I had very different labours and deliveries with my two boys, my first one was born at a hospital after a 14-hour labour, and my second one was a planned home birth which lasted 3-hours. One thing I vividly remember about their births is how I immediately placed both of them on my chest for skin-to-skin hugs right after they were born.

They are so many incredible benefits of skin-to-skin hugs, and we were extremely lucky to have had no medical emergencies as the boys were both full term and we were able to go home after a few days at the hospital. I also remember my husband and me at home, giving lots of skin-to-skin hugs to our boys during the first weeks of their lives.

For parents of little ones born before term, especially those in the neonatal and paediatric intensive care units (NICU/PICU), the “Huggies No Baby Unhugged Program” can help provide newborns with that much-needed physical human interaction and hugs when circumstances prevent them from being at their baby’s side.

Giving Babies All The Hugs They Need

Photo credit: Janice Croze

For this program, Huggies generously provides funding so specially-trained volunteers can hug, rock, and even sing to newborn babies in the NICU and PICU in Canadian hospitals, including Victoria General Hospital, Cape Breton Reginal Hospital, Southlake Regional Centre and most recently, Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. The funding helps provide rocking chairs, positioning devices, volunteer training and more.

I had the chance to attend the launch of the No Baby Unhugged Program at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, and we were given a special tour of the NICU to meet some of the amazing volunteers who spend hours of their days hugging and comforting these newborns. It was all so inspirational.

It is also heartwarming to know that the volunteer hugging program at Nanaimo Regional Hospital is already full. So much love for the babies!

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You can pledge your support for the No Baby Unhugged program by visiting www.nobabyunhugged.ca. There you can sign up to pledge your support and receive a free pack of Huggies diapers and wipes, For each pledge, Huggies Brand will also donate $5 to the No Baby Unhugged initiative in Canada. Pledge now HERE.

Are you familiar with the No Baby Unhugged program?

Giving Babies All The Hugs They Need

Photo Credit: Janice Croze

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Huggies. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.