Simply Plan Solutions Planner Review {Giveaway}

Simply Plan

I use online calendars, phone calendars and e-mail calendars but somehow I always end up missing things when alarms don’t go off as they are supposed to, batteries die or I simply forget to check my e-mail.

Thankfully I got an e-mail from the ladies at Simply Plan a few weeks ago…

I am a big fan of traditional paper planners so I jumped at the chance to try the new Simply Plan Solutions Planner. This handy little planner has been designed to help moms become and stay organized.

Created by Sonja & Stephanie, two busy moms, the Simply Plan planner has given me more free time and allowed me to relax without having to worry about missing appointments and events. Especially while getting used to a routine with a new baby.

Simply plan

The Simply Plan planner features sections that are just what busy on-the-go moms need, including weekly meal planning and budgeting, goal setting, routine schedules for children, project and household routine tracking and more!  I really love the fact that it has been designed for moms and families highlighting what I use everyday and what I need to plan.

I have been using my planner daily for a few weeks and I really enjoy how simple it is to keep track of everything in one place. Knowing that I can easily plan my day, week, month and have it all on my desk is wonderful. I just take a look at it before I go to bed to see what I have planned for the next day and I am good to go.

Simply Plan

If you are having trouble keeping up with your appointments and events then I highly recommend you consider purchasing a Simply Plan planner. They are a great investment that will bring sanity and extra time to your life. Don’t we all need a little bit more of both?

Buy it: You can purchase your own 2014 Simply Plan Planner here: Simply Plan 2014 ($40.00).


In the all new Simply Plan 2014, you’ll find:

  • Full month overview preceding that months weekly pages
  • Extra space for monthly To Do’s, Projects, Goals & Notes
  • Weekly Meal Plan & Budget
  • Whole week at glance incl. To Do’s, Goals and Notes/Memorable Moments
  •  Colored tabs for each month & special categories
  • Printed on crisp, thick white paper
  • All Canadian & US public holidays noted
  • Hard, durable cover on front and back
  • Durable silver colored wire o-spiral binding
  • Size: 21cmx 24.5cm (8.3 x 9.7 inches) including spiral binding
  • Weight: 0.940 kg (2lb)

Unique add-on’s to keep you organized all year around:
– Household Section incl. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal & Annual Household Chore Routines, Project Planning, List of Meal Plan options to make meal planning each week a breeze

– My Family Section including neat details about your family such as Favorites, Sizes, Wish Lists, Weekly Schedule for your kids and yourself, List of assigned Family Chores, AM & PM Kids Routines

– Goal Setting
8 Categories, you can assign (such as Family, Finances, Personal Development…), Future Goal Setting – 1 year, 5 years, 10 Years & Someday, Additional Space for Ideas & Dreams

– Keeping Track
Of your gift giving
Of your traditions
2014 & 2015 Special Dates

– Contacts & Notes


Win it: One lucky US/CAN reader will win the new a 2014 Simply Plan ($40 value). Enter to win below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck!

Disclosure:  I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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140 responses to “Simply Plan Solutions Planner Review {Giveaway}”

  1. I love the family section . with 4 kids it would be a big help for things like wishlist’s friends phone numbers etc

  2. I think that the family section sounds really neat!

  3. the meal planning section! brilliant!

  4. The budget section, I need to do that.

  5. I like the family section, as we’re having a new baby very soon and will come in handy!

  6. household section, ihave it on little papers all over the house

  7. The full month view is great!

  8. I like the extra sections for things like meal plans.

  9. I like the month overview.

  10. Extra space for monthly To Do’s, Projects, Goals & Notes…

    The extra space is a plus for me as ome planner just limit how much space you can use there.

  11. I love the Goal Setting! I love making lists and always seeing it everyday (since it’s in a daily planner!) will hold me more accountable of maintaining or striving for that goal!

  12. My favorite feature is the extra space for monthly To Do’s, Projects, Goals & Notes

  13. I like that it has a month section and a whole week at a glance section. I like to see the whole week all at once, or i forget.

  14. The Household section to keep track of all our upcoming things to do around the list. I think the apt name for that is the Honey Do list

  15. I like the whole month view, but I like everything about this planner!!!

  16. the budget section would come in handy for me,,,

  17. Love the various categories! Very practical.

  18. I love all of the categories

  19. I like the meal planning section, as this is something I do every week.

  20. I like the family section.

  21. the household section

  22. Would LOVE this Planner – they are a weakness of mine!

  23. I like the meal planning section. It would be nice to keep all of my notes in one book!

  24. Love the weekly meal planning stuff 🙂

  25. I like the family section.

  26. It all sounds good! My favourite feature is Extra space for monthly To Do’s, Projects, Goals & Notes.

  27. My favourite part is the household section. I often try to write lists for which chores need to be done daily, weekly, monthly but I’m never very successful with it. I also really like that it has a meal planning section

  28. The household section but it was hard to pick 1 🙂

  29. I like that both Canadian and US holidays are noted!

  30. Weekly menu planning would be key! I always forgot what I had planned

  31. i like that its durable- i would actually give this to my husband- he needs one of these

  32. With trying to weight the meal planning is great

  33. The goal setting 🙂

  34. the budget section would be helpful for us

  35. I like the meal planning

  36. I love the goal setting and family section I have 3 kids and need to be setting lots to goals.

  37. I’m impressed with the meal planning section

  38. meal planning

  39. Oh, this would come in handy!!!

  40. the budget section would be great…and the meal planning…the whole thing!!!

