Sterling Silver Mother’s Day Heart Locket Review & Giveaway {$165 value!}

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday May 12th and I have THE perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for you. is a company that specializes in creating beautiful personalized jewelry pieces including photo pendants and they also offer beautiful Mother’s Day jewelry.

Heart Locker

I had the pleasure of receiving one of their personalized Mother’s Day Photo Lockets for review and I absolutely love it. I have received a few of their pieces in the past and I am always excited to see my  favorite photos transformed into gorgeous jewelry that I can wear all year round.

This Mother’s Day men everywhere can show the women in their life what an amazing mother they are by purchasing and personalizing a beautiful photo heart locket from Personalized photo jewelry makes a wonderful gift for moms, wives, grandmothers etc.

heart locket personalized

I received my personalized Mother’s Day heart locket in a pretty little box that is ready to gift. I love that the locket is made with sterling silver and it comes with a gorgeous chain.

The two photos I submitted to be on the inside of the locket were centered in the middle of the hearts and the images looked clear and high quality. Same goes for  the letters I asked to have engraved on the back .

heart locket

If you are thinking about what to get for Mother’s Day I recommend you visit to learn more about their high quality personalized jewelry.

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Discount Code: Use promo code MOM13 at checkout for a 10% discount for all orders placed on by April 31, 2012.



Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will get to pick one of the eight mom lockets above and personalize it with two photos.  A $164.90 value! Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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175 responses to “ Sterling Silver Mother’s Day Heart Locket Review & Giveaway {$165 value!}”

  1. I would use the picture of my son and toddler daughter.

  2. I would definitely keep this for myself if I won it, LOL, so I’d put a picture of my son! One of his newborn pics and one of his more recent ones.

  3. My daughter- the love of my life.

  4. I would put my three kids picture. I love my babies

  5. I would love to have this to put pictures of my son in it <3

  6. I would put my daughters picture in the locket. I went into labour with her last year on Mother’s Day and had her the following day so this will be my first ever Mother’s Day!!!!!

  7. my daughter!

  8. I’d be giving this to my daughter so that she can put photos of her son & daughter in it – having 7 children & 5 grandchildren I couldn’t possibly squeeze all mine in !

  9. I would get my lil boy. He is a 32 weeker n has taught us so much 🙂

  10. my kids

  11. i would keep it! a picture of my youngest would be perfect!

  12. my daughters 🙂

  13. A picture of my daughter & son!

  14. I would put my kids in there!

  15. My Daughter! She is my world!

  16. I would put pictures of my son

  17. one of me and my 3 babies!

  18. I would submit my two kids’ pictures for the locket if i won!

  19. A picture of my two daughters

  20. I would put my son and daughters picture in it 🙂

  21. My 2 beautiful girls!!

  22. I would submit a picture on my kids. My amazingly funny son, and my amazingly talented daughter.

  23. Easy choice…my two boys!

  24. I would put the pictures of my two boys, the loves of my life!!

  25. I would have my 2 grandson’s pictures inside

  26. I would have my 2 beautiful grandchildren.

  27. I would put my wife and my niece in the locket

  28. I would submit a picture of my daughter!!

  29. I would put a picture of my sister on one side and my brother on the other side. Thanks!

  30. Would give it to my sister in law with four precious children…

  31. I would get this for my friend who is a first time mommy.

  32. I would put my two sons photo in the locket

  33. I would submit a picture of my children!!

  34. as I have 6 kids I’d have to alternate pics!!

  35. A picture of myself and my woman…it would be a gift to her if I won it

  36. I’d love to have a picture of my dog Sadie – she passed away & I miss her so much!

  37. I would put my children in it…

  38. My 2 sons

  39. My kitty that passed away last year
    we had a bond <3

  40. My daughters!

  41. MY TWINS!

  42. I love it but I have too many children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren so I will give it to Liz as she has two children.

  43. I would put my son’s photo 🙂

  44. I would use a picture of my 4 sons

  45. I would give it to my mom as a gift I would put the 3 generation photo of ,my mom, myself and my daughter, this picture also includes my twin sister and her daughter, our daughters are the same age. Or I would put a picture of my son and daughter

  46. I would love a pic of my 3 kids , that would be so nice to have

  47. A picture of my sister and her family and my parents

  48. Definitely my children – a Mother’s Day present for me!

  49. My daughter as a newborn

  50. I would be so excited to have a locket with my two little girls inside 🙂

  51. I would put a picture of my son and my daughter.

  52. My two beautiful grandsons – Parker and Preston

  53. I would use a picture of my daughter & son.

  54. I’d submit my son’s photo.

  55. I would give a family picture for my Mom’s locket.

  56. my niece and nephew
    Rod Jackson
    mrsrodjac at hotmail dot com

  57. My son and daughter.

  58. I’d use my baby’s picture. These are beautiful.

  59. My son. That would be so lovely.

  60. I would give it to my daughter from her little daughter.

  61. My little grand babies.

  62. My one and only son~

  63. love this prize would love to suprise my mom with this gift she would never see it coming

  64. my mom

  65. Since I would be giving it to my mom I would put a picture of her grandchildren in it

  66. I would put a picture of me and my brother and give it to my mom!

  67. my 3 wonderful children!

  68. I would put my Daughter’s photo in it. She passed away two years ago, and today would have been her 17th Birthday. I miss her so much.

