Four Cow Farm Products: Natural & Organic Skincare {Giveaway}

Four Cow Farm

Four Cow Farm was started by an Australian grandmother and midwife who wanted to make creams and balms that were as good and natural as possible for her two little grandchildren (one of whom was born with eczema). Using her own time-tested recipes and traditional ingredients all of the products are made with the finest natural ingredients and they are pure and genuine.

Today, Four Cow Farm offers handcrafted natural skincare products that are gentle, safe and organic. They are ideal for babies and children skin and those with sensitive skin. They also make sure their products are as earth-safe as possible, making them with 100% renewable energy on their green energy farm  and providing bottles and jars made from 100% recyclable materials.

We received a full range of their products to try and I am very happy with the quality of the products and the fact that they are so gentle and nourishing! Plus I love that they contain no parabens, no propylene glycol, no sulphates, no artificial colours or fragrances, no petrochemicals, no lanolin and no phthalates!

Here are the products we had a chance to try:

Four Cow Farm

1) Four Cow Farm Baby Wash

“A rare 100% pure liquid castile soap, the mildest, finest soap available. Made from 100% pure Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it’s extremely rich in antioxidants and is the purest natural wash in the market (unlike other washes, containing no palm or coconut oil or their derivatives).”

I tried the baby wash with my 3-year-old and newborn and I love how soothing it is. Their skin can get dry in the winter time and I love the creamy texture and the nice mild scent. I even use it for my own skin!

2) Four Cow Farm Baby Lotion

“An exquisite daily moisturizing lotion made from premium Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel oils that have skin-soothing, softening and protective effects”

I absolutely love the Baby Lotion. It is wonderful after bath time and it is super light and not too strong. I also love the sweet almond and apricot scent and the way my son’s skin feels after applying it.

3) Four Cow Farm Calendula Remedy

“The ONLY organic Calendula-infused Olive Oil balm on the market which is made from 80% organic Calendula-infused olive oil. Formulated to soothe inflamed or irritated skin, or skin prone to dryness or eczema, it is the richest, most soothing 100% natural balm currently on the market”

I am using this balm daily as a nipple balm. My nipples got super dry with all the nursing so I have made it a priority to continue using it to soothe and nourish my skin and I have already noticed a difference and my nipples seem less dry!

4) Four Cow Farm Tea Tree Remedy

“A rich blend of thick and soothing Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Castor and Macadamia Nut oils, along with the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil makes this the perfect barrier balm for cuts, scrapes, bites and bruises, as well as nappy rash.”

I am now carrying this balm in my purse for those unexpected accidents at the park, etc. Great as a barrier balm for little cuts and scrapes! I like knowing that it is naturally anti-bacterial to prevent infection. I love that I can also use it as a nappy rash balm if needed.

5) Four Cow Farm Nappy Cream

“A light and moisturising daily protective nappy cream, made from soothing and protective Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Sunflower Seed Oil (which has been proven to fight infection in newborn skins), the rich actions of Castor Oil, with the added barrier properties of Zinc Oxide and the antioxidant benefits of Soy Lecithin”

This cream is a gentle daily protector for baby’s sensitive skin. I love that it looks very thin and like it allows the skin to breathe, very important to avoid diaper rash.  I really dislike thick, heavy diaper creams so this one is  a favourite.

6) Four Cow Farm Baby Oil

“A luxurious blend of Premium Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Macadamia Nut, Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel oils – Macadamia Nut oil being one of the closest to the skin’s own sebum, whilst Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel are excellent for their fine, gentle natures, making them perfect for baby and sensitive skins.”

I rarely use any baby oil because of how greasy and slippery it is so I was excited to see that the Four Cow Farm Baby Oil sinks quickly into the skin and there’s not a lot of that super greasy feeling left in the skin. I noticed I don’t need to use a lot to get enough coverage and my son’s skin is super moisturized and soft after application.

In general I love all of the Four Cow Farm products we tried and I recommend you visit their website to learn more about them and to order.


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Win It: One lucky US/CAN reader will win a pack of these (retail value of $47.70):

  • 1 Baby Wash 125 ml
  • 1 Baby Lotion 125 ml
  • 1 Calendula Remedy 50 g

Enter to win via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck!

Disclosure:  I received a sample of a product to facilitate this post.  All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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