The Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump features ComfortFit Breast Flanges and Custom Expression Technology that allows for maximum milk flow and a soft, secure fit. The Affinity is also guaranteed to prevent milk back up in the tubing and the pump for better hygiene and easy clean up.

Lansinoh Affinity

This breast pump has been designed for everyday long term use at home or on the go and it comes with two bottles, two bottle lids, two extra white valves, an AC adapter, velcro strap for tubing and an instruction booklet.

A good friend of mine welcomed her little girl into the world a month ago and I knew she would be the perfect person to review this unit.  She was having some issues with her inexpensive manual pump so I was happy to send the Lansinoh Affinity her way so she could try it out.

Lansinoh Affinity

Here is her review of the Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump:

I have been using the Lansinoh Affinity for a few weeks without any problems. My supply was decreasing after using a  cheap single manual pump, I would pump for 20-40 minutes and could barely get two ounces at the end. Switching to an electric double pump was great, so efficient!  I am very happy with this pump and I have extracted a lot of milk.

One great feature in the Affinity is the LCD display screen that shows elapsed time and cycle settings. I like having a proper timer and knowing how long I’d been pumping for. The screen is bright and easy to read as well.

The breast flanges are very comfortable and they have  a soft rubber rim to prevent skin irritation. I had very sore nipples after using my manual pump and it was a big relief to use the Affinity every day.

I like that the Affinity has a special “letdown” phase. Right after you turn the pump on, it starts with a faster yet gentler cycle that it’s designed to stimulate natural letdown.  It then has an “expression” phase where you control the speed and suction strength of the pump.  There are multiple settings for both speed and strength and I like that it can be customized to fit your own needs.

In general, this pump is easy to clean. The tubing never really needs to be cleaned as it doesn’t come in contact with any milk.  Everything else can go inside of the dishwasher and that saves time.

Something that I recommend is to watch for the silicone diaphragms that fit in the top of the two flanges. They are a bit small and I have dropped them a few times without noticing. I am sure you can order replacements but it is best to be careful anyway.

I use the pump mostly at home so I rarely use the battery mode.  I did notice the suction wasn’t as strong in battery mode so I recommend plugging it in whenever you have the chance. The pump is compact and easy to carry though.

The Lansinoh Affinity  is an amazing pump with some great features. It allows you to pump milk comfortably and I recommend it to other moms.

I was happy to hear back from my friend and to see that she really likes her new pump. I personally like the fact that the pump is BPA-free and it comes with built-in bottle holders to help prevent spills.

If I am ever in the market for breast pumps again I know that I will be looking for the Affinity Double Electric Breast Pump. Manual pumps are o.k. for sporadic pumping and they are smaller and easy to carry for on the go, but if I am thinking about pumping multiple times a day every day an electric pump is the way to go.

Finally, if you are a new mom looking for breastfeeding or latch-on instructions then I recommend you watch the following video from Lansinoh, click below to visit their site and to watch it, lots of great tips:

Breastfeeding tips

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