Powerocks Magicstick: Portable Power For Your Phone Or Tablet


Don’t you hate when your smartphone’s battery dies? Especially if it happens when you are away from a power source or outlet!  I own an iPhone and by the end of the day my battery is usually at 10%! I really don’t like knowing that my phone may not be available in an emergency situation.

Enter the new Powerocks Magicstick portable power bank for mobile devices. The Magicstick is a colorful device that allows you to charge your Apple (MFI-licensed), Blackberry, Android smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, cameras, GPS devices, and more. This compact device fits in a pocket or purse and it provides 2800mAh of power for emergency charges. It quickly and safely charges your phone when away from a power source or outlet so you’ll never miss a call or be in an emergency without your cellphone when away from home.


I received a Powerocks Magicstick to review and I love that it is super easy to use. To charge you just plug your device in and it starts charging immediately, you can then re-charge the Magicstick when you get home with the included USB cable using a computer.

The Magicstick comes with a USB cable and carrying velvet bag and it has a smart LED indicator that shows its charging status.

I love having a portable and lightweight rechargeable battery that fits inside of my purse and that I can take everywhere I go.  I recently went to a big event and I was recording video with my iPhone, but by the middle of the show my phone was dying. Luckily I had my Magicstick and I was able to recharge my phone to a full charge during the show, a total life-saver!

The Powerocks Magicstick is great for travel as well and it would make a wonderful holiday gift! Who doesn’t need a little extra power for their mobile devices nowadays?

Powerocks products are available in Canada at Canadian retailers, carriers and online sites, as well as in the U.S. through www.powerocksusa.com, Amazon.com and other stores. For more information see www.powerocksusa.com or www.powerocks.com.

The Powerocks Magicstick 2800mAh sells for $49.99.

Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a Powerocks Magicstick! Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck! 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Disclosure:  I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.


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281 responses to “Powerocks Magicstick: Portable Power For Your Phone Or Tablet”

  1. My smartphone for sure. It dies so quickly. And ALWAYS seems to die at the exact moment I really need it!

  2. I could really use this so when I get off work my phone is ready to go!

  3. My Galaxy Nexus

  4. My Samsung smart phone. It has a terrible battery life!

  5. well I have 3 teenagers so we have a lot of devices we would use this one, Iphones Ipods Tablet whatever we could charge we would lol

  6. My spouses iPhone when we’re out and about. Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. I would use it for my iPhone

  8. Definitely my Iphone… It’s always dead!

  9. My phone! It is always dying!

  10. I would use this for my phone, it always seems to need a charge… one day I’ll transfer the 2600 pictures on it to another device….maybe…

  11. Phone and iPad.

  12. DH’s smart phone.

  13. I would charge my cell phone.

  14. I would use this to charge my iPhone and my iPad.

  15. cell phone and ereader.

  16. I would use it with my phone since the battery on it often runs out when we are on the go.

  17. my cell phone.

  18. My iphone desperately needs one of these

  19. My phone and tablet

  20. My cellphone

  21. my phone and my ereader in my car

  22. my phone for one, then all sorts of devices the kids have

  23. Oh I would be using this for my iphone for sure

  24. Phone/tablet

  25. My boyfriend’s iPhone 5 at the airport. He travels a lot for work.

  26. my tablet

  27. Cellphone, tablet

  28. My cellphone

  29. My phone loses juice whenever I used GPS.

  30. My iPhone and iPad

  31. I would charge my iphone which seems to always need a charge!

  32. phone ! I actually already carry an extra battery but this would be an awesome back up

  33. My iPhone

  34. I would use it for my tablet

  35. my phone for sure!

  36. I would charge up my cell phone with this.
    Thanks ~ FB: Alexia Harvours

  37. I would charge my tablet using the Powerock Magicstick!

  38. I would give it as a gift to my son and he would use it for his iphone.

  39. I would use it for my tablet.

  40. I would charge up my phone for sure, I am always forgetting to charge it and it dies while I’m out and need it!

  41. Our iPhones and iPads.

  42. I would charge my phone

  43. i would use it for my iphone, i find myself always in need of something like this!

