KINDER Minions Collection {Minions Prize Pack Giveaway!}


We recently watched both Despicable Me movies and our four-year-old has been obsessed with the cute little Minions since. Great timing since the new Minions movie is coming to the big screen on July 10, we saw the trailers and it looks like a funny one…

KINDER® has also just released their new Minions collection in specially marked KINDER® SURPRISE® Classic eggs. There are 11 to collect! I am sure our family will be collecting these super fun limited-edition toys.

Looking for a fun Minion related craft with your little ones?  You can actually turn your empty KINDER® SURPRISE® capsules into little Minions, all you need is back markers, felt, glue and google eyes! Cute right?


Win it:  KINDER® is giving one Canadian reader a $40 prize pack, which gives them a chance to find the ENTIRE Minions collection!  Enter to WIN this fun giveaway via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck all

*Note: The contest winner will be required to provide a full name and complete mailing address to be shared with KINDER® for shipping purposes. While you may enter as many of the KINDER® contests as you like, you can only win once.

Disclosure: I’m a #KinderMom who is part of the KINDER® Canada influencer team; as part of my affiliation with KINDER® Canada, I am provided with special perks and products. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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78 responses to “KINDER Minions Collection {Minions Prize Pack Giveaway!}”

  1. I have only seen the first Despicable Me movie. I like the minions, they are very funny.

  2. We love despicable me! My son really likes Dave the minion

  3. I have seen them. I like all the minions.

  4. I haven’t watched them but my kids have. My youngest son loves Gru.

  5. I love the little minons!! I think they are all so funny, I especially like Stuart!


  7. We love Gru and Kevin

  8. we have watched them but do not really have a favorite as they are all funny

  9. I love Stuart. Great movies!

  10. No,,I don`t think I have watched them, eh?!!

  11. We’ve seen Despicable me, Dave is our favorite 🙂 I love all the minions, they are hilarious.

  12. Kevin is our favorite from the movies.

  13. Love minions

  14. I love the minions!

  15. No, I haven’t watched Despicable me but most of my grandchildren have. I think my son liked it just as much as they did.

  16. yes, we have all seen them! All the Minions are adorable. A little partial to Kevin!

  17. I havent seen it but my daughter has

  18. I haven’t but my little cousins are obsessed

  19. I have seen the movie, I don’t have a favourite..they are all so cute

  20. I have and I loved all of the minions (they are a hoot!)

  21. I have seen them and I think the Minions are adorable 🙂

  22. I have watched the movie many times. I love all the Minions!

  23. I have watched the movies and like Gru 🙂

  24. I love the Despicable Me movie!
    I don’t have a favourite,I love them all

  25. I have watched them and I love Gru!

  26. I have seen the first movie a couple of times-I don’t have a fav.

  27. I watched one of the Despicable Me movies and I loves the main character who turns out to be a softie!

  28. No, I haven’t watched any of the Despicable Me movies.

  29. We love the Despicable me movies. We love Gru of course.

  30. I like Gru 🙂

  31. My kids love the movies! My daughter’s favourite is Gru.

  32. Only watched one ! I love them all

  33. Gru is the best!

  34. I love them and my son adores the minions!

  35. I have seen them. I like it.

  36. We LOVE these movies and we are so looking forward to watching Minions this summer! My favorite character is Agnes!

  37. Seen both movies. Love Gru and the girls!

  38. I have watched them and Gru is my favorite

  39. Watched them both, but don’t have a favorite character.

  40. Haven’t watched yet……

  41. I must say I have watched them and loved it no favorites but was very cute. thankyou, ken

  42. I’ve watched the first one. The minions are so cute!

  43. I have not seen any of the movies so no favourite characters 🙂

  44. Yes! I love these movies and the Minions are the best part (Okay, Gru is pretty funny, too)!

  45. We love Gru!!

  46. I saw the first Despicable Me movie and I like Gru.

  47. I have seen the first movie. I like Gru best.

  48. I LOVE the Despicable Me movies!!! They’re so entertaining for the whole family. Gru rocks!!

  49. I love the Despicable Me movies. The girls are my favourite but I love Gru too.

  50. I’ve watched one of them and I like Gru and Margot.

  51. Dave…

  52. i haven’t seen the movie yet

  53. All the Minions are awesome! Dave is pretty funny.

  54. I’ve seen the movies and love Stuart!

  55. Yes, I have watch the movies. I like the minions.

  56. I loved Gru

  57. Yes we have and all of the minions are our favorite

  58. I haven’t seen them yet, but my daughter and husband have and love them! Not sure about the characters myself as a result. I work nights, so my husband and daughter have movie nights when I am working and hence I miss out on a lot of the movies! We got to meet some minions at Universal Studios on our trip to California last year – have to admit, they were really cute!!

  59. I have seen the first one and Stuart is my favorite.

  60. Yes, we love Groot!

  61. Gru is lovable

  62. My kids have watched both films. I’m not sure of any favourite characters.

  63. Yes we have watched the despicable me movies and like Gru.

  64. We love gru

  65. I’ve only seen the first one and loved the minions!

  66. We have watched all the movies, and loved them. Our favorite is Gru

  67. Embarrassed to say I have not seen the movies!

  68. No, I haven’t watched yet.

  69. Yes & my family loves Dave.

  70. Seen them all, Gru is my favourite

  71. The minions were always #1 in my eyes. I always love the characters who don’t talk too much !

  72. I have only seen the first one I keep meaning to watch the second. I love the minions.

  73. Gru is the favorite in our house!

  74. I have seen the Despicable Me movies and I love them (at heart, I’m really just a big kid). My favourite characters are a toss up between the minions (of course) and Agnes who is just adorable.

  75. I think Gru is very funny and the Minions are all great! Bananas 😀

  76. I have watched the Despicable Me movies & I don’t have any favourite characters ‘cos they are all so adorable.

  77. Yes, I like the children. They are adorably cute.A nice family movie.

  78. Ive seen both and I love Gru

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