Parks Canada Ultimate Gift Package {Giveaway – $200 value!}

This summer Arm & Hammer is encouraging families everywhere to “Try Something Fresh” with some unique summer activities that will be sure to make your family summer travels a memorable affair. Check out our last post for a list of all the fun spots to visit if you are in BC.

They are also offering some great laundry tips that will help you spend more time outdoors and less time worrying about your clothes, see below.


Arm & Hammer is also running a fabulous giveaway on their site for a chance to Try Something Fresh and win an exciting 3-day, 2-night family adventure. Be sure to visit their site HERE to enter. Remember their contest ends on July 25th.

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WIN IT: Arm & Hammer is giving one lucky Canadian reader a chance to win a Parks Canada “Ultimate Gift Package”  (pictured above- valued at over $200), including:
  • Parks Canada Discovery Pass (good for up to 7 people arriving in the same vehicle at any national park, national historic site or national marine conservation area)
  • National vacation planner
  • Parks Canada gear for the whole family

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure: I received special perks to facilitate this post. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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172 responses to “Parks Canada Ultimate Gift Package {Giveaway – $200 value!}”

  1. would love to visit the rocky mountain adventure

  2. Algonquin Park

  3. I love Canada’s parks! Great contest.

  4. Well id like to go on the park adventure we would love it.

  5. I would go to Point Pelee

  6. Me and my family would be using the park pass to head to Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park to go camping!

  7. We would visit Fundy National Park

  8. Im not sure where I would go, maybe Muskoka?

  9. Algonquin Park one the best places on earth. Thanks for the chance. Cheers.

  10. I would use it on our cross country trip stopping in Algonquin, Banff, Jasper and several other parks along the way from Ontario to BC

  11. Somewhere in BC!


  13. I would go to Kouchibouguac national park.

  14. Banff and Jasper national park

  15. The Glacier park

  16. I would take my friend nearby to Bronte Creek Park and camp overnight with her, she needs to try it one more time, her first experience was not a good one!

  17. Anywhere – just to be out with nature!

  18. I think I’d go to Banff. My inlaws just visited and were telling me how amazing it is.

  19. Like to go back to Banff and Jasper

  20. We would go to Clear Lake which is our nearest park.

  21. I would go to Gros Mourne national park

  22. i would visit the beautiful Algonquin Park

  23. We would probably go to Banff

  24. Banff or Jasper definitely. Its been years since I’ve been to the mountains!

  25. Algonquin park:):)

  26. Id visit the Glacier park

  27. Wowzers what a great giveaway.

  28. Fathom Five National Marine Park would be my pick. I hear it has many beautiful islands filled with orchids and it also is home to over 20 historical ship wrecks! It would be amazing to be able to go with my family!

  29. We would go to Banff because it’s only an hour away.

  30. We are buying a travel trailer to help discover this country in. I would probably start close to home in Alberta.

  31. we would probably go to either Jasper or Banff 😀

  32. I would go to Algonquin park

  33. Somewhere close in Ontario, maybe Algonquin

  34. I’d love to go to Pacific Rim National Park with the family.

  35. Anywhere my kids want to visit!

  36. I would love to go to Gros Morne!

  37. probably Algonquin Park.. not sure

  38. I would like to visit Algonquin Park.

  39. We would love to go to Algonquin Park

  40. Always wanted to see Banff! Life-long dream!!

  41. banff!

  42. Probably Algonquin because it’s pretty close and so pretty up there!

  43. would go to the Rocky mountains and visit the parks there!

  44. I would go to Jasper.

  45. we would go to sandbanks!

  46. I would love to go to Algonquin park!

  47. I’d go to Algonquin Park

  48. Not sure but like the Georgian Bay Islands National Park, Ontario


  50. most likely Algonquin Park!

  51. I’d really like to take the family to Georgian Bay Islands National Park 🙂

  52. I would love to go to Banff!

  53. Banff!

  54. Banff 🙂

  55. I would use it at one of the parks in Alberta during our next trip that way.

  56. I would go to Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario if I were to win the discovery pass + gift basket

  57. Manning!

  58. I would go to Banff and Jasper

  59. I would go to manning park.

  60. i’m not 100% sure where i’d go, depends on where we could travel to at the time

  61. I would choose the Gorge Adventure in Newfoundland

  62. Riding Mountain & Jasper is where we would head for.

  63. Awesome giveaway

  64. I would visit Fortress of Louisbourg

  65. I would love to take the family to Algonquin Park 🙂

  66. I’d like to win a season’s pass to go into the local Park on the weekends for picnics and swimming.

  67. I would take the kids to Point Pelee.

  68. I would go to Kilarney where the Moose live 🙂

  69. Rocky Mountains would be spectacular.

  70. Wow, what a great package! We would love to win it.

  71. I would so go to Banff or Algonquin Park!

  72. I would go to Gros Mourne national park… I have aways wanted to go there and never had the chance….I hear its breathe-taking

