Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for some Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas? June is finally here and that means Father’s Day is coming up in a few weekends. I often send a few tokens to my Dad for Father’s day and I get something for my hubby from the boys too, so I am excited to pick something for them.

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas {Giveaway}

I love searching for unique and especial items to gift, so below I have put together a gift guide with some unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas with items from Hallmark. They are all so much fun!

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas {Giveaway}

  1. Hug in a Glass Rustic Wood Sign (MSRP: $16.95): Wine aficionados will embrace this wood and metal plaque for display in their kitchens or wine cellars. Features a metal outline of an elegant wine glass that adds whimsy and dimension to a funny sentiment.
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 Travel Mug (MSRP: $19.95): Keep the good times rolling with their favourite beverage and a little help from BB-8. This cool metal travel mug keeps drinks cold longer whether you’re on the go or enjoying some downtime at home.
  3. Star Wars Dark Side Grilling Mitt and Lightsaber Fork Set (MSRP: $26.95): Combine two passions in one with this Star Wars- themed grilling set. Mitt resembles Darth Vader’s signature gloves, and fork handle is modeled after a lightsaber hilt.
  4. SUPERMAN Magnetic Bottle Opener (MSRP: $14.95): Just like Clark Kent, this accessory is more than what it appears at a glance—it’s part magnet, part bottle opener. Shaped like the classic “S” logo, this stylized, magnetic bottle opener is all you need to crack open a cold one quickly and easily without needing the strength of SUPERMAN.
  5. 1968 Chevrolet® Corvette® Stingray Car Ornament (MSRP: $19.95): Make a dream come true for a classic car collector with our mini version of the 1968 Chevy Corvette® Stingray. Classic blue with sleek lines, this convertible is one eye-catching ornament for car buffs.

Happy Father’s Day Celebration!


Win it: One lucky Canadian reader will win a Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 Travel Mug and Star Wars Dark Side Grilling Mitt and Lightsaber Fork Set ($50 value) from Hallmark. Enter to WIN below via Rafflecopter. Good luck friends!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Hallmark. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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92 responses to “Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. We usually go out for dinner, and go fishing

  2. We always have a huge dinner at my house for all the dads and grandfathers in our family.

  3. We usually head to the lake to do some fishing

  4. A family bbq

  5. We go to events in our community. There is an amazing festival that weekend.

  6. We do a BBQ dinner together as a family

  7. We have a family dinner or BBq is the weather is nice.

  8. I take my dad out for dinner!! He loves BBQ, but I’m terrible at it…so we find a great bbq place 🙂

  9. Our children, who live within driving distance come in and celebrate with us. They bring their Dad cards and gifts. I think they are bringing in supper as well- fine with me!

  10. We usually have a big family barbecue.

  11. I usually make my husband a nice dinner

  12. We go out for brunch and then spend the rest of the day with my Dad.

  13. Nice contest.

  14. We usually have a big family BBQ for Father’s Day.

  15. Love it

  16. My kids usually help with a big BBqed dinner and we give him a few special gifts.

  17. We usually have a backyard party with bbq and bonfire later in the evening..

  18. We usually have a backyard BBQ!

  19. Do the church nursery and think about my dad in heaven.

  20. My dad lives very far away from me (need to take a plane to visit him), so we usually visit him during summer holiday and celebrate then. For hubby, we usually going out to have dinner and my kids will draw a card for him

  21. A family bbq.

  22. We celebrate father’s day by having a BBQ!

  23. we usually do a bbq with our neighbors and the hubby’s get a nice steak

  24. My Dad and I will be going out for some father and daughter time for dinner and a movie together. It is so nice to have some exclusive time with my Dad. Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity! My Dad would love these gifts.

  25. We usually celebrate it with a family BBQ. This year thought hubby and I are both working so we might have to figure out something else.

  26. i take my dad out for lunch

  27. We don’t do much. Maybe a BBQ and the boys will give their Dad things they make at school.

  28. We go out for dinner.

  29. We don’t. (and we don’t really celebrate Mother’s day either)

  30. The kids make cards. We make a big steak and potatoes dinner. Then we have his favorite cake!

  31. We’ll be taking him out to eat.

  32. We usually just hang out, watch some old movies and scratch some scratchy tickets.

  33. We usually throw a barbecue for him, he’s the barbecue King, he claims. 🙂

  34. I don’t celebrate the day

  35. In our house we will celebrate the day at home over a family meal together . Both our Dads have passed away but they are never far from our thoughts. I will cook my husbands favorite meal & dessert. Sometime through the day the older kids call or drop by with his traditional cup of favorite coffee & cards. Phone calls made to family and if the weather is gentle and kind, an evening walk to watch the sun go down on another lovely Father;s Day.

