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Happy Baby Daily Needs is a new online baby store that is based in Vancouver, BC.  I am very happy to feature their store on the blog and give them a big welcome since they have just launched!  Their store aims to provide a one-stop shop for a wide selection of gentle, natural and functional products for baby.
Browsing through their store you can find products that are free of PVC, lead, phthalathes, and other chemicals and made with natural ingredients and materials.  Their focus is on environmentally friendly, natural and safe products and I just love what they have to offer.
Happy Baby Daily Needs carries the Earth Mama Angel Baby line of products and I got to try some of them.  I have to say I am now a big fan of their products. Not only are they extremely gentle but they are also natural and organic.

earth baby

We tried both the Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash and the Happy Mama  Body Wash and they were both so great.

The Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is a blend of Calendula, Orange and Vanilla castile soap. The scent is just wonderful. I love the combination of the Orange and the Vanilla and the foam is great because a little bit goes a long way, I really like when products last a long time.
The Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is also free of preservatives, dyes or fragrances and it is certified vegan and organic.

I also tried the Happy Mama Body Wash for myself and I liked the ginger-grapefruit combination.  Nothing like starting the day with some fresh Ginger and organic pink Grapefruit essential oils.  This body wash is also organic, certified vegan and it is safe for use during pregnancy.

earth baby

I also tried their Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Monthly Comfort Tea. This tea is a calming and soothing organic blend that is formulated to help recovery after childbirth and specially for “the time of the month” to help when the hormones need regulation and your uterus could use some extra care. 

I love cinnamon and this tea had a blend of  organic herbs and cinnamon and I just loved it. So perfect for those days when I feel cramps and just want to go under the covers and read a book with a cup of tea between my hands.

I am glad to say the tea bags are biodegradable and super easy to brew with a compostable overwrap.  A cool thing to note is that the recyclable carton was produced using wind energy. Super neat! While this tea is safe to use while breastfeeding it is not safe for use during pregnancy.  They have different blends that are pregnancy safe as well.

In general I am super happy with their safe, natural products that do a great job!  Love finding out about new brands that are all about organic.

Win it: To celebrate their big opening Happy Baby Daily Needs is giving away a kit with Earth Mama Angel Baby products (one for mom, baby and a tea product).

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.