Odette Alfaro Jewelry Designs for Mothers Day

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Odette Alfaro Jewelry Designs offers personalized hand-stamped customized jewelry that is hand crafted locally in Vancouver, including rings, bracelets and more.

I recently received her new sterling silver initial necklace with my initial and I absolutely love it. The initial necklace came nicely packaged in a beautiful case that would make a beautiful present.  The font is gorgeous and I love that it looks like a classic piece, I also love that it’s not too big and I can actually wear it without worrying about it being too long and dangling in front of my “grabby” 4-month-old!

A personalized initial necklace would make the best Mother’s Day present! They retail for $75 and they are made of sterling silver. Personalized jewelry pieces are beautiful because they are unique and they have a true meaning.

You can order a personalized initial necklace by visiting her website and taking advantage of an exclusive discount code for my readers. Get $20 off your necklace by mentioning coupon code: “OneSmileyMonkey” when ordering.

Happy Mother’s Day!

a necklace

Win it: One very lucky US/CAN OneSmileyMonkey reader will win a personalized initial necklace like the one I received ($75 value). Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate  my review. No other compensation  was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my

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111 responses to “Odette Alfaro Jewelry Designs for Mothers Day”

  1. We don’t really do anything to celebrate just yet. My daughter is 19 months old and I am pregnant with our second. My husband bought me a card and flowers last year and we always take my mom out to a restaurant

  2. kids make me gifts

  3. i love the Sterling silver and amethyst bracelet with custom round tag

  4. I spend time relaxing with my daughter and mother

  5. we usually take my mom out for brunch- just the moms (me and my sisters

  6. I spend the day with my lovely children and husband.

  7. I love the heart that says love ,create, from Odette Alfaro jewelry designs.

  8. I am hoping for a sleep in!

  9. hanging out with my fam!

  10. We usually go out for brunch with my husbands family and then I spend the rest of the day with my mom.

  11. The entire family goes out for brunch and we shower her with little gifts

  12. I like the Combination Heart and Thin Rectangular Tag necklace.

  13. My family makes me breakfast in bed.

  14. with my husband and kids

    • I guess I should elaborate – we either go out to brunch or eat at home

  15. My mother and I celebrate by looking for signs from my son that lost his battle to brain tumor cancer. We lean on each other to get through the day because Mother’s Day in 2009 was when my son was diagnosed with it. To all the mothers, enjoy and cherish your day with your child or children.

  16. I celebrate Mother’s Day with my 3 sons w/wives and my adorable 3 grandddaughters.

  17. my favorite piece is the cute donut tag

  18. grilling out

  19. Celebrating Mother’s Day in our home is gathering my children and grandchildren, my siblings, their families and our Mother and going out for Brunch. Its about 80 of us so we have already made a reservation!

  20. My favourite piece from Odette’s shop is the Silver Crocheted Ring – CR12

  21. I’m taking my mom out to lunch.

  22. Call my mom…

  23. So far just simple things like trying to relax, maybe making some homemade meals and showing appreciation.

  24. We usually go out for dim sum with the family!

  25. with my son’s birthday )ly on it, this year the day after)

  26. I visit my parents and we have lunch together.

  27. We all go to Mom’s and order Chinese food for supper.

  28. going for a walk & cuppa tea with mum

  29. This year I’m making brunch for my mom!

  30. we celebrate mothers day with gifts and lunch and spending time together.

  31. Usually its just like every other day but thats ok

  32. The Sterling Silver Little Children Pendant is adorable: http://www.odettealfaro.com/handcrafted_jewelry/hand_stamped.html#1

  33. with my feet up – fingers crossed

  34. Every mothers day we go for bunch with the kiddies & my mom to honor her for mothers day/grandma’s day as we call it 😉

  35. normally dinner out, but not sure if hubby will be home or not

  36. My mom’s in another province, so we have to do it long distance 🙁

  37. we go out for brunch or dinner and for a walk

  38. We don’t do much to celebrate Mother’s Day. I do send flowers though to my mom and mom-in-law as they live away from us.

  39. I like the hand-stamped tag combination idea. All her pieces, though, are really nice.

  40. We will spend the day with family.

  41. We all go out for dinner.

  42. I love the Sterling silver and amethyst bracelet with custom round tag.

  43. I will be giving my mom flowers, taking her for a walk and going out to dinner.

  44. We would have a nice movie and dinner!

  45. We eat together and play games with the kids!

  46. The kids always have some nice gifts for me and hubby cooks dinner-usually a barbecue.

  47. Like the Silver and Ruby Bracelet with Custom Tag.

  48. I celebrate mother’s day by letting my mom sleep in, getting her a coffee for when she wakes up, and clearing out of the house with my sisters when we’re all sawing through her last nerve 😉

  49. I don’t know what my hubby has planned as this will be my first Mother’s Day 🙂 but I always skype or FaceTime my mom on the other side of the country at some point for it.

