LUNATIK: Chubby Stylus

Lunatika Chubby Stylus

The Chubby Stylus from LUNATIK is a new colourful digital stylus that is compatible with touchscreen devices like the Apple iPad®, iPhone®, iPod Touch®, Kindle Fire®, Galaxy Tab®, BlackBerry Playbook®, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and more.

This soft touch stylus is made with high-grade silicone rubber and it has been coated for responsiveness and flow. I found this stylus worked great when using my iPad and some of our favorite drawing applications. We downloaded a few drawing/coloring/painting apps for our son and he loved using the stylus to draw instead of his fingers.  It is way more precise and very easy to use.

Lunatika Stylus

The Chubby Stylus is also fantastic for artist of all ages. I personally love the colours and the chunky shape that is easy to handle.  The Chubby Stylus is inexpensive (MSRP $19.95) and it really allows you to quickly draw, write, paint, play or create anything you want in your touch screen devices.

Holiday Gift Guide

I recommend you visit their website to check out their selection of colours (blue, violet, lime, orange and white) and to get some stylus for yourself and for your family and friends. I am thinking about getting some for my husband, they would really make fantastic stocking stuffers.

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a Chubby Stylus from LUNATIK.  Enter to win via Rafflecopter below.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  1. we try to budget $1000 all together most of that is for immediate family (our children) and the rest for extended family/friends. some years we are well within that and some we go a bit over 🙂

  2. Too much! Lol, but in all seriousness we probably spend $1000 total, now that we have 2 children we make sure they have everything they need and most of what they want. If there is any left over then my husband and I will buy gifts for eachother 🙂

  3. Well this year is going to be a bit different as we have a new little one to spoil! Usually we spend about $200-$300 sometimes more sometimes less, our immediate family isn’t very big!

  4. I really try to keep it under 750 but my mom sister, brother and father in law all have birthdays in december as well… its an expensive month!

  5. $1,000 is my budget is the most I should spend

  6. We spend about $600 total.

  7. I usually spend around $50 per family member during the holidays. By buying things throughout the year, choosing 2nd hand items carefully & re-gifting, it helps keep the costs down. Winning prizes helps too 😉 Putting little items together in a nice baskets makes things go along way. It’s all about presentation & of course it’s the thought that counts – made with love! 🙂

  8. We spend about $2000

  9. I. Usually spend around $400-500

  10. We keep it to about $500

  11. What an awesome stylus for little hands to hold!

  12. I try to spend under $50 for each member and $150 combined for our kids. Reallly try to keep the entire budget to under $300 as we buy other items throughout the year.

  13. $200, what I can afford.

  14. Over $1000 — between 3 kids, 11 nephews and nieces, two grandmas and my husband it really adds up!!!

  15. I spend about $1500 on kids + hubby + parents + sisters+ nephews. My family is big.

  16. About $550

  17. it varies year to year depend on what gifts they want.

  18. Around $500

  19. Typically we spend over 1000 on presents

  20. I spend about 150 for my husband.
    Friends are stocking stuffers
    150 for my daughter.
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  21. I’d say about $750.

  22. 1500 for sure

  23. Under $200 as we are not in a good financial state right now. 🙁

  24. We spend around 50 per person and quite a bit more than that on our children.

  25. around $500

  26. I try to keep my Christmas family spending around 750.

  27. we usually spend around 900.00 but sometimes more

  28. 500 or so

  29. Around $500 this year so far

  30. 200$ total coupons/sales help a lot

  31. We’ve been trying to keep it under $500 this year, but I haven’t yet totaled everything. I think we probably went a little over, but hopefully not by too much 🙂

  32. Usually somewhere between $500 and $750.

  33. Usually around $2000.

  34. Under $300.00 for stockings(cashed in SDM points), gifts for co-workers(made them and have lots left over!), gifts for our two kids (won a BUNCH of stuff this year) and hubby (Goupon) and my two Santa exchanges (won some and shopped on sale!). Off season shopping is a huge help also. Come January I will stock up on kids birthday gifts for parties we are invited to throughout the year.

  35. about $1,200

  36. about forty per person

  37. I usually spend around $400 altogether.

  38. I spend about $500

  39. I’d say somewhere around $750. Less than $1000 for sure.

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  41. wow these stylus pens are really cool and I like how reasonably priced they are to.

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