  44. My PHONE!!! Lol I suck at charging it so this wouldb e a big help

  45. my phone and my i-pod,( especially when the kids are using it on a long road trip.)

  46. My Iphone

  47. My tablets!!

  48. This Magicstick would be great when I forget to charge my phone, and it dies while I am out.

  49. That would be my cell phone and probably my Ereader.

  50. iphone

  51. My Galaxy s4

  52. I would charge our family’s cellphones.

  53. I would charge my ipod touch 🙂

  54. phone and camera

  55. I’d charge my iPhone.

  56. Wow, I need this. My smart phone runs out of juice on the Greyhound bus

  57. my ipod

  58. The iPhone and iPod

  59. I would use it charge my phone, which is a Blackberry, when it dies while I am out and about.

  60. Both me & my son’s cell phones 🙂

  61. I would use it to charge my iPad, phone, and ipod.

  62. My phone mostlt. Possibly my nook also but that has a much longer battery life.

  63. I would use the magic stick to charge my iPad or iPod.

  64. Iphones are always needing charging so this would be handy!

  65. my blackberry!

  66. I would charge my smartphone & my laptop.

  67. This would come in super handy. I take a LOT of videos while fishing, and also at Jays games!

  68. id use it for my cell phone

  69. I’d charge my camera and cellphone.

  70. I would use to charge my iphone

  71. I would use it to charge my iPhone

  72. Sony and NDS3 and phone, we have loads of stuff

  73. My phone and iPad!

  74. I would charge my phone with it!

  75. my phone and my kobo

  76. I would charge my iPod

  77. Galaxy S3

  78. All of my family’s cellphones

  79. My smart phone would be charged with this.

  80. I would love this for charging my iPhone on the go! Thanks so much for the chance to win! 🙂

  81. I’d charge our phones and tablets with it!

  82. my kindle fire.

  83. My phone and my ipad.

  84. my phone, tablet and kobo

  85. My cell phone.

  86. This is a great product! I know a lot of people who could use one… hate getting cut off in the middle of a conversation! 🙂

  87. I would charge my phone, my iPod, and my Kindle Fire

  88. I would use it for my phone and my kindle.

  89. I would use it for my iPhone.

  90. Ny phone and eraeder

  91. I would charge my iphone which is usually always running low :/

  92. My ipod touch!

  93. My smartphone if it is compatible…if not, my hubby’s ipad:)

  94. my cell phone

  95. I would use it to power my tablet on trips to visit my family, out of province

  96. What a great idea! I would love one of these to charge my iPhone

  97. my iPad

  98. I would use my iPhone ……

  99. My phone keeps dying this would be great

  100. I’d use it for my Google Nexus 4. SHORT battery life there!

  101. cellphone

  102. I would charge my phone and iPod

  103. iPhone

  104. I would use for my phone

  105. I would charge my iPad

  106. I would charge my cell phone and ipod, i could charge my bfs ereader and cell phone. so many awesome uses for this thing!!!

  107. I would charge my phone and iPad

  108. my smartphone and my tablet

  109. My iPad mini

  110. I would charge my smartphone using the Powerock Magicstick ‘cos Candy Crush keeps taking the life out of it, including my own 😉

  111. my i phone

  112. I would most definitely use the device to charge my phone and ipad. Great giveaway thanks for the chance.


  113. my iPhone … its always low on the battery

  114. I would use on for my GS4 my Bluetooth,gps and digital camera…maybe I should get a couple 🙂

  115. I would definitely use this for my phone

  116. My phone, my hubbies phone and our ipad!

  117. For my blackberry….it dies quickly since I use it for work all day.

  118. I would use it for my iPhone 4 and my Blackberry tablet

  119. We would charge our iPhone 4s with this!

  120. Iphone and camera…how awesome!

  121. I always have this problem as a trucker since I have so many devices to keep charged.

    My Cellphone, my GoPro Camera, My JVC Videocamera and my IPOD Nano all require power and if it isn;t one that requires power its usually 2 or 3 of them.

