Wearing Sorel Winter Boots in Vancouver {Giveaway}

Living in Vancouver during the winter, means we have to get used to dealing with a little bit of snow and a lot of rain. We also enjoy going up the mountains to go for hikes and play in the snow, so having proper winter boots to keep your feet warm and dry is a must.

I recently went shopping for a new pair of winter boots and ended up at our local Mark’s store. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of options available at their store. There were many well-known brands available, including the iconic Sorel winter boots and some more heavy duty ones for colder temperatures.

Wearing Sorel Winter Boots in Vancouver

I ended up picking a pair of Sorel Pack Winter Boots. They are warm, waterproof and rugged, but not bulky, so perfect for Vancouver weather.  They also feature waterproof nubuck leather and vulcanized rubber upper with seam-sealed waterproof construction with a herringbone rubber sole. The felt inner boot is also washable and removable.

Wearing Sorel Winter Boots in Vancouver

I’ve been wearing my new Sorel boots around the city and I really like them, they are super cute and go with many outfits, they also keep my feet dry and warm (temperature rating of -32C / -25F). The boots were a bit stiff at the beginning so they do have a break-in period but they are getting more and more comfortable with each use. I can’t wait to test them during the snow days or when we go up to the mountains next.

If you are looking for a new pair of winter boots then I highly recommend you stop by Mark’s. You’ll find many options with lots of brands and specific features for your needs. They also have great sales available all the time.

Wearing Sorel Winter Boots in Vancouver

Wearing Sorel Winter Boots in Vancouver


Win it: One very lucky Canadian reader will win a $50 gift card from Mark’s, perfect to put towards a new pair of winter boots.

Enter to WIN via Rafflecopter below. Good luck friends!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Mark’s. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

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171 responses to “Wearing Sorel Winter Boots in Vancouver {Giveaway}”

  1. I prefer rainy days personally:)

  2. I prefer the rain to the snow as long as its not winter time. I dont like driving or walking when its a skating rink outside

  3. I prefer rain! The sound is so soothing to fall asleep to.

  4. I prefer rainy days and warmer temps.

  5. Snowy days over rain. I don’t like getting soaked in the rain.

  6. I prefer snowy days as long it is not too much to handle.

  7. I prefer Rainy Days. I do not enough Snow.. People don’t slow down and drive to the conditions and you don’t need to shovel snow!

  8. I love rainy days because it’s soothing on the roof and is a good excuse to hibernate and get cozy.

  9. Love snowy days and walking my dogs in a winter wonderland .

  10. Rain days because its warmer out.

  11. I prefer rainy days to snowy days as snow makes the roads pretty slippery. I do prefer rain in the evening though.

  12. I don’t mind snowy days, watching it fall is pretty & you can do some sports in snow unlike rain.

  13. I love snowydays.

  14. I’m not a fan of either, but would prefer rain over snow!

  15. I prefer snowy days.

  16. I like snow days better as its fun to play in!

  17. I prefer snowy days only because it so much prettier than rain, but then I love Spring rain it smells so clean and fresh!!

  18. I prefer snowy days. It’s much easier to get the kids to go out an play in the snow then it is in the rain.

  19. snow it’s cleaner

  20. Snow days are my favourite. They are pretty and my kids will play outside.

  21. I prefer rainy days just because the road get slippery on snowy days. They don’t do much here for road maintenance in winter.

  22. I prefer rainy days as brings flowers and renewal of nature.

  23. I like snow much more than rain. I can’t play outside in a winter rain.

  24. snowy – at least with sunshine/coffee most things are tolerable

  25. Rain because snowing makes it hard to get to work….

  26. I like rainy days. I like the smell and my kids love puddles.

  27. I prefer the rain. It’s not as cold.

  28. I prefer rainy days because I can still get out and walk!

  29. I prefer snowy days. Rainy days are necessary, but I find them dull and depressing. The dampness seems to bite deeper on rainy day than on snowy days.


  31. I prefer snowy days and it always look so lovely and I dislike the cold damp feel of a rainy day.

  32. I prefer rainy days.. not so cold and I love my rubberboots!

  33. I prefer rainy days…but love the calm and quiet of snow, as long as it stays off the roads ????

  34. A Valentines Gift

  35. I refer snowy days

  36. Those boots look so comfy and perfect for winter!

  37. Rainy days in summer. Snowy days in winter. We just recently had a rainy day after several weeks of -30 degree weather. So now we’ve got a not so nice layer of ice all over the roads and sidewalks.