  36. We usually have bbq.

  37. At my house it’s kinda weird – I grew up with no father so we never celebrated it, then I married and we still didn’t celebrate till I had children, then we did. Now the kids go to their father’s house for the weekend and celebrate there and now I don’t celebrate anymore but I make sure the kids do at their Dad’s.


  38. Usually we have a bbq – we are camping that weekend so, it is nice to come home and just do burgers on the q. We are not big on celebrating the holiday.. We will get him a card to say we love him and a gift card but, that is about it.

  39. We have dinner over my parents usually and my dad shows us his grilling skills

  40. I make my dad a lemon meringue pie every year

  41. Our kids play baseball so we are on the ball field for Father’s day every year. This dad wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

  42. We usually chill at home with a BBQ and backyard games

  43. We will go visit the grandfather’s on the weekend and I’ll let my man sleep in and relax

  44. We usually just have a family BBQ

  45. We BBQ ???? his choice of meal and go golfing together

  46. My father is in a nursing home, so we take in cake and ice cream for a mini celebration.

  47. We go out to dinner!

  48. We usually go out to eat as a family. Watch movies later and stay inside.

  49. We get together for a family meal!

  50. My dad has passed away and my hubby’s doesn’t live close by. So, we celebrate our Daddy by having a big pancake and sausage breakfast followed by gifts and a big bike ride.

  51. We do not really do anything., Since I have always pulled double duty for my own sons , and the fact my dad is 11 hours away , just another day . I do get myself some wine though and toast to myself for the double duty I pull.

  52. this will be hubby’s first father’s day, he loves to go fishing so we’ll stick with that but i’ll be taking my dad out for lunch

  53. The kids and I will do his favourite food during dinner and that means doing the ribs on the grill.

  54. We usually go for brunch and get my dad a gift of some sort. He’s really hard to shop for so I appreciate all of the ideas listed in your article 🙂

  55. My father passed away 40 yrs ago, he was a great man and worked so hard and such long hours to support his family and he died much too young.

  56. Would love to win this for my husband, good luck everyone

  57. I take my dad out to dinner at his favourite restaurant. Pretty simple but he loves it.

  58. We usually celebrate by spending the day with dad or taking him out for supper.

  59. Our tradition has become a picnic in the park!

  60. I don’t do anything special but my kids go spend the day with their dad…so in a way I get a day off too 🙂

  61. We usually celebrate by going to a park or an attraction as a family for the afternoon and out for dinner in the evening.

  62. Dinner with the special men in my life.

  63. We usually go out for a nice dinner.

  64. We usually have a nice family dinner put on by the kids.

  65. Yes, all the boys get together with their father if no one is working…. otherwise, they do it on a day they are all available.

  66. Fishing weekend

  67. a dinner for my boyfriend

  68. We have a family dinner or BBQ.

  69. On fathers day, my brothers and I take my Dad out for brunch. Not very original but always a great time!

  70. Spending some time together with my dad.

  71. We celebrate Father’s Day by taking him out for dinner.

  72. We usually get together for a barbeque with all of my husband’s family. It is always a lot of fun as the kids dress my husband and his borther in garbage bags so they don’t get sauce all over themselves.

  73. A bbq if good wather, a movie and burgers if not.

  74. We don’t tend to celebrate Father’s Day much, but this year we will attend a community fundraiser dinner.

  75. I usually take my dad to his favorite bar where we order dinner. black russians and do some off track betting on the horses

  76. We like to go hiking or fishing for father’s day.

  77. Take my dad out for dinner

  78. we celebrate with a nice low-key dinner, his choice of course!

  79. We make a special breakfast.

  80. a barbecue

  81. dinner or a bbq

  82. We usually celebrate Father’s Day by having an awesome BBQ!

  83. We usually go for breakfast and let the kids give their gifts to my husband.

  84. Dinner out.

  85. We usually have BBQ and relax in our backyard with kids

  86. We go for a family hike

  87. Drinking beers with Dad and a BBQ! Playing with my kids.

  88. Cook Out with Family 🙂

  89. We celebrate Father’s Day with a family BBQ!

  90. We got out to eat together

  91. by grilling out

  92. spending time with my father and hubby

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