  69. what a beautiful locket ! would give it to my aunt whose been like a mother to be ever since my mom passed away…

  70. A picture of my sister and I when we were younger

  71. A picture of me and my 3 sisters for my mom.

  72. My niece Charlotte

  73. my daughters picture

  74. A picture of my mom and I

  75. I would send my daughter’s picture in

  76. My children.

  77. I would put my my son and daughter in my heart. 🙂

  78. I have one granddaughter. I would put pictures of her in my locket. ty

  79. If i won I would give this to my mom so I would submit a picture of her childen an grandson.

  80. My mom, she would absolutely adore this!

  81. I would have my son’s pictures put in it

  82. i’d put my daughter in here and give it to my mother in law

  83. Would love to win this.

  84. My husband and daughter.
    Thanks for the chance.

  85. my niece as a baby

  86. I would use a pic of my dd and would try to get one of my ds!

  87. My son & daughter

  88. Her grandson

  89. No doubt about it the picture would be of my amazing daughter

  90. My wife’s.

  91. A picture of my daughter.

  92. I’d try to get all my kids – 6 of them!

  93. I would use my daughter

  94. I would have my grandchildren’s picture in mine! <3

  95. I would def be putting a newborn pick of my son who is almost 1 year now

  96. I would keep a special picture of my daughter.

  97. My son and hubby

  98. my son

  99. The 3 kids for grandma!

  100. My daughter.

  101. I would put my daughters photos in the locket.

  102. I would be giving it to my daughter with a picture of her and her 3 girls.

  103. I would put my son as baby and as 8 year old (now)

  104. I would love to win!!!

  105. I would put in a picture of my three grandaughters and give the
    pendant to my daughter-in-law. Its sooo beautiful.

  106. I would put a picture of my son and daughter in it and wear it always, keeping them always close to my heart.

  107. I would put a picture of my two grandkids in the locket

  108. I have 2 beautiful kids who would look great in a locket!!

  109. a pic of my puppy Sam

  110. What a neat idea! I would love this!

  111. Either myself or my 3 boys 🙂

  112. I would put a picture of my kids and husband.

  113. My kids.

  114. My son and daughter.

  115. I would use pictures of my 3 kids.

  116. the picture would be of my 4 year old grandson

  117. Me and my sister. For my mom 🙂

  118. I would put a picture of each of our 2 girls.

  119. I would just love to win this!

  120. my nephew

  121. i would have a picture of my daughter who pass away.

  122. would be nice to give to my mom!

  123. id put my mum and dad’s pictures.

  124. I would put my children’s photo inside.

  125. Well this would be for my mom, so I’ll let her decide. I’m pretty sure she has the perfect picture to use. <3

  126. I would submit a picture of my daughter!

  127. I would put photos of me and husband in it for my mother.

  128. My little smiley monkey <3

  129. A picture of my husband and my daughter 🙂

  130. I would give this to my mum, so i would put a picture of my and my dad in it

  131. I would love to have this beautiful necklace. Never owned anything like this before. I would definately put my daughter’s picture in there . As she is my rock & best friend. I would also put my son in there as well. We live 2300 kms away & not being able to see them in person for 2 yrs now. Winning this necklace would be a dream come true as I would feel them closer to my heart as I would never take the necklace off.

  132. My daughter Alisa is in the Army, she has three children, my grandchildren…I would love to give her something Special. She has been to Mozul in the war and it changed her, but she is far and above still a loving woman, full of life and laughter.

  133. I would put a picture of my Grand Children in the locket and give it to my daughter.

  134. I would put a picture of my mom’s three kids and give it to her for mothers day

  135. my two kids

  136. My mom and I <3 and I'll give it to her for Mother's Day!

  137. I of course would use my lovely daughter’s picture!

  138. My two sons!

  139. I would love to get this for my daughter.

  140. I would get this for my daughter and put my granddaughters pictures inside.

  141. My daughter

  142. my son

  143. my 2 boys.

  144. Would get my girls picture on it. Always wanted one. Fingers crossed . 🙂

  145. I would give it to my mom and put a picture of me and the rest of my siblings.

  146. My son and his father’s picture would be submitted to personalize the heart locket.

  147. I would put mine and my brothers picture in the locket if I was to win it for my mom.

  148. I would submit a picture of my newborn (when she arrives) and a pregnancy picture of me and my husband.

  149. my children

  150. Amazing necklace and giveaway.

  151. I’d submit my children’s pictures

  152. Something from my son or daughter – so precious.

  153. my grandson

  154. A photo of me

  155. my mom

  156. My daughter and her son.

  157. my 3 handsome boys

  158. my girls

  159. My sons

  160. my three kids thanks for the chance to win

  161. my mom and my daughter!

  162. my children

  163. id put a picture of my oldest son

  164. My kid.

  165. I would put my grandbaby’s picture in it, he passed away at 10 months old in November.

  166. All 3 of my beautiful sons!

  167. I would love to give this as a mother’s day gift.

  168. I’d submit pics of both my girls!

  169. My parents

  170. My sons picture.

  171. A picture of my siblings and I for my mother.

  172. My mom and brother who I just recently lost

  173. What a gorgeous locket! Sweet!

  174. I love what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work
    and exposure! Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve added you guys to my blogroll.

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    I love all the points you made.

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