Monkey Mat: Portable Lightweight Mat Review {Giveaway}

Monkey Mat Giveaway!

The Monkey Mat is a portable lightweight and washable oversized mat (5-foot-by-5-foot) that is perfect to take with you to the beach, the park, backyard, play dates, picnics, hotels and more.

The Monkey Mat is made of durable and waterproof nylon that is machine washable and water repellant. Liquid spills are easily wiped right up and any dirt, sand, grass or mess shakes off easily!

I received a Monkey Mat to review and I absolutely love it. It truly is a must have for parents everywhere. First, I love that the mat is super lightweight and nowhere near as bulky as a blanket or beach towel. The Monkey Mat comes in its own bag that is small enough to carry inside of your purse or diaper bag, you can also clip it to your stroller’s handle on the go.

Monkey Mat

I also love that the Monkey Mat features weighted corners with loops that allow you to secure the mat to the ground, wonderful when you are at the beach or the park with a wriggly child.  They also added loops in the center of the mat to clip infant toys, keys or other items you want to keep handy.

I recommend you visit to learn more about the Monkey Mat and the mom behind the idea. You can also get your own and choose from a variety of fun colours available ($39.99 each). We have been using ours all the time this summer, I love having it in my purse at all times!

Monkey Mat

Win it: One very lucky US/CAN reader will win a Monkey Mat (colour of their choice). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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184 responses to “Monkey Mat: Portable Lightweight Mat Review {Giveaway}”

  1. We go camping almost every weekend so this would be amazing for the kids!

  2. We would use it camping and at the park

  3. i would use it at the beach, or at the park

  4. I would use a monkey mat when we take picnics to the park!

  5. my step sister is expecting her first child next month – i would love to give this to her – i’m not sure where she would use it, but i’m sure she would use it a lot.

  6. I would use it at the beach.

  7. at the beach

  8. The park and the beach!

  9. I would use it at the state park.

  10. We would use it most at the park.

  11. the beach and the park

  12. We would use it in the backyard and at the park the most!

  13. I would use this for everywhere but mostly the beach

  14. at the park

  15. at the beach!

  16. Beach/Backyard

  17. I would use it in the park, at the beach and carry it with me when I travel on a plane.

  18. In the backyard!

  19. I would use it in the backyard most for picnics

  20. I’d use it in the backyard!

  21. Probably at the splash pad in the park or in our backyard.

  22. We would this in the park.
    Always need a clean place to rest.

  23. We would love to use this at the park.

  24. I would use the Monkey Mat the most at the park! 🙂

  25. I would use the Monkey Mat mostly at the park for picnics, listening to public music, plays or any other green space!

  26. I would use the monkey mat outdoors to ward off the chiggers!

  27. i would use it at the park/backyard it’s just a perfect little mat and compactable to carry around in your bag i love it

  28. I would use it in the home office.

  29. I’d take it to the beach

  30. The beach!!

  31. Definitely at the park!!! I take my son and daughter all the time!!!

  32. at the park

  33. Beach!!

  34. We would LOVE a Monkey Mat to take to the local park for lots of picnic lunches!

  35. a picnic!

  36. Definitely the park, just down the street. Stay there the whole day with a picnic lunch.

  37. We would use this at a local park where we love to go picnicking!

  38. I would use this at the soccer fields for my daughter to sit/play on while her brother plays his game


  40. I would use it at the beach or the park.

  41. I would keep this a my house for when the grandbabies come over & take it with me in the car for when we visit friends!

  42. Definitely the beach!

  43. For camping!

  44. The beach!

  45. the park!

  46. The park in the summer and probably my living room the rest of the time. My children always wanna have a picnic inside and pull out all their blankets.

  47. at church events
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  48. We do so many outdoor activities with our 6 year old and now we have a 9 week old to throw in the mix. This would really cut down on the gear I need to pack! I love the carrying pouch for it.

  49. We’d use this a lot in our front yard… all year long pretty much. Kids play out there we sit out there.. we read, play games etc outside so this would be extremely handy.

  50. Our first is due at the end of the year, this looks like it would be a great addition to our baby stuff!

  51. I would use it at the Toronto beach!!

  52. on a picnic!

  53. I would use it for picnics at the park by the river

  54. So handy! Love how you could easily throw it in a diaper bag 🙂

  55. in my backyard!

  56. we go to the drive in almost weekly, its very grassy and we like to lay out and watch the movies, this would be great for those fun summer nights!

  57. Me and my dog Yoshi will love the Monkey Mat on our trips and hikes!

  58. My family and I would use it at the beach and park!

  59. at the park i think

  60. I would use it at the park.

  61. We would probably use it the most at the parks

  62. We would use it at the park at least three times a week!!

  63. I’m having a hard time thinking where I wouldn’t use this!!! It would definitely come in handy for camping, picnics at the park and backyard fun!

  64. We would use the monkey mat the most at the park!

  65. we would use it at the park for picnics!

  66. i would use this at the park! great for a nice picnic or read a book on while the kiddies play

  67. I would like to give it to my sister-in-law for picnics in the park!

  68. I would use this at the beach

  69. I would use it at the park.

  70. I would use this at my moms to hang out in the back yard

  71. This would be awesome at the beach!

  72. whenever we go out of the house. thanks

  73. I would keep it in my car and use it at the beach, the park 🙂 everywhere I can

  74. I’d use it on the deck.

  75. in the park

  76. At the farmers market and concerts in the park.

  77. I would use a Monkey Mat the most at the park. Great to be used as a picnic blanket as well, for the adults 🙂 Thanks for the introduction

  78. at the beach

  79. I would use it at the park.

  80. I would use it at the park. It would be great for spreading out to play and snack on.

  81. My kids love picnics and this looks great for either the beach, the park or just our backyard.

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  83. honestly, it has been awhile since I gone picniking; with this mat I’d also use to sunbathe.

