Spy Kids 4 {Recipes & Fun Activities}

SPY KIDS: All the Time in the World is coming on Blu-ray & DVD November 22nd. To celebrate check out some fun activities and some yummy recipes, plus a short clip of the film. Enjoy!

Spy Kids 4 Clip (with Jessica Alba)

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15 responses to “Spy Kids 4 {Recipes & Fun Activities}”

  1. fun article

  2. kids love spy movies, games and such thanks

  3. Fun Movie series! I bet the activities & recipes are great too!

  4. Wow this is awesome I will have to check this out, we are always looking for fun activities to do on rainy days!

  5. this looks as if it`d be great fun for my grandchildren. I love that there are activities to go with it, makes it so much more appealing to children. The recipes might be fun to make too.

  6. A movie to watch and fun activities to do

  7. awesome , my grandson would love this , lots of fun 🙂

  8. This looks like fun one ! Thanks

  9. When the grandkids cook with me I love it. We each have our tasks set out and the results are delious

  10. I bet the activities & recipes are fun ,I enjoy cooking with the kids

  11. This is a fun series

  12. Thanks we are always looking for fun activities to do on wet days!

  13. The activities will be new again for them

  14. My grandson loves this movie and so enjoys doing activities

  15. Thanks for all the fun activities,we love this show

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