Getting started and putting together a decent size cloth diaper stash for your baby can take time and it is usually a bit expensive to begin with. The best way to get your stash without having to pay an initial large amount is to purchase them one at a time or start collecting them during your pregnancy. Adding them to your babyshower’s registry is also a great idea to build up the number of diapers without emptying your bank account.

I am excited to feature Rump Around Cloth Diapers. A very affordable cloth diapering solution that is perfect  if you are looking to start or add to your stash. You can even buy multiples of these for what you would get just one of some other brands. A great deal!


I received two of their OS pocket diapers to try and one of their wetbags.  Each diaper goes for about $9 and you get one insert per diaper. One of the best prices I have seen out there!
Their pocket diapers are very similar to most pocket diapers out there.  The one really cool thing about them is that you can customize the second row of snaps if necessary.  They can add an extra row of 8 snaps or change the design to a tripe snap design.  This is very useful when having a lot of fit issues. I mean not all babies are the same size and proportions and being able to personalize it (at no extra cost) is pretty cool! 

Let’s talk about the beautiful prints now. They have so many super adorable prints! Look at the Mickey Minky one I got or the Monkey one. Too adorable! I love cloth diaper companies that have lots of awesome prints to pick from.  Also, for that prize I can add two extra diapers to my stash without feeling guilty. 

The outside of the diaper is made of PUL (and minky outer for the Mickey one) and the inside material of the diaper is the soft fleece that keeps moisture away from the skin and keeps baby comfortable.  The inserts are made of microfiber like most other pocket diapers available on the market.
Their wetbag is a pretty good size to carry inside of my diaper bag and perfect to keep soiled diapers contained when on the go.  I haven’t had any leaking issues so far and I can fit about 3-4 diapers inside.

We tried both Rump Arounds diapers out during the day and we didn’t have any leaking. (note: I now use hemp inserts with ALL of my pockets because my 1 year old leaks with ALL microfiber so I used hemp with my Rump Arounds).

For nap times and at night we only use bamboo inserts so I didn’t even try the pockets with microfiber as I know that he needs the extra absorbency and would leak, but that started only a few months ago so I am sure these diapers will hold and wouldn’t leak for younger babies. You can always add a bamboo insert to your pockets for night time when using them with older children.

In general Rump Arounds diapers are just what you need if you want to try pocket cloth diapers without investing a ton of money.  You can build a day stash with just $54.  That sounds like a great number to me !

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.