  84. We would definitely use it when visiting friends and family to use as a blanket for naptime or at the park!

  85. park or beach

  86. I would most use the mat for going to the park or the Toronto Islands for the day

  87. it would be great for outdoor bbq’s

  88. I’d use it at the local park!!

  89. The park !

  90. Wahoo!!:) id love one of these, for those backyard barbeques where you run out of kiddie-chairs, for the walks in the park when you pack a lunch, and those days where the grass is just to freshly cut to be comfortable on!:)

  91. I would use it at the park

  92. We would use it at the park, we go there often so it would get plenty of use.

  93. In the park or for any outdoor activity

  94. I’d use it most at the park. if i had the chance to spend more time at the beach then i would love to use it there as well.

  95. friend’s house, the park, airport 🙂

  96. I think we would use it most in our backyard!

  97. I would use it for going on a picnic with my grandkids. We enjoy being by the water and just having fun

  98. We would use it at the park

  99. Would use it at the lake.

  100. We would use it for our playdate.

  101. at the park would be the best place because I don’t have to worry about grass stains getting on the clothes when I sit on the grass.

  102. The backyard or on the go, the grandparents, etc.

  103. I’d keep this ready for impromptu trips to the beach or park.

  104. For sure at the lake!

  105. Trips to the beach and the park. I think I would leave this in the car! This would be awesome to own!

  106. Probably the park the most but definitely lots of use at the beach too!

  107. I would use it inside and outside as a playmat, I think we would get a lot of use out of something like this.

  108. I would use it at the beach!

  109. I would use it the most camping or on the dock when my in-laws keep their boat

  110. goin to the beach

  111. we love picnics and this would be great!

  112. I would use it at the park and for picnics.

  113. I’d use it at the park and at soccer games.

  114. In the kitchen for our newest little one to play on!

  115. We would use it at the park, Heritage Park, the zoo and in our own back yard!!

  116. I would use the monkey mat at the park.

  117. I would use it at the cottage

  118. I would probably use it all over the house when I put the baby down for tummy time and most definitely at the beach!

  119. this would be great for the grandkids when they come to visit

  120. I would use it at the beach , the park, around the yard and take it on road trips just in case 🙂

  121. I would use it the most for picnic lunches, and going to the beach with my daughter!

  122. we would take this with us to the park!

  123. at our park/playground

  124. For picnics and parks!

  125. I’d use it in the backyard and at family and friends’ backyard or porch or patio.

  126. backyard

  127. camping picnics or when we visit relatives

  128. I’d love to use it at the park!

  129. I think I would use this at the park the most 🙂

  130. I would use it for picnics at the park

  131. We would use it at the beach and in our backyard.

  132. we play out in the yard a lot and i like to be able to sit on the grass. unfortunately our lawn is not the greatest and i tend to get dirty. i would use this mat all the time when out in our yard with the kids. it’s a perfect play spot for the baby too.

  133. I would use this at the park.

  134. I’d use it at the park….I hate going there and then sitting on damp grass!

  135. I will use this on picnics and at the beach

  136. I would use it at the splash pad. We have playdate picnics. 🙂

  137. Mostly at the beach and maybe have use for inside too.

  138. would use at the beach

  139. Would use this when we go to the park…!!!

  140. It would be used most often in the family room.

  141. at friends houses who have pets (we are allergic)

  142. My kids/grandkids would love this…!!!

  143. I’ve been looking for something like this

  144. At Folk Fests! It would be awesome for both my babes to crawl around on especially when the grass is dewy

  145. This would be awesome to take on a picnic.

  146. at the beach

  147. at the park and forest school, which we attend every monday! thanks for the fun giveaway- this would be a very handy thing to have!

  148. We would use it most on our camping trips.

  149. beach and parks!

  150. The park for picnics.

  151. I’d take this to Australia for my grandson, it would be ideal to use on the beaches there.

  152. Perfect for trips to the park, picnics are our favourites.

  153. I would take the Monkey Mat to the beach as well as to fireworks displays and outdoor concerts.

  154. this would be perfect for camping and picnic dinners!

  155. I would use it in the backyard when our grandsons are visiting or in the family room for their toys

  156. we would use it at the beach or park.

  157. This would be awesome for the local park we walk to. I would leave it in the bottom of the stroller so it is always handy.

  158. the beach and the park!

  159. at the park !

  160. when seeing outdoor concerts

  161. in waiting rooms or other impromptu play areas.

  162. in my yard!!

  163. I would keep it in my car, for impromptu stops… at the park.beach, friends backyards!

  164. The beach

  165. Any where outside – like a picnic or camping.

  166. This would be great for the park, camping, and the beach.

  167. I would use this on floors when we go to visit family and friends. But it would also be perfect to take when we are going to the park for the day.


  168. At the park for picnics!

  169. I would give it to my grandson for him to chose when to use it .

  170. We would use it in our backyard!

  171. I would use Monkey Mat both at the beach and in my backyard for picnics. Looks like a great product!

  172. Would love one of these for the beach. Would be a bit of a defense against the sand getting on/in everything. I love how it packs down so small too

  173. It would be great for the yard and the park.

  174. At the park.

  175. I would use this at picnics.

  176. At volleyball tournaments when we have a break to eat!

  177. At parks!

  178. I would use it in our backyard for when my daughter wants to play outside.

  179. I would use it at the park or at friend’s houses!

  180. The beach.

  181. probably at the beach

  182. i would use this at my mother in laws house

  183. I would use it at the beach

  184. I’d use it at the park.

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