  73. opps, we would love to go to Pacific Rim

  74. the rocky mountain adventure 🙂

  75. Jasper all the way

  76. Banff & Jasper 🙂

  77. I would go to Banff national park.

  78. I’d love to spend a few days at Ucluelet and/or Tofino

  79. I would LOVE to go to banff

  80. I would go anywhere that’s far away from the city!

  81. I would probably go to Pinery because it is close to where I live and we haven’t been there in several years.

  82. I am in Nova Scotia , so somewhere close by 🙂 thanks for the chance 🙂

  83. I am on my way to fort McMurray and I will use it there. Thank-you!!

  84. Banff would be amazing to go to!

  85. I would like to visit Sandbanks. I hear their beaches are beautiful.

  86. I would pick Jasper national park

  87. I would go wherever my kids chose. Nothing to far from us though.

  88. Canada has so much great parkland that it would take forever to see it all.

  89. rocky mountain adventure would be nice

  90. I would love to take my family to Algonquin Provincial Park!

  91. I’d like to see the Algonquin park 🙂

  92. Algonquin park!

  93. Would love to go to Banff

  94. i would like to go to Banff

  95. I would go to Banff, Lac Louise and Jasper.

  96. I would go to Banff.

  97. Algonquin Park…

  98. Canada has beautiful and diverse parks. I’d go to the closet one which is Riding Mountain National Park.

  99. Point Pelee or Algonquin. I have heard so much about these parks but never been there!

  100. I would go to Banff! I’ve never been there, and it sounds awesome! 🙂

  101. Keji is closest to me.

  102. I would stop in at all the parks on a cross country trip!

  103. Vancouver Island

  104. would go back to Algonquin park

  105. We would go to The Pinery P P in Grand Bend – love playing on the sand hills and the waters clear and warm.

  106. I’d go to Glacier National Park of Canada. I haven’t been there in years and it’s breathtaking!

  107. I’d go to Kootenay National Park if I won.

  108. Clear Lake

  109. Banff National Park!

  110. YOHO National Park

  111. Cavendish Beach PEI

  112. We would go to Algonquin for a few days.

  113. We would definitely go to Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and Fort Langley, to start anyway!

  114. I’d go to Pacific Rim National Park!

  115. Anywere, away from my ig city

  116. Point Pelee is the closest National Park to me, for many years we had a season pass as we would visit every other weekend, just to find a different trail to take. Many memorable moments were made there.

  117. I would go to the Bruce Penisula. I haven’t been since I was a kid and would love to go back.

  118. I would go to Bonnechere Park in Canada.This would be exciting!!

  119. I would go to Algonquin Park~

  120. I would love to go to Bonnechere National Park in Canada.

  121. Rocky Mountains would be our first stop!

  122. we could enjoy our time at wonderland

  123. I would love to go to banff

  124. I wodl go to Terra Nova park here in NL.

  125. I would go to Terra Nova park here in NL.

  126. Would love to see the east coast!!

  127. I would go to the Rocky mountain

  128. I’d spend some time up in Algonquin park

  129. Algonquin Park

  130. glacier national park 🙂

  131. Love Jasper National

  132. Pacific Rim would be great!

  133. I love lake louise but it is a bit of a drive!

  134. I am not sure where we would go. I haven’t been to any of the parks, so I would be happy with any place that can take me out of the chaos and drama of every day life.

  135. I would visit Jasper National Park.

  136. We would probably visit parks all across Canada.

  137. I would go to Bruce Peninsula National Park.

  138. I’d like to go camping in the Okanagan.

  139. We would go to Wells Gray Provincial Park

  140. I would go to Algonquin Park

  141. day trips to Algonquin from the cottage all summer and fall

  142. Algonquin park

  143. Banff National Park

  144. banff and jasper

  145. I would love to take my family to Algonquin Park.

  146. Jasper or Algonquin!

  147. We’d go to the Pacific Rim National Park!

  148. Banff and Jasper! It would be a great time.

  149. I dream of Algonquin Park

  150. Probably Jasper!

  151. we i try to take the kids to as many parks as i can .

  152. Camping at the lake!

  153. I’d like to go to Point Pelee.

  154. We would enjoy going to Pancake Bay Provincial Park as a family. It would be so great for my boys!

  155. We have never been to Point Pelee so that would be a good option

  156. Somewhere in my own prov.of N.S.

  157. my husband keeps wanting to go to algonquin

  158. I would love to go to Jasper

  159. I would go to Banff.

  160. I’d like to go to P.A. National Park – Waskesiue. It’s beautiful.

  161. Algonquin Park

  162. somewhere in B.C.!

  163. thousand island national park would be nice

  164. I would go to Alice Lake in BC

  165. Id like to take the family to Nova Scotia to see the Cabot Trail someday, but since were in Ontario, Id like to take them to the Bruce Peninsula to check out the masssauga snake

  166. Banff and Jasper!

  167. I would head to Point Pelee National Park

  168. Algonquin Park – have always wanted to go there.

  169. I’d go to Banff- my fav park!

  170. Penticton, B.C and Skaha Lake

  171. I would go to a beach area

  172. I would love to visit Banff if it were possible.

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