B.toys is a children’s toy company that produces safe toys for children that are designed to spark curiosity! I received a jar of Hugs 🙂 Links and the Elemenosqueeze blocks to try.  My son loves both and I like that they are safe and free of lead or phthalates.

Hugs 🙂 Links are 24 colorful links that click together. Each one is a “rattle” as well so it is perfect for keeping baby entertained. I found that because of their shape and being able to string them together I used them as part of my son’s gym. They were great “hanging” toys for him to play with while playing on his gym. You can pick how long the strings are so I like the “flexibility” of the toy as it can adapt to the situation.
The Elemenosqueeze A to Z architectural blocks are 26 soft squeezable blocks that are  hand-sculpted and have a different animal for each letter of the alphabet.  He already owns blocks but these blocks are soft and safer for when he is crawling and playing with them on the floor. Because they are BPA-free it is safe for babies to chew on them and he does that a lot. It helps with teething and keeps him entertained.
I recommend both toys because they are safe for little ones and keep their little hands busy!Buy it: Do you want to purchase B.Toys? Check out their website here.

*Disclosure: I received a sample of a product/service to facilitate  my review. No other compensation  was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.