Created by a mom of two in Ontario, Canada, baby burpum™ came to be when she noticed the need for stylish and functional products that remained in place long enough to protect clothes when feeding and burping a squirmy little one.

I myself experienced having to drape a flannel blanket over my shoulder as a burp cloth sometimes and dealing with it falling off my shoulder every single time. Frustrating!

I received both the baby burpum™ band and the baby burpum™  wrap and I absolutely love both products.  They are both designed to simplify nursing time and  they work and look stylish at the same time. They are also both made with organic cotton here in Canada. Yay for great local products!

The first thing I noticed when I received the baby burpum™ products was the packaging.  They use recycled and renewable materials and I love that they are committed to eco-friendly practices.  Plus the boxes are adorable and they would look great as a baby-shower gift.


The baby burpum™ wrap

The wrap is made of 100% organic cotton and the material is super soft and absorbent and just what you need to keep your baby and yourself clean & dry.  You can use the wrap to cover your chest while nursing and immediately after without adjusting it use it as a burp cloth. Perfect for use at home.

The wrap actually stays in place and you can cinch it as loose or snug as you need (one size fits all). I like that the wrap is reversible and you can fit it over either shoulder, it keeps your chest covered and your back and upper arm at the same time.

The ivory colour is also ideal as it “masks’ the spit up and milk stains perfectly. To get it clean you can simply machine wash it warm and tumble dry low.  That easy! The baby burpum™ wrap  is such a wonderful product. One size fits all – justcinch it as loose or snug as you like.

Please note: the baby burpum wrap is not designed to be a nursing cover. It is an alternative to a burp cloth that can be worn while nursing which stays in place and provides a moderate amount of coverage that would be ideal for use at home.
Caution: Do not use this product as a baby carrier. Do not cover baby’s mouth and/or nose with this product.

The baby burpum™  band

The band is also made of 100% organic cotton and it is made of two lawyers of organic cotton fleece. You can easily slip it over your head to fit it across your shoulder/chest.  What’s great about it is that the band won’t slip off your shoulder, it stays in place even after reaching down to pick up your baby  or dealing with a squirmy little one.

The band is available in 2 sizes S/M and L/XL and you can also machine wash it warm and tumble dry low.

I really like products that are modern and stylish and that work great for mom, dad, family and friends. The band is great for everyone to wear to protect their clothes when burping baby.

Be sure to visit their website to see more photos and information on both of their products.  By supporting a local company you are helping support a non-profit, non-governmental organization as well. baby burpum™ gives back by donaiting a portion of their proceeds to Transforming Faces, such a wonderful cause!

Buy it: Get FREE shipping during the month of April (within Canada)!  Visit their website to find out more.