  38. I prefer snowy days because when it is usually still bright outside. I find rainy weather to dark.

  39. I prefer rainy days. Snowy days are quiet and pretty, but they are also very cold – brr!

  40. I love cross country skiing so I prefer snowy days!

  41. I think rainy days because i am so not a fan of the cold. When it’s done raining it usually is just gone away, but snow sticks around.

  42. I like snowy days in winter and rainy days in summer. There’s something so magical about fresh snow. When it rains it’s nice to cozy up inside with tea and a good book.

  43. I like snowy days in winter and rainy days in summer. There’s something so magical about fresh snow. When it rains it’s nice to cozy up inside with tea and a good book or movie.

  44. For winter days I prefer snowy days. I do not like rainy days when it is cold outside

  45. Rainy days and snowy sluggish days in vancouver are very troublesome. This boot should be handy to have. Love to win! Thanks

  46. I love snowy days. Everything looks beautiful and glistening. You can build forts and snow men and make angels in it.

  47. I think I prefer rainy days, you don’t have to shovel them.

  48. I prefer rain days. Snow I have to shovel.

  49. I can have so much more fun with the kids in snow than in rain, so I pick snow any day of the week

  50. I love snow days! Enjoy them with the kids when we have them. Living in Vancouver you get used to the fact it doesn’t last long and the rain eventually turns it to slush or ice…

  51. Rainy because it’s warmer!

  52. I absolutely LOVE snowy days. I’ts so gorgeous and pretty and fluffy white.

  53. Rainy days. While snowy days are great to look at, they are too cold for my liking. Thanks!

  54. I actually love snowy days IF I dont have to go anywhere! Only if I am starring at it through my house windows lol. Other then that, rainy days

  55. I prefer snowy days. a snow falling is so pretty to watch. Rain can be gloomy and depressing.

  56. Living in Winnipeg, Sorel boots are a must. But mine are getting worn after 15 years of use. Time for a new pair and these look fantastic!

  57. I prefer snowy days over rainy ones because the snow looks so beautiful and you can still do outdoor activities!

  58. I’m in SK so our rain is like….not much, we badly need any type of precipitation because its so dry and we had a horrible dry summer. I’d take rain in NICE WEATHER over snow anytime although we had rain just last month and with -30C temps being the norm here in SK , rain means horrid conditions. Not that I like -30 but whatever LOL

  59. Rainy days because I really don’t like the cold.

  60. If I don’t have to drive anywhere I prefer snowy days because they are peaceful and we can play outside with the kids. If I have to drive somewhere I prefer rain because I don’t really like driving in the snow.

  61. I prefer rainy days, i hate shoveling snow

  62. I love both if I’m watching it from my window. Otherwise I don’t like either. And If I only have these two options to choose from… rainy day is slightly better, at least we don’t have to shovel.

  63. I love the snow!! Although a good rain can be amazing as well!

  64. I prefer snowy days, because it’s prettier than rain. I love walking in the snow.

  65. Rainy days! I love the smell the rainy air brings, it’s comforting to me!

  66. I prefer rainy days. You don’t have to shovel rain, however, I do prefer snow over freezing rain.

  67. I prefer rain…you don’t have to shovel it, and the weather is generally warmer.

  68. I prefer snowy days because you don’t get all wet you can have more fun in the snow

  69. I prefer rainy days than snow days! Less hassle

  70. I don’t like either, though at least with snowy days you don’t get soaked to the skin. My favourite is warmth and we don’t get an awful lot of summer in the Prairies I’m afraid.

  71. I prefer snowy, I actually do not like either but will get out for a walk in the snow but not in the rain.

  72. I like snowy days better because I’m not a fan of getting soaked.

  73. I prefer rainy days in the Spring and Summer. Rainy days in the winter produce slippery surfaces. I do enjoy a nice snowy day for a long walk, minus a snowstorm.

  74. I like the snow as I find that it is pretty to look at and we like walking on trails and it so nice seeing the scenery.

