Tips To Help your Daughter Stay Active While On Her Period {Giveaway}


Sometimes while you are on your period you may not feel like your usual self, however sticking to normal everyday activities and staying active instead of retreating to your bed can help make you feel better.

If your daughter is on her period and thinking about skipping sports the following tips can help her stay active while on her period without having to miss any sport activities.

Don’t skip practice because of cramps

Cramps can be uncomfortable but exercising releases endorphins that can actually help counteract the cramp-producing chemicals that are part of the menstrual cycle. Exercise will help her feel better if she is suffering from cramps so encourage her to go to practice.

Help her stick to a healthy diet

Sometimes having your period means skipping the healthy diet and caving to unhealthy cravings. Forget the ice-cream and help her stick to eating healthy balanced meals. Sugars and carbohydrates can make her feel bloated, instead encourage her to eat food that contains magnesium, probiotics and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Some examples are: spinach, swiss chard, pumpkin seeds, squash, quinoa, cashews, yogurt, pickles, miso soup, dark chocolate, ginger, tomatoes, olive oil, salmon, almonds.

Find the right protection

Help her find the the right products to provide protection while playing sports. Playtex offers a selection of products designed with sport level protection. Developed for women who lead busy and active lives, Playtex® tampons offer multiple levels of absorbencies to give women confidence and freedom in everything they do.

The Playtex Sport #PlayOnCA $50,000 Grant

According to a study commissioned by Playtex Sport, girls admit they can’t afford athletic participation fees, uniforms or transportation. They also say that boys have more choice when it comes to high school sports, gain more support from administration, receive more funding and play in better facilities than the girls do. Playtex Sport wants to help even out the playing field by encouraging girls to Play On through a national grant program. From now until October 31, 2016, the program will sponsor up to $50,000 to help fund girl athletic teams across Canada. Teams can apply online at

Playtex-PlayON-LockupPlaytex® Sport® may select submission(s) and award grants (totalling up to $50,000 CAN; up to $5,000 CAN per team) to one or more Canadian high schools. The application deadline is October 31, 2016 at 11:59:59 a.m. ET.  No application fee or purchase required. Limit one application per nominator. Award of grant monies not guaranteed. Subject to Terms and Conditions at



Win it: One lucky reader will win a Playtex Mom Survival Kit from Playtex.  The kit (pictured above) includes a selection of Playtex Sport products, a water bottler, sport head bands and a t-shirt. Valued at approximately $60. Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter. Good Luck friends!

Disclosure: This has been a sponsored post, however all views and opinions are 100% my own.

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77 responses to “Tips To Help your Daughter Stay Active While On Her Period {Giveaway}”

  1. My granddaughters favorite sport is swimming.

  2. My nieces faveorite sport is soccer!

  3. My daughter love hiking and biking 🙂

  4. Swimming!

  5. My niece likes soccer.

  6. My favourite sport is Tennis.

  7. She likes gymnastics

  8. does Dance count? she doesn’t really like team sports, but really enjoys practicing/performing dance!

  9. My daughter plays Hockey..

  10. We love playing badminton or soccer

  11. Honestly one day off doesn’t hurt…I find I can’t move for one day anyway…don’t be so hard on yourself…

  12. My daughter loves Hockey

  13. My daughter dances competitively 🙂

  14. My kids favourite sport is soccer.

  15. She likes gymnastics.

  16. My son is hooked on karate!

  17. My favourite sport is hockey

  18. She changes her mind depending on the season i.e. whatever she is playing most at the time – tennis and swimming in summer, basketball in winter, volleyball in spring. And she tried diving this summer and loved it so that is a new favourite too!

  19. My kids love soccer!

  20. My daughter is involved in competitive gymnastics.

  21. I really like volleyball! 😉

  22. Defintiely hockey!

  23. My daughter loves basketball

  24. Sophie loves soccer.

  25. My daughter loves playing soccer!

  26. My daughter loves Karate.

  27. My granddaughter plays soccer.

  28. My daughter is 13 and she loves basketball and cross country

  29. hiking

  30. My favourite sport is tennis.

  31. My daughters fav sport is soccer

  32. Gymnastics is a favorite here!

  33. we love tennis! <3

  34. My daughter seems to like soccer the best so far.

  35. my daughter likes baseball and swimming

  36. We are a baseball family my daughter plays hardball with all the boys, go girl power.

  37. Soccer seems to be a favourite right now and she climbs evvvverything!

  38. My son liked playing soccer.

  39. Volleyball is my favourite sport.

  40. My daughter always did well in the track and field days, esp with throwing anything (discus, javelins)

  41. I played Rugby growing up and I LOVED it.. I wish I had stuck with it when I moved to the big city when I started at college but I knew NOBODY and nothing about the city so I was too scared to continue.

    I have contemplated joining again once my kids get a bit older though or maybe introduce it to my daughter.

  42. Hockey is our favorite to watch and swimming is our favorite to participate in.

  43. Cycling and swimming

  44. My daughter loves swimming.

  45. Bike riding and basketball

  46. My 14 year old loves basketball and my 11 year old loves gymnastics!

  47. My Niece loves dancing , thanks for the chance 🙂

  48. My daughter loves swimming!

  49. My 14yr old loves rugby and my 12yr old loves dance.

  50. My favourite sport is volleyball.

  51. loves playing soccer

  52. My son loves baseball.

  53. His favourite sport is basketball, my niece loves soccer.

  54. My granddaughters favorite sport is Gymnastic

  55. My grand daughter Mia’s favourite sport is snowboarding.

  56. My whole family loves hockey and football.

  57. My nieces love swimming & soccer!

  58. Swimming

  59. my daughter loves cheerleading

  60. My daughter is a competitive swimmer!

  61. My daughter’s favourite sport is gymnastics!

  62. Our favorite sports are swimming together
    Her favorite sport is Karate

  63. My favourite sport is swimming.

  64. My daughter’s favourite sport is swimming.

  65. Her favourite sport is soccer!

  66. Gymnastics!

  67. Soccer to play, hockey to watch!

  68. The little ones and I all love to swim! However in the winter, skiing is probably the favourite!

  69. Granddaughters favorite sport is track

  70. My daughters favourite sport is swimming

  71. My son enjoys fencing, which he picked up from his dad. Other than that, he enjoys walking and hiking.

  72. We love to play badminton and go to the rec centre to do swimming.

  73. biking!

  74. Hockey!

  75. My child’s favorite sport is golf.

  76. We love baseball and soccer

  77. my daughters favourite sport is fastball

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