Jenuine Body Care is a small Canadian home business that offers affordable, high quality and natural skin care products. I received a basket with a sample of their baby products and their adult skin care products and I have been using them for a few months now.

I love that all of their products are hand made and that Jenuine contributes some of their proceeds to local animal rescues and charities (more on that below).

Here is how Jenuine came to be. From Jennifer’s own words, she is the owner of the company:

“Jenuine came to be when we began a desperate search for medical assistance with a 6 week old puppy we had rescued. Our rescue pup we named “Moo” had been suffering from the last stages of the parvo virus, and shortly passed away after the beginning of his treatment, leaving a huge hole in my heart and a huge need to reach out to more of these unfortunate dogs.

Over the period of two weeks I was involved with two more rescues that I submitted into another program, but much to my dismay the programs were not up to par with standards of animal care. Two weeks after “Moo” passed on, we were involved with the rescue of “Coda” who again at 7 weeks had been tossed in a well site to finish the last days of his illness.

We immediately contacted our featured rescue, who didn’t even hesitate to have “Coda” surrendered to their program! Since then and more dogs later we have been able to take our family recipes, and make great homemade natural products!

Our goal is to be able to help families save money on their natural products, while helping us to raise money to donate to animal rescue and a couple other organizations we support! We thank you for your support and your purchase!”

Sincerely, Jennifer

Isn’t her story inspirational? I certainly think so.  I am happy to support companies that give back to our community.


And now back to her products! Here is what I thought about the Jenuine products I got to try out:

Jenuine’s diaper cream is great for soothing skin that is irritated with diaper rashes and their diaper salve is great when dealing with dry skin or skin abrasions. I love the presentation and that the creams come in beautiful glass jars. Another big plus is that the diaper salve contains Calendula.  Calendula is one of the best natural ingredients to use when curing diaper rashes.

Lavender is another wonderful ingredient that I really love. I use Lavender Oil for my own baths and Jenuine’s Bubble Bath Lavender Oil has been wonderful for my little one. It is so soothing and perfect to help him relax right before bed time.

The Remedy Hand and Body Salve lotion (Orange Ginger) has been keeping my hands and body  hydrated during the cold months. I really like that it is not a heavy cream and it doesn’t take long for my skin to absorb it.  Because the lotion is concentrated only a very small amount is required when applying it.

I received a couple of all natural chap sticks and balms that have a bees wax base. I am a fan of anything bees wax and I have been using bees wax chap sticks for my lips since I was little so I really like using the Jen-uine chap sticks, specially knowing that her products are handmade in Canada and that they are all natural.

A couple of interesting products I also received were the Eczema Salve Balm and the Wipe Solution Cubes with Tea Tree Oil.  The Eczema Salve Balm comes packaged as a chap stick  and I like the packaging because it allows me to concentrate on the really small spots where I usually get dry skin. I love applying it that way!

The Wipe Solution Cubes with Tea Tree Oil have been fantastic! I love that I just need to use 2 cubes to get 2 cups of solutions and that the tea tree oil keeps my little one’s bum soft and it allows my cloth wipes to glide across his skin.

Jennifer offers  high quality products at Jenuine and I recommend you take a look at her website and Facebook page to keep up to date with what’s new and so you don’t miss any of her promotions.

Win it: One lucky winner from the US/CAN will win 1 cocoa butter bees wax balm and 1 remedy salve stick from Jenunie. Enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter below.

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Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.