  75. Well, as a Victoria dweller, I don’t see many snow days! When they come it’s a pretty big deal. I’m not a huge fan of the snow (I LOVE to watch it fall, but it makes such a mess and we are so ill-prepared for it on the Island, plus no one knows how to drive it in and I only have a tiny car so it usually just ruins anything I had planned!). So I guess I’d have to say I prefer rainy days (at least I’m used to them?!) Thanks for the great giveaway, I love Marks!

  76. I don’t enjoy EITHER but I prefer snowy days out of the two as you can still at least enjoy the day outside

  77. I like snow because it is (kind of) rare where I live and it is pretty 🙂

  78. Snow, because it’s magical when everything’s covered in a white sparkling blanket. There’s a hushed feeling that I love when it’s deep and swallows up the sound.

  79. Those look very comfy and warm! I think I need to get a pair. I like snow from mid-December until New Year’s Day. Then the white stuff can go away. I’d be happy with rain for the rest of winter.

  80. I prefer snowy days over rainy ones if I have to choose. I absolutely hate boots getting muddy and tracking the dirt everywhere, powdery snow is much better.

  81. I prefer rainy days as it refreshes everything and you do not have to shovel it.

  82. I prefer rain if the temperature is moderate so it does not freeze when it falls which turns sidewalks and roads into skating rinks. I do not like trudging through snow or slipping in it when ice forms under it or when it starts to melt. I am always afraid of slipping and falling.

  83. I much prefer snow over rain. Love shoveling too.

  84. I prefer rain, it’s easier to commute and get around in.

  85. I prefer snow because I can still enjoy the outdoors. I love going for nature walks while it is snowing as it is so serene

  86. I prefer snowy days…it’s so beautiful!

  87. Technically I prefer neither but out of the two I prefer rainy days because that means it’s not freezing out.

  88. I prefer rainy days, not a big fan of the snow.

  89. Love the snowy days. Nothing beats heading out into the snow and playing with my boys.

  90. I prefer a snowy day. The quiet of the snow over the drum of the rain.

  91. i prefer rainy days, they are usually warmer and easier to do things like commute and go places.

  92. I prefer snowy days! They are beautiful and its fun to play in snow!

  93. I prefer rainy days as I see a lot of snow where I live! There is something to be said though of the beauty of a snowfall.

  94. i prefer rainy days

  95. I have lived coastal and now live canadian shield, give me rainy anyday over snow and cold.

  96. I prefer snowy days for a very silly reason. The snow here is usually very dry and light so it doesn’t frizz my hair the way rain does.

  97. i prefer rainy days. they make for good paintings.

  98. I like snowy days over rain because it not so gloomy and dark outside.

  99. It depends really I guess rain because if its raining it might be nice enough to not need a heavy coat. I am feeling the cold these days 🙁

  100. I like the snow it is so beautiful and I love to play in it

  101. I prefer rainy days because it’s much easier to drive in than snowy days!

  102. I prefer snowy days because it’s so beautiful, they tend to feel warmer too.

  103. I like rainy days because the rain washes everything clean.

  104. I prefer rain days, especailly falling asleep during a thunder storm!

  105. Snowy days – because they are more fun!

  106. Snowy days if I have nowhere to go.

  107. i would rather have a snowy day.

  108. I love rainy days, gives me a chance to use my fave umbrella.

  109. i am not much of a fan of either im a sun goddess LOL – but if I had to choose id pick rain because its not cold and crappy to drive in

  110. I HATE snow, it is why I moved to Vancouver Island. So I guess my answer would be ‘rainy days’! 😉

  111. I love snowy day, watching the fresh snow fall and cover the world is a great feeling. I love the look of untouched snow.

  112. I prefer snowy days.

  113. I prefer snowy days since I can usually plan for more appropriate shoes, whereas rain can come at any time during the spring-fall and there have been times my feet have gotten wet walking from work to my car.

  114. I prefer snowy days. At least there’s usually a chance of bright blue skies instead of dark cloudy ones!

  115. I prefer a rain day because I can’t drive in snow. Plus, I can think of something sad, cry & walk in the rain. For some reason, it feels better. Giggles.

    Good luck to you all. Huggies.

  116. I love all weather, particularly extreme!

  117. Prefer snowy days, at least then we can make snowmen, sledding, etc

  118. I prefer snowy days because I think the snow is so pretty. I don’t like the sound of rain, I think it’s annoying.

  119. I prefer snowy days because I love walking in the snow. If I have to drive then I prefer the rainy days.

  120. I prefer snowy days because it is just cold instead of rain which can be cold and wet at the same time.

  121. WARM rainy days, the winters have been so cold and snowy lately! But my kids love the snow, it’s definitely a lot of fun when it snows….

