Independence is important for children and very rewarding. My son for example really enjoys feeding himself.  I am happy with him learning and experiencing new foods but the process is extremely messy and we rarely let him do it when we are not at home.

Even though at  home he gets plenty of chances to get messy and eat whichever way he wants I was looking for an on-the-go option that allowed him to eat his favorite purees and blends while out without making a big mess and more importantly being able to do it on his own. 

Luckily I found The Sili Squeeze. This reusable squeeze allows my son to enjoy his favorite home made purees while on-the-go. The nipple valve of the Sili Squeeze makes it spill-proof. Food will only come out after gumming or pinching of the nipple valve with the mouth. Ingenious isn’t it?

I love that the squeeze is reusable, eco-friendly plus BPA and phthalate free.  The body of the Sili Squeeze is 100% silicone that is food safe and super easy to clean.

My favorite thing is that he can eat his food on the go, while out in the stroller or shopping cart or at a friend’s house without making a big mess, plus my hands are free because I am not using a spoon to feed him. He absolutely loves the independence so it works great for us.

The very first time I introduced the Sili Squeeze to him about two months ago I gave him a banana smoothy with yogurt (his favorite). He knew immediately what to do and in seconds he was feeding himself and using the squeeze like a pro. I was surprised because I thought it was going to take some time for him to get used to it.  He was even wearing a bib because I didn’t know how messy it was going to get.

Well, from that day on I have been packing his snacks in the Sili Squeezes and we take them with us anywhere we go.  No need to pack a bib! This is a great product and we absolutely recommend it!

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