  50. We have a brunch

  51. I will take my Mom out

  52. Our family will go out to eat

  53. My two work that day, so we have dinner out the night before. When they come home from work we usually like to have a quick a table of appetizers and Sunday evenings are board game night at our house. Then we talk about their Grandmothers who they never had a chance to meet, and they present me with their cards full of love and kisses.

  54. I love spending my special day with my hubby and daughter. We go out to eat, open the small gift that they usually get for me and just veg out watching movies. It’s the best!

  55. I celebrate by taking mom out for a champagne brunch (although this year I’m waiting on Muchkin 2s debut so OJ for me!).

  56. With family

  57. It depends on what is going on each year. My kids usually plan something special. Last year my oldest made me my favorite supper.

  58. We celebrate Mother’s Day by spending the day with my mom and enjoying time together as a family in the evening.

  59. My favorite piece is the Cloud and Raindrop Necklace. It is a really cute idea and the jewel looks just like a raindrop.

  60. When I was younger, I used to make breakfast in bed for my Mother. Now, that we live a part, I call her.

  61. we go out to dinner and play scrabble with my mom. It’s her favorite game

  62. I celebrate it by calling my mom since I can’t be in town to see her.

  63. I like the Initial letters #18.

  64. My kids all come over for a cookout!

  65. A big family brunch.

  66. Usually just get my mom a gift. This year it is my first mothers day as a mom so I wonder what the hubby will do for me

  67. I usually cook her dinner!!!

  68. showing my mom i love her

  69. I spend the whole weekend with my mom – we start Saturday morning with a walk, followed by shopping; then Sunday we go to the nursery to pick out plants for our gardens, then we finish the weekend with a nice dinner cooked for us by our husbands Sunday night.

  70. Our children are adults. we usually receive phone calls from the ones out of Province and the ones on our Island visit us and usually take us some lobsters.

  71. I love your Sterling and Amyethest Bracelet.

  72. Going to have dinner with my mom

  73. No young kids and the older they get the more they forget!
    Gardening and maybe lunch out with a sister.

  74. My husband and kids usually make me breakfast in bed, do the dishes and any other chores that need to be done that day.

  75. i love the Sterling silver and onyx bracelet with custom round tag

  76. Id like the stackable rings with stones- So pretty !

  77. i cook for my mother her favourite dish.

  78. Normally I spend Mother’s Day with my family. But this year the hubby is working and my little guy wanted to have his first sleepover at Grandmas… so I am all alone

  79. my parents and grandparents and me all get together at the house for a big dinner

  80. Graffitti Series Heart Tag

  81. Sterling silver and ruby bracelet with custom round tag

  82. I work Sundays but my kids and hubby surprize me with flowers and a meal when I get home.

  83. I spent it at the farmer’s market with my two boys,

  84. When possible, I am with my Mom on Mother’s Day… right where I should be! 🙂

  85. Lunch with my mom and the family.

  86. Had brunch

  87. we bbq at my mom’s house

  88. We played board games all afternoon and then watched a family flick in the evening – so relaxing.

  89. I like the “wrap around leather and sterling silver beads #34.”

  90. Like the personalized Donut Pendant

  91. I like the Intials letters #18

  92. We usually go to my mom’s place, although this year my sister is hosting the whole family

  93. We took my mom out to dinner

  94. With flowers and a family dinner out at a restaurant.

  95. We usually relax all day.

  96. I like the Tag combination Idea

  97. NEW! Sterling silver and peridot bracelet with custom round tag I really like

  98. We always go to brunch.

  99. I celebrate it with my husband and kids.

  100. This year I celebrated Mother’s Day by spending most of the day with her, driving her to see her siblings, relations & friends. It was great for her to catchup & spend a day not worrying about anything but socializing

  101. Visited OdetteAlfaro.com and my favourite piece from her site is her “wrap around leather and glass japanese silver beads” http://www.odettealfaro.com/handcrafted_jewelry/organic.html#6 – would look great with many of my outfits

  102. spending time with my family

  103. Brunch is my favourite way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

  104. My favourite piece is the simple sterling silver initial necklace. I’d get one with an “O” for my first baby, Owen.

  105. I celebrated Mother’s Day by celebrating my daughter’s birthday!

  106. We always go out for dinner.

  107. My favourite is Sterling silver flat fresh water pearls cr 08.

  108. we always have brunch

  109. I celebrate Mothers Day by taking my mom to lunch.

  110. We go out for brunch at a restaurant and then browse different greenhouses picking out plants for my flower beds.

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