Do You Worry About Being an OVERprotective Mom?


That’s a photo of my 3 day old son and me back in 2010. There I was, a first time mommy experiencing the very first days of motherhood and soaking in my newborn while navigating through all of our “firsts” the best way we could.

From the moment I laid eyes on my son after he was born I knew I was there to protect him and to ensure that he had everything he needed. As a new mommy I was overwhelmed with new emotions and new experiences, getting lots of information and advice coming from a multitude of sources and with all the people wanting to hold and touch my baby at the hospital.

During the first weeks of my son’s life I spent many hours wide awake staring at my sleeping baby. I would watch for his chest movements so that I was reassured he was healthy and breathing. I was often thinking about my responsability as his mom and how  I had to keep him safe 24/7.

Before my son was born I remember thinking I was not going to be OVERprotective. I was NOT going to be a helicopter mom; one of  those control-freak types that over react when when their kids scrape their knees or fall at the playground.

As a new parent I was not prepared for how deeply I would connect with my sons emotions. Any time he would cry or exhibit signs of being in pain or discomfort I would be overwhelmed with feelings of empathy and a fundamental need to protect him.  I worried I was being  OVERprotective but I was just experiencing the natural instinct and emotion of any new mother.

As my son got older and more developed I realized that making everything easy for my child wasn’t going to help him cope with hardship later. I was possibly even hindering development by being OVERprotective. I realized that children need to learn to be confident and tackle things on their own, that you are there to encourage and help but that they need the opportunity to work out their way of doing things.

It is all an interesting balancing game. Now with a very independent toddler I am reminded daily that I have to allow him to try, to experience, to learn and to do things on his own. I am still always there for him, encouraging at every step and ready to lend him a hand, because after all I am his protective mom.

Do you worry about being an OVERprotective mom?

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14 responses to “Do You Worry About Being an OVERprotective Mom?”

  1. I like all of the OVERs. Yes, I sometimes worry about being overprotective, it is part of being a new parent. Great post!

  2. You are not an over protective mother when you dont feel right about something, there is something to be worried about then. We’ve got to stick to our instincts!

  3. Thank you for sharing with us! It’s a good insight to feel like you’re not the only one thinking those things!

    • You’re welcome Mei! 🙂

  4. I think you sound like great mother with a lot of love in your heart.

    • Thank you Stephanie! 🙂 Sweet words!

  5. I know I am Overprotective. My poor son has heard be careful on the…fill in the blank….I don’t want you to break your teeth a million times. Seriously do you know how much it costs for implants?

    • I know!!! Crazy expensive!

  6. Yes, I do worry about being an overprotective mom. I am a bit of a helicopter mom, but my own mom says I’ve been a mom since I was little. Now having my own kids, I need to be there to protect them and I know sometimes I worry and over think a lot of things; I worry about everything. My kids are my life, and I could not picture my life without them. Great article, I can totally relate!

  7. I don’t think I’m too overprotective with my boys, they are rough and tumble and I just know that boys are like that. But now I have a baby girl… might end up being more protective of her.

  8. It is a really fine balance.

  9. I am really bad for being an overprotetive mom, but I got it from growing up with an overprotevtive grandmother. I guess that means I would do anything to keep my babies safe

  10. We certainly didn’t grow up with overprotective parents. Is this worry a new event?

  11. Sticking to our instincts is the way to go with a new addition

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