Is your little one ready for Kindergarten? Our son is starting Kindergarten this September and we have been talking about preparing for it. We are not at all worried about him having mastered specific skills and we are instead focusing on his attitude and how he feels about starting Kindergarten. Considering your child’s readiness to learn is also key.

Below are some ideas on how we have been preparing for Kindergarten:

Developing and Keeping Routines: We have a pretty good daily routine with regular times for him to wake-up, eat, play and sleep each day. Creating routine is very important especially if your child has not been to daycare or preschool before as school is all about routine and schedules.

Ensure that Your Child Has Enough Sleep at Night: Going to full-day school can be exhausting for little ones, they need to get enough sleep at night and going to bed at an adequate time is very important. Make sure they go to bed early each night.

Read with Your Child Daily: Little ones learn a lot from reading with you, they build new vocabulary, learn how to recognize letters and more. Make it a fun daily activity!

Socialize with Other Children: Take your little one to the park, playdates, playgroups, the Science Centre and other places where he can spend time with other children. It’s important for him to practice meeting new people, sharing, taking turns, etc.

Ensure That Your Child is Fully Potty-Trained: Children must be fully potty-trained before starting Kindergarten. Make sure they are able to use the toilet and know how to properly clean themselves and wash their hands after. Tip: We used Kandoo Flushable wipes during the latest stages of potty-training as those were super easy to use and helped him do a good job, easy to carry with you as well.

Get Excited About Kindergarten: Talk about Kindergarten with your child. Go to the school’s orientation and allow him to get comfortable with his new school. It will be an easier transition if he is familiar with the school and Kindergarten is not a surprise. Create excitement around it and this will help lessen any anxiety.

How are you preparing your little one for Kindergarten? 

Disclosure: I am a Kandoo Ambassador, however all views and opinions are my own.