Baby’s Brilliant Educational App {Review}

baby's briliant

As I’ve said before, we’re a tech family with iPad-slingin’ babies. Our youngest, now 20 months old, is crazy good at navigating inside apps and between them, but constantly clicks ads that frustrate her and annoy me.  So any time I find an app that is free of baby-luring ads, I do a happy dance.

baby's briliant

Baby’s Brilliant is one of those happy dance-inducing ad-free apps that are safe for babies 6 months – 4 years old to navigate on their own.  Baby’s Brilliant is a simple educational app designed to engage babies with music and speech with downloadable videos in several categories which include lullabies, nature, classical music, popular children’s songs, as well as educational videos in foreign languages like Chinese, French, German and's briliant

The app is free to install on any iPad, iPod or iPhone and allows you to choose 3 free downloads to get started.  Each additional download is $0.99 cents.  The language movies are fully produced videos on various age-appropriate topics (the titles and descriptions are very clear so there are no surprises after download).  The music tracks play in high quality audio over a static picture to cut down on distractions which make them great for listening before bed or while playing with toys.  For the cost of a single music CD, I downloaded a bunch of tracks inside the app like a French counting video, a few naptime lullabies, a few classical pieces, and my favorite: religious songs.

baby's briliant

I have never seen religious music in a children’s tablet app before and I think it’s  really cool that Baby’s Brilliant has several to choose from.  Our three year old loves singing the song, Amazing Grace, so has played the tune in the Baby’s Brilliant app about a hundred times since we downloaded it.  The song is sung beautifully by a woman accompanied by a children’s choir.  It’s really a pleasant version of the classic song.

baby's briliant

The night light and lullaby videos deliver.  They offer calming visuals and sounds for baby to watch for a few minutes before nap time.  Inside the app, I also have the ability to create a playlist of the songs I want to play consecutively and in a particular order.  This is great for when I want keep music playing in our toy room or in the car to keep the baby relaxed.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a very simple app that plays downloaded videos and songs specially designed for babies in an ad-free environment, this is a great option.  Because the videos and songs are downloaded to the app, you don’t need wifi to stream them.  This means they can be played ANYWHERE, including on a plane when wifi and data are turned off.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. No other compensation was provided and all views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own.

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  3. Babys Brilliant Educational App sounds like a ‘must-have’ for a family with a toddler or older. Children are fascinated by technology. When my oldest GGchild was 4, his father bought an ipad for his wife for a Christmas present. The youngster, in a few weeks, could manage it better than his mother. They ended up getting him his own this past Christmas. It is wonderful to have one like you describe in your post and more suited to youngsters.

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  5. This looks like a great app – perfect