I am very excited to introduce you to the OneSmileyMonkey.com Guest Post Contributors and Reviewers team.

Please join me in welcoming the following very talented ladies to OneSmileyMonkey!  They will each be bringing some great guest posts, reviews (and giveaways too!).  Stay tuned and look for their posts live on the blog!


Pamela Chan

Pamela Chan

Pamela Chan lives in the Tri Cities area near Vancouver with her husband and four year old twins. They enjoy exploring cultural events and scenic local parks.

On BCfamily.ca she writes about ideas that strengthen our communities and celebrate multiculturalism in British Columbia. The eclectic range of local, Canadian and international information she shares on her site, Twitter and Facebook pages reflect her upbringing in a Canadian foreign service family.


Jen Shragge

Jen Shragge
Jen Shragge lives back in her hometown of Toronto after living in Vancouver for just about a decade. Teaching yoga is her main passion but she is also a stylist for Vancouver based children’s play wear company Peekaboo Beans. In between teaching and practicing yoga and decking Toronto kids out in beans, Jen loves to bake and cook vegan food for her toddler and 8 year old son. She is a staunch environmentalist and a die hard product researcher. If you need advice on a product or service, she probably has an answer for you

Tenille Fraser

tenille fraser

Tennille Fraser is the best friend you wish you had. Somehow wacky and well put together at the same time. She married the funniest guy she knows and together they hold on tight to the roller coaster of raising two crazy, amazing little boys. In order to spend the most amount of time with her menfolk she is learning to spend a little less in exchange for loving a little more. She also is trying her darnedest to start a mini-movement with Food Bank Fridays…an easy little challenge each week to encourage others to become involved with their local food bank, one can of beans at a time.  Won’t you join in the fun at Frugalista Mamas?

Allison Tai

Allison Tai

Allison Tai is a mom to two young girls, Amelita and Seren. She is also an endurance athlete, coach and motivational speaker. Her come-back story is a powerful one. In 2006 she was hit by a truck while cycling on the highway. She was left with a broken back, pelvis and arm – and a 24.5% disability rating. Doctors thought she would never run again. Today, 8 years later, Allison is not only running, but she competes in obstacle course races at an elite level and enjoys a full, active lifestyle with her family. In November 2014, 9 months after the birth of her second child, she placed second in the World’s Toughest Mudder, completing more than 70 miles of running, swimming and obstacles in 25 hours. She battled the desert sun by day and blinding sand storms by night. Allison also holds the World Record for the Fastest Female Marathon Pram (stroller) push. She has been featured on Breakfast Television, the Edmonton Journal, the Edmonton Sun, 1040 Sports Radio, CBC News, The Early Edition and OMNI Television BC. She was also BT’s “Athlete of the Week.”

Allison finds health and happiness in movement. She is most fulfilled when she is running and helping others reach their healthful goals. You can also find more of her posts on her own blog Yo’ Mama So Fit.

Ashley Mullen

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Ashley is a work at home mom with three children aged six and younger. She blogs at Forgetful Momma early in the morning, at naptime (when they actually happen) and in the evenings if she can stay awake long enough. She loves sharing recipes, fun activities for children and families alike, and the little things in life that she doesn’t want to forget….