Our Week in Photos 24/06 {Instagram Edition}

Baby and balloon

 We spent some time downtown at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival today with the family,

Vancouver International Jazz Festival

we loved it and our little one was fist pumping to the music!

A and grandma

During the week he spent some quality time with his grandma

A & Grandpa

and his grandpa,

boy with trains

we played with wooden trains,

Sunny days

enjoyed the sunny days

Rainy day

and the rainy ones as well.

Really good week!

How was YOUR week?

Instagram: (photos taken with the free Instagram app on my Iphone, find me at @onesmileymonkey).

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25 responses to “Our Week in Photos 24/06 {Instagram Edition}”

  1. Love love love the balloon photo 🙂 Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  2. Looks like another fun week…outside and with the grandparents! Love the overhead shot…..

  3. Vancouver looks amazing and the balloon picture is too cute for words

  4. June 25-Looks like all the family had a great weekend. Your little guy looks so contented and he is so lucky to have his grandparents as are they to enjoy this happy and contented little fellow. Thanks for sharing.-el03ro

  5. I love all the photos, especially the ones with grandma and grandpa. Looks like this little guy knows how to have a lot of fun!

  6. Looks like fun, it was pretty rainy here last week so we didn’t get too much fun outdoors. Hopefully this week will be better.

  7. Love your instagram editions!
    My weekend included fireworks! No pictures though when chasing around a toddler haha

    • hahah Yeah, I don’t have any photos of that either and that’s what I do most of the time.

  8. I love when the girls have time to spend with grandparents! Yeah 🙂

  9. I love seeing the pictures with his grandparents…makes me wish I lived closer to home!

  10. We’re addicted to Instagram, too — such a fun way to capture photos and memories!

  11. So sweet to see pics with grndma and grandpa! That bond is so important for our little ones!

  12. I have only one child, a son, I have in all honestly over 1000 photos and about 20 videos. Excessive yes, but the memories I’ve captured once in a lifetime, precious. Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are lovely. Particularly like the innocence of a little guying pulling his balloon.

  13. Just stopping by to say that your photos are great, especially the ones showing your son fist pumping to the music..lol. Vancouver is such a beautiful city, glad you enjoyed your visit there!

  14. Looks like a fun week.

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