  122. my smartphone and laptop.

  123. My phone.

  124. my iphone

  125. my smartphone and tablet

  126. my ipad and my phone

  127. My cell phone and ipod!

  128. My phone. Son keeps taking it to play games.

  129. I would use it to charge my iphone and ipad.

  130. My phone and iPad.

  131. Definitely my phone. Maybe my tablet, but the phone always dies first.

  132. my Iphone

  133. The battery on my phone is ready to kick the bucket and I would definately use this to charge it!

  134. my iphones

  135. my daughter is getting a notebook for xmas and i am sure this would be great for her and me.

  136. I would charge my cell phone and ipod.

  137. iPhone!

  138. Would be great for my sons iPad

  139. I need it for my galaxy S3

  140. My smartphone for sure!!!

  141. I would charge most of my portable electronics but definitely my smartphone and ipod.

  142. I have an old (first generation) iPod that this would be ideal for. Its battery doesn’t hold a charge much any more.

  143. I’d charge my Lenovo tablet, my camera and my Zen mp3 player if I won

  144. my cell phone

  145. I would love a Magicstick and make great use of it! I do a tonne of driving in my job and my current mp3 player is just not holding up against the hours on the road. Fuel on the go would be amazing!

  146. android phone + ipad

  147. iPhone

  148. My ipad. 🙂

  149. my iphone 🙂

  150. I’ll use it to charge my S2!

  151. I would use it to charge my iPhone for sure!

  152. my iphone

  153. iphone

  154. Thanks!

  155. I would use it for my phone.

  156. I would use it for my iPhone.

  157. I would totally use it for my iPhone! This would so come in handy!

  158. my Ipad and ITouch. They like to die mid-airport

  159. This is the first time I’ve heard of this product, really cool.

  160. My cellphone and my laptop

  161. My smartphone when i have long days away from home/office.

  162. I’d charge my Android phone!

  163. my cell phone

  164. my cell phone, i need a new battery so this would help

  165. Which devices would you charge using the Powerock Magicstick?

    Galaxy Nexus 2

  166. My phone

  167. This would be ideal for my hubby’s tablet when we travel.

  168. definitely my phone!

  169. I would charge my phone. This would be so useful.

  170. My Phone!

  171. My dino cell phone, my granddaughter’s smartphone and my daughter’s iphone.

  172. cell phone

  173. Would use to charge ipad mini and samsung galaxy s3 phone.

  174. My phone for sure!

  175. My tablet

  176. cool! always wanted one of these

  177. I could use it on my S3 as I leave a lot of apps running at the background…

  178. my iPhone!

  179. Whatever my son gets this christmas!

  180. My ipad miin and iphone

  181. iPhone 5s

  182. I would charge my Kindle Fire as I only have the USB charger for it.

  183. could use that for my Samsung for the car, my car charger just broke

  184. I’d charge my Windows Phone, iPad, and Kindle.

  185. Anything and everything. Something always needs charging.

  186. I would be letting my daughter have it for her tablet

  187. my iphone and ipod!

  188. I would give it to my duaghter for her tablet and phone, she is always running a low battery

  189. would use it for my iPhone

  190. I need it to charge my iPhone and mini iPad.

    I would love to win one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  191. We would all charge our iPhones!

