorgeous colours!

  81. light blue & orange

  82. I would like pink!!!!

  83. Oh love all the colors, but I would have to choose purple 🙂

  84. red or black

  85. Red

  86. I would definitely choose lilac

  87. BLACK!

  88. black for me

  89. Cobalt Blue or Black, so my husband would feel comfortable using them also.

  90. I love the Black because it goes with everything!

  91. tomato or black

  92. I would choose Humlan Julep’s cool green shade

  93. Dark Grey!

  94. I would choose the Humlan Lilac ones
    Such a great idea, I was just thinking the other day that mine were looking a bit gross

  95. I would love the lilac ones!

  96. Pumpkin for sure

  97. I would choose the indigo.

  98. I think I would pick the classic black.

  99. i would choose Citrus

  100. I like pumpkin

  101. If I won I would choose the Julep or Indigo Humlan Headphones. I love that they offer so many color choices and the price is fantastic.

  102. in love with the Julep.

  103. Cobalt

  104. Black is always my colour of choice

  105. I’d pick the Julep!

  106. Tomato colour

  107. coral

  108. tomato

  109. I’d pick the orange set.

  110. I love all of the colours, but would go with red.

  111. I love the coral ones!

  112. I would choose the black ones for my son!

  113. I would chose Black

  114. I love the julep colour!!! Very bright and cheery!

  115. I would like black ones.

  116. Cobalt

  117. Lilac

  118. I would choose Indigo

  119. I like the grey best.

  120. PUMPKIN is nice

  121. loving the red!

  122. Black

  123. Clover

  124. BLACK!!!

  125. It was so hard to choose but I think I would choose the coral pair because it’s so different and gorgeous!

  126. I would choose black!

  127. Humlan Cobalt would be my favourite!

  128. I like the Lilac!

  129. I would pick pink!

  130. Tough choice, I like a lot of the colours, but I think I would go for the Indigo.

  131. tomato

  132. I would choose Indigo.

  133. I BELIEVE I WOULD PICK COBALT. Love the colour choices.

  134. I would pick black

  135. I would choose the grey color!

  136. Definitely lilac! Purple all the way!

  137. I would choose dark grey,

  138. the cobalt looks awesome

  139. I’d pick the Dark Grey

  140. Cobalt Blue

  141. the tomato color

  142. black or julep

  143. Coral

  144. I love the cobalt ones!

  145. The light blue

  146. Dark grey.

  147. I would pick the pink ones.

  148. I would chose the coral color.

  149. Love the cobalt ones!

  150. I’d wear the dark grey

  151. i would love a black pair

  152. Love the tomato

  153. I would choose black or cobalt.

  154. I would pick the black

  155. I like the red ones!

  156. Humlan Lilac. I love all things purple!!!

  157. My son would love the clover colour – green is his favourite.

  158. Julep would certainly be my choice! 🙂

  159. The red stands out lovely,I would love to have this color.

  160. I would like Humlan Cobalt

  161. Wow! These sound so cool! Washable? That’s awesome!! 🙂 I would choose the purple ones 🙂

  162. I would get the Forget-Me-Not ones because they’re my favourite flower 😀

  163. I would pick forget-me not

  164. indigo

  165. green i think!

  166. black

  167. I like the pumpkin orange!

  168. Black!

  169. I would choose dark Grey thanks

  170. The dark grey ones

  171. I would choose the ZINKEN in Forget me not

  172. I like Ripe Red, it makes these accessories so easy to spot!

  173. coral

  174. I would choose Pumpkin. Not just because it is my favorite color, but because then I would be assured the men in my house would never ever steal them!!!

  175. I would get black

  176. Hard to choose! But I think I might go with Tomato.

  177. Black

  178. lovin’ the pair in coral!

  179. I was going to choose Tomato,but once I saw the Cobalt,I was hooked!

  180. Cool geen

  181. I would like the coral headphones if I win.

  182. These look awesome!

  183. My color choice would be the Cobalt ones.

  184. i love the color coral

  185. humlan lilac

  186. I think I’d go with Indigo!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  187. I’d like to have the black one! 🙂 I hope I win!

  188. Coral or Julep

  189. I really like the julep color.

  190. I would choose forget me not if I won

  191. Lilac! 🙂

  192. yellow

  193. Lilac, I love anything purple 🙂

  194. Great review, but do you know exactly in what stores they would sell these in? I’ve been looking but can seem to figure out which stores would sell them. The pumpkin colour is awesome by the way!

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