  41. My favourite feature is that it has coloured tabs for each month and special categories.

  42. the meal planning section

  43. I like having space for To-Dos and Projects

  44. I like the goal setting and menu planning!

  45. I like the Whole week at glance …

  46. this planner has so many great things, i do like that it’s hard covered

  47. I really like the idea of all the different sections, I feel like this would help me get much more organized. Especially with setting goals, it would definitely help me work towards them more efficiently.

  48. This is great! I’m a planner nut and this tops them all.Everything you could possibly need all in one place.

  49. love the household section, I need more planning help with that!

  50. The fact that it has a hardcover and I love the family chores section!

  51. I love the whole week at a glance in this planner.

  52. I like that you can put add-ons to personalize it a little.

  53. I like the family section and the hard cover.

  54. Weekly Meal Plan is my favorite part

  55. Weekly Meal Plan & Budget is be a great feature for me

  56. I like the Household Section

  57. I like the meal planning section.

  58. I love that it is hardcover and that it has a meal planning section

  59. The Weekly Meal planner is something that would really help me tremendously!

  60. The Family Section. Baby brain makes it all so difficult to keep track of!

  61. I really like the extra space for my monthly To Do’s and household notes.
    I use tabs in my recipe books so I really like the colored tabs for each month and special categories also.

  62. Love the household section for meal plans and budgeting

  63. The meal planning section would be most handy for us, as it’s something I have trouble with but really need to get a handle on. It’ll make things so much easier for us during the week.

  64. I love that it has a weekly meal plan feature.

  65. I like that it includes a household section.

  66. being able to keep track of gifts given

  67. I like the extra space for the monthly to do list.

  68. I like the meal plan aspect of it. I need to start getting better at that. 🙂

  69. I love how it has a household section and a family section! I could put a lot of what I want to keep track of into one place now.

  70. I like the colored tabs. 🙂

  71. The weekly meal plan and budget looks like a nice feature!

  72. Weekly Meal Plan & Budget…

  73. I love the Household Section! This is something that I could use to help keep my mind straight when it comes to everything that I need to do in a day!

  74. family section

  75. I love the Weekly Meal Plan & Budget… it could really help me out.

  76. with my hectic schedule this would be ideal

  77. I like that you can personalize it with your on picture and choose the size of the planner you want

  78. Extra space for monthly To Do’s, Projects, Goals & Notes

  79. extra space and color tabs

  80. I really like the meal planning section

  81. I like the goal setting section

  82. I love the weekly meal plan and budget feature!

  83. This will be so useful!! Hope I get it!

  84. It’s all wonderful but I think the goal tracking would be a great way to remind me in a kind and abrupt way 🙂 I’d write in PEN!!!

  85. i love all the different sections they have! i’ve never seen any like that

  86. i like the extra space to write in

  87. I love that it has a Weekly Meal Plan & Budget section. Thank you!

  88. Keep up with my daily routine

  89. I think that the family section sounds really neat!

  90. I like the family section plus the menu and budget

  91. the goal setting section

  92. I love the meal planning section. Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. 🙂

  94. Love the budget section! I really need to get on that this year!

  95. Love the meal planning section.

  96. This would be great for me to keep track of my daughter’s many doctor’s appointments and my husband’s frequently changing work schedule!

  97. I love the sleek design.

  98. Family section and the household section, of course!

  99. This would be great for planning everything!

  100. I love the size of it actually. With planners I usually find they are huge and bulky or too small. I love paper planners:)

  101. Hard durable cover and nice thick heavy paper stock! I need one of these so bad….I totally forgot around Christmas time to replace my old one.

  102. My Family Section is my fav and more spaces,love everything.Amazing giveaway
    ,thank you for the chance to win it.

    Happy New Year!!!!!

  103. I like the family section. I have never seen that section in a planner before.

  104. I like that there’s a lot of room for writing!

  105. I like the weekly meal plan & budget.

  106. The meal planner is a great feature, I so need that!

  107. I like that it has space for weekly meal planning and budgeting.

  108. weekly budget

  109. I like that it has a durable cover since I like to tuck a planner in my purse to keep track of things and the in and out and getting banged around, it needs to be durable.

  110. Meal planning is my favourite section ! Not only does it organize you come supper time, but it also helps you save money while shopping because you know exactly what to buy !

  111. I really like the household section

  112. I love the meal planning section.

  113. weekly meal plan!

  114. I like the meal planner, and extra space!

  115. I like the colored tabs for each month! Makes things alot easier when trying to schedule things in advance or look back at something

  116. The household section is nice.

  117. I like the full month overview

  118. A small thing, but the coloured tabs are a really good thing.

  119. I love the family section 🙂

  120. •Weekly Meal Plan & Budget

  121. I love the meal planning section. This is exactly what I need to organize budgets.

  122. A full month review and I can finally get organized.

  123. It looks like the perfect planner…I have been searching my whole life for…

  124. i like that this planner has everything

  125. i love the family section!!!!

  126. I love that it has both a weekly section as well as a monthly view, sometimes you needs to see the days in different perpectives

  127. I like the budget section a lot!

  128. I like the household section

  129. I think the meal planner is really cool.

  130. It has such great feature sections and goal planning is my favorite!

  131. I like the meal planning section.

  132. I could really use the budget section

  133. I like the meal planning section.

  134. I like the goal setting section. Thank you

  135. The colored tabs for the different months and for occasions.

  136. I like the hard, durable cover on front and back. Super important if it’s going to last an entire year!

  137. I like that it has a weekly meal plan & budget

  138. Love the family section..

  139. I like the Weekly Meal Plan & Budget feature.

  140. The section for to do lists!

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