Wordless Wednesday: Rainbow {Linky}


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Angela V

Founder and Writer at One Smiley Monkey blog
Hi, my name is Angela van Tijn and I live in Vancouver, Canada with my wonderful husband, our two boys and our puppy. I am the founder and primary contributor behind One Smiley Monkey. Welcome to my blog!

33 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Rainbow {Linky}”

  1. Beautiful 🙂

  2. Very pretty!! Rainbows are a natural beauty 🙂 Thanks for linking up!


  3. Ahhhh, I love rainbows! Especially beautiful capture over the water 🙂

  4. pretty!

  5. How beautiful! It’s a double rainbow, too, isn’t it?

  6. How awesome is that?!

    Happy WW from Jordyn @ The Green House!


  7. God’s promise to us….glorious!

  8. Did you take this picture? You are so talented Angela.

  9. Beautiful shot! The colors are amazing!

  10. Gorgeous picture.

  11. beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  12. April 5-Everyone I know loves a rainbow. It reflects the calm and beauty after a storm and you know the storm is over and as one commented.: ” it is God’s promise to us.” It is a sign of His Covenant with us and what a beautiful one!-el03ro

  13. So neat! It looks like there are TWO rainbows.

  14. I love your picture, it’s so beautiful!

  15. This is absolutely beautiful! I love rainbows- they are a reminder that God keeps his promises. Like someone said earlier- it’s covenant- a FOREVER promise (this is how I explain covenant to my kids). 🙂
    Thank you for sharing! I love your site- although my girls are not babies anymore. 🙂

  16. I always feel happy when I witness a rainbow!

  17. Rainbows are always nice.

  18. Very descriptive article, I enjoyed that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

  19. What an amazing shot

  20. I wish there was a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow…lol

  21. I love seeing rainbows, especially when there’s a double one, they are beautiful. 🙂

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