Twiga: Personalized Athletic Wear For Girls and Women {Review & Giveaway}

Thinking about a great holiday gift idea for HER? These adorable and comfy leggings would make the perfect gift. They can be personalized with any word you like and they come in different styles, colours and sizes. I own a pair of their adult leggings and absolutely love them. These are not just for girls, they are great for adults too!

Be sure to read our contributor’s review below, her little girl had a chance to try a pair of their personalized leggings.

twiga personalized leggins
By Pamela Chan, Contributor

After a year of ballet and tap lessons, my daughter decided to try jazz dance. Out went the tutu and leotard and in came the three quarter black leggings. The only problem was that the leggings were made of a thin cotton and didn’t seem very substantial.

I was keen for my daughter to try a Twiga Clothing 3/4 length Chloe crop pant.

What you Receive

The black 3/4 length Chloe pants arrived ready to be worn. Purple stripes and my daughter’s name are printed on a white band.  This band is connected to the black legs of the pants.  My daughter’s name appears four times on each side of the band.  The lettering is very crisp and is a good size.

This Made-in-Canada Chloe pant is made out of 88% Nylon and 12% Lycra supplex.  The weight is heavy enough to make the fabric feel substantial and soft without feeling too thick or bulky.  Twiga Clothing uses a 4-way stretch fabric that wicks moisture, moves and holds its shape.  The stitching on the side of the waistband and on the hems of the pant is done with a 3-needle cover stitch.

Using the Chloe Twiga Pants

I thought my six year old daughter might be a little resistant to trying the new pants.  This is mostly because the band is different than what anyone else in her class is wearing.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how easily she took to the new pants.  She tells me that they are comfortable to wear, not too tight on the waist band and she can move easily in them.  She was also very happy to see her name on the pants. Since my daughter likes to draw fashion designs, I was happy to see that she liked the idea of having a band with her name on it.

I chose the 3/4 length pant for my daughter because I assumed that she might get hot while she is dancing for an hour. A little bit of air around her ankles would help to regulate her temperature.  But the fabric is heavy enough that she isn’t cold when she starts her dance class.

When you are six, you don’t tend to sweat like you would when you are a pre-teen or a teenager.  I can see that these pants would be good for older dancers who need fabric that breathes well and wicks away moisture.

My Thoughts

My daughter is happy with her Chloe Twiga pants and I’m glad that she has a substantial pair of pants for her dance class.  To be honest, I would even like wearing this type of pant around the house. Not because I’m dancing around (!) but because I like to feel comfortable. And I can imagine many women would wear a pair of Twiga pants when they are out and about.

The founder of Toronto-based Twiga Clothing was inspired by his extended family members’ love of sports clothing for children, so he started Twiga Clothing.  The company’s goal is to create “bespoke athletic gear to train, dance, and live in.”



Win it: One lucky CAN/US reader will win a pair of personalized leggings (women/girl – $100 value) Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good Luck All!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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75 responses to “Twiga: Personalized Athletic Wear For Girls and Women {Review & Giveaway}”

  1. I like the Betty leggings and the Isabella leg warmers.

  2. These look so awesome. Any of them would be wonderful. Guess it would be up to my daughter as she is the one who wears them. Maybe the Skully shorts or Betty Crop.

  3. I like the Betty Crops. Super cute!

  4. OMG so in love with the Women’s Brook crops!

  5. My favourite is the Betty Leggings in black. And how cute that they have doll leggings too! 🙂

  6. I like the Betty leggings.

  7. I like the Lill leggings

  8. Betty leggings

  9. I like the Sophie Shorts. I love the Lill Leggings because they have that cute waistband and the length of the leggings reaches the ankles.

  10. First off I love the colors! I also love the Sophie shorts for when Im working out. So stylish!

  11. I think the Sohpie shorts would be great for under dresses, but I love the capris for working out!

  12. i love the Lill leggings – my daughter would love these for dance class!

  13. Love Brooke Crop – Women’s leggings

  14. I like the BETTY LEGGINGS – WOMEN’S and the TWIGA+ CHLOE CROP.


  16. I like the Betty Crops

  17. My daughter would love TWIGA+ BROOKE CROP!


  19. The Betty leggings are my fave!

  20. I like the women’s Betty leggings in turquoise.

  21. I like the Brooke Crops in summer grey

  22. I love the Isabella Leg warmers

  23. I like the Betty leggings a lot.

  24. The SKULLY SHORTs are cute 🙂

  25. I absolutely love the Betty Leggings

  26. I’d like a pair of the BROOKE CROP – WOMEN’S (PERSONALIZED)

  27. I love the Lill leggings and the Brooke Crop

  28. i like the betty leggings in black

  29. I checked them out and i really like the LILL LEGGINGS – WOMEN (PERSONALIZED)

  30. I like the Betty Leggings. They look very comfortable.

  31. I love the Brooke Crop and Betty Leggings!

  32. I like the Brooke crop

  33. I like the Betty Leggings.

  34. I like the Betty leggings and the Lil leggings in the grey color.

  35. I like the personalized leggings, but I also like the Betty!

  36. my fave is the Betty leggings.


  38. I like the Betty leggings

  39. I love the BROOKE CROP – WOMEN’S (PERSONALIZED) in summer grey

  40. I like the Betty Leggings.

  41. I like these an awful lot, especially the Lill Leggings – Women (Personalized), what a marvellous idea to personalise them.

  42. I love the new shorts they previewed on facebook with the skulls on them!

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  44. I like the Betty Crops!

  45. I love their TWIGA+ SOPHIE SHORT for women and the girls Skully Short for girls.

  46. I like the BETTY LEGGINGS in WOMEN’S.

  47. I really like the womens betty leggings in pink!

  48. I like the Betty Leggings.

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  50. I like the Twiga and Chloe leggings

  51. Love the betty leggings.
    Personalized ones are nice but I have no need

  52. the Betty leggings look comfy!

  53. I like the BROOKE CROP – WOMEN’S

  54. I like the women’s brooke crop

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  57. I like the BETTY LEGGINGS – WOMEN’S, like that they are full length, I don’t like crop pants.


  59. I love the skull headband and betty leggings!

  60. My favourite product is the Betty and Lill Leggings!

  61. I particularly like the Isabella leggings.

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    Chloe Crop (Women’s) TWIGA+

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  69. I love the Betty leggings

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  72. I like the Betty Leggings (Women’s)

  73. I like the Chloe Crop (Women’s) TWIGA+

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