Yogibo Tablo {Review}

By Contributor Tamara Goyette

Many families have tablets that they use for all sorts of reasons. Tablets get used for everything from work needs, to keeping kids entertained with movies and activities. Yogibo Tablo provides a unique way to elevate your tablet so that it is not just flat.

At first I wondered if we would actually use this product, soon enough though it was being put to use. My daughter loves playing a piano app that is on our tablet; being able to elevate the tablet onto an angle for her to view it more easily was really nice. Having our tablet in the Table also meant none of us were craning our neck in order to view the tablet at a better angle. We also soon found out that it provided a bit of extra cushioning when our tablet was accidently knocked off the coffee table when my daughter got very excited while watching a little video. Though please note the Tablo is not intended for protection of your tablet.


I really like that you can use the Tablo horizontally and vertically making it great for movie watching and for reading books on your tablet. I have used the Tablo on several occasions to hold up my tablet when viewing a recipe while cooking. It is so great to be hands free, and view the recipe I needed while preparing dinner. One use though, that I did not expect to see from this, was that it became a last minute make shift pillow for my daughter. She has snuggled up to it on several occasions.

It is really easy to use with most tablets that have a 10” to 13” screen. All you have to do is slide your tablet into the corner pockets on the Tablo, so simple! It is also very easy to wash if it gets dirty. The cover of the Tablo zips off easily, and then you can either hand wash or machine wash it, and hang to dry. The Tablo comes in several fun colours including a bright green or red if you are looking for a pop of colour.

The Tablo will be coming with us this summer when we go on our next road trip. It will be so handy to have when we show a movie, or let our daughter play on the tablet.


Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own. Special thanks to Rachel Florio-Urso,  Celebrity Baby Trend Expert for providing the product sample! 

Tamara Goyette is a loving wife, and mother to a very determined little girl. The Fraser Valley area of the Lower Mainland in British Columbia has always been home. She loves reading a good book while curled up in a blanket, and sipping a cup of tea. Her blog is about her family, and the adventures, and activities they get up to at Discovering Parenthood

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  1. I don’t have a tablet yet but I know many people have complained that sometimes it’s hard to use their tablet for some tasks because it’s too flat. I really love the concept of this product…it’s like a lap desk, but you can put your tablet in it. Awesome!

    • That is exactly what it is like, a lap desk!

  2. Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing, I need one of these. Maybe mother’s day gift? wink wink!

    • Definitely add it to your mother’s day wish list 😉

  3. Wow, never even heard of this tablet. Its a neat little toy!! I like that the cover is washable too!

  4. that’s so cool!

  5. This is a new idea to me, I’ve never even heard of the Yogibo Tablo before. It’s definitely interesting, I love that you can use it elevated too, always good for watching videos, movies etc.

  6. this is an awesome product to have so you can prop it up on your knees and don’t have to keep holding onto the tablet

  7. Being able to elevate the tablet is a good idea. It’ll save a lot of trouble of finding the right object to prop up the tablet.

  8. What a great way to not just store your tablet when not in use but it also turns into a lap desk. That’s so neat!

  9. I could definitely use this product! Now all I need is an IPad… LOL

  10. This is awesome , great review , i need one of these , thanks for sharing

  11. what a great concept, sort of like an arched pillow

  12. Nice cover and prop up pillow

  13. Woohoo I just got a tablet..

  14. That pop-up pillow is so neat

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