  122. Rainy days, no need to shovel 🙂

  123. I prefer (light) snowy days.

  124. Snow days! They are more beautiful – I love to walk on those days – but don’t love driving in it 🙂

  125. Definitely rainy days, they aren’t as cold and not as much of a pain to drive in.

  126. I prefer rainy days because you don’t have to shovel rain.

  127. I prefer snowy days because you can usually go outside and to something but on a rainy day it’s much harder to have fun outside.

  128. I prefer rainy days because that usually means the temperature is warmer.

  129. I like the white fluffy stuff, not the stuff we normally get in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. It’s too heavy and messy, Then again, if you don’t have to go out and great rain storm is great as well.

  130. I prefer rainy days as I hate shovelling snow!

  131. I prefer snow a billion times more than rain! SO MUCH MORE!

  132. Rain. I’d rather use an umbrella than a shovel.

  133. We have so much snow and it hasn’t slowed down. Our temperature outside right now is -30 but feels like -38 with the wind chill. Brrrr…. Could definitely use a new pair of boots to use outside (if it warms up a bit) with my two year old (my newborn can hangout inside with Dad.)

  134. Raining days because I don’t like snow.

  135. snowy days, because it’s prettier!

  136. I like rainy days because that means its warmer out! I am so sick of this cold winter we’ve had!

  137. I love the snow! Snowy days are the best! 🙂

  138. I prefer rainy days as I don’t like drving in the snow.

  139. I prefer snowy days. It looks so beautiful when everything is covered in snow.

  140. I prefer the snow. Lots of fun things can be done in the snow, skiing being on the top of my snow fun list.

  141. Snowy days are my favorite!

  142. I love the rain. So calming to fall asleep to!

  143. I prefer rainy weather. Snow means its cold and slippery, not a fan!

  144. I prefer snowy days because we can still get outside and do things. There is really nothing you can do outside in the rain except jumping in the puddles with young children. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  145. I don’t like either but if I had to choose I will take rainy days as after rain comes sun and not that super cold freeze

  146. I love it when large snow flakes gently float to the ground turning everything white. So snowy days all the way.

  147. Snowy day, it’s always quiet outside and beautiful

  148. Snowy days are more fun and less miserable!

  149. Definitely snowy days if I don’t have to drive in it!

  150. Snowy days are my favorite ,hard to make a rainman.

  151. I prefer snowy days as they make everything look prettier!

  152. I prefer snow days so much more to do outside I love skiing and ice skating and it even better when the snow is falling.

  153. That depends on the snow and rain. I like the rain generally. I like snow when it’s falling but once it’s just there and gets gross I start hoping for rain so it all goes away!

  154. Having grown up in Vancouver, I never thought I would say this, but I prefer snow. Just spent 4 rainy, depressing days in Vancouver and couldn’t wait to get home to the Cariboo with our bright snow and dry air.

  155. I prefer rainy days because I can still get things done.

  156. I prefer snowy because I hate when everything is all wet!!

  157. snowy. thx

  158. Rainy days because I don’t have to shovel.

  159. I prefer snowy because I it’s prettier and easier to get around without getting wet feet.

  160. I enjoy snow, but at this point I’m pretty over it. Where I live in rural Ontario, Sorel boots a big hit!

  161. I prefer rainy days because we live in Ontario in the country and when we get a snow day we always get hit with a ton of snow which is not fun to shovel after!!

  162. If I don’t have to drive and I love to watch the snow from inside the house. It’s so quiet and peaceful when the snow falls.

  163. I love rainy days! Snow sucks!

  164. I prefer snowy days – it’s less muddy!

  165. I prefer rainy days. I really enjoy a summer rainy day that I can sit on my porch with a cup of coffee!

  166. I prefer snowy days! I love how white everything gets 🙂

  167. I prefer snowy days, mostly because I don’t have a good rain jacket right now.

  168. I prefer snowy days. Not a fan of the rain lol

  169. I prefer rainy days as they are usually not as cold as snowy days.

  170. I prefer light snow to rain because of arthritis pain.

  171. I prefer the rain to the snow any day! it’s why i moved from Toronto to Vancouver!

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