  192. iphone

  193. Phone and ipod

  194. I would use it for my cell

  195. I would use it for my phone.

  196. My smartphone and Tablet comouter

  197. my phone

  198. My smartphone

  199. my tablet

  200. My phone

  201. my phone

  202. I could really use one of these!! My phone always dies when I need it the most.

  203. I would use this for my iPhone!

  204. Our household has multiple iPhones, iPods, and an iPad. This would be great for all of them.

  205. I love your blog! Hubby could definitely use one of these!

    • Oops…forgot to mention what item. He’d use it to charge his iphone

  206. I would charge my cell phone.

  207. I would charge my iPhone, son’s iPod, and iPad

  208. my phone

  209. I’d charge my iPhone and ipad with it!

  210. Our phones because they are always out of power.

  211. My iPod! :]

  212. This would be super handy for charging me and my fiancé’s phones when we are out and about, especially his, it seems to die quickly.

  213. I use my phone as a GPS…I can’t have a dead battery or I am lost!

  214. This would make a great gift.

  215. My cell phone and tablet.

  216. All of my apple products lol, iPhone, iPad mostly =)

  217. my iPod

  218. My tablet

  219. I just recently got myself a smartphone and am amazed at how quickly these phones used up their power! Pick me so I can be saved from the dead phone excuse! Thank you.

  220. I would charge my iPod touch and also my Kobo Arc!

  221. cell phones

  222. My cell phone.Thanks for the chance.

  223. Yup always a nice back up to have for all devices I use every day!!

  224. My ipad and iphone!

  225. I would give it to my husband he travels a lot so he could use it to charge his phone or laptop.

  226. This would be great for my iPhone.

  227. I would use for my cell phone and tablet

  228. What wouldn’t I use it for is the question. I have an Ipad, Ipad mini, Samsung tablet, a Samsung phone, blackberry.

  229. I would charge my Ipod.

  230. iPhone

  231. I would charge my cameras!

  232. I would charge my phone

  233. My iPhone

  234. My phone and ipad!

  235. I’d use this for my Smartphone and pocket video cam.

  236. This is a great idea. Very efficient!!!

  237. I would charge my cell phone….

  238. my ipad and ipod

  239. For our iPhones…this would be a great stocking stuffer!

  240. My iphone is *always* out of battery. Such a charger would be a god blessed sending!

  241. I would charge my iphone!

  242. that is such a cool idea!!! i love it. my electronic devices always die on me and would love this product so i could be on them much longer!!

  243. My phone is always running down. I’d use it to charge my phone.

  244. i would charge my phone and my ipad mini. xdanimarie(at)yahoo(dot)com

  245. I would charge my iPhone 5
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  246. I would charge my cell phone

  247. My phone and tablet!

  248. I would charge my girls iPods and my hubby’s tablet, thank you:)

  249. My iPhone.

  250. I would love to charge our iphones and ipads

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  251. My smart phone,pad and laptop.

  252. I would charge a whole slew of devices, but most often my Nexus 4 since it gets the most use away from home.

  253. I want to win one to give to my sister as she has a smartphone and its always needing a charge. Her phone is always dead it seems, and sometimes at crucial times.

  254. my phone or ipod

  255. I would use it for my camera

  256. I’d use it for my iPhone.

  257. my iphone

  258. iPhone 4S and my iPad

  259. i would charge my phone

  260. This would probably be used to charge my sons Ipad! or our laptops

  261. I would use it the most for my iphone

  262. would use to charge an iPhone

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  263. Probably my husband’s iPhone 5S would get the most use out of this – then maybe he’d share with my daughter!

  264. Definitely our phones and tablets
    thank you

  265. I would definitely use this for my phone, and also for my ipad when we are travelling.

  266. I would use it to charge my phone and tablet.

  267. My phone and tablet

  268. iPhone!

  269. I would charge my iPhone 4s

  270. my phone
    good luck to all
    aka midgeknows

  271. It would be great to charge my family’s phones with!

    wendym at cableone dot net

  272. My phone, my tablet, the kids’ iPod touch.

  273. i would charge my ipad and my phone

  274. I’d charge my iPhone 🙂

  275. This would be great for my iphone and headset

  276. I’d charge my phone. It’s always running low.

  277. My tablet!

  278. I’d charge my phone

  279. I’d charge my phone and camera

  280. My cellular phone would be the item I’d be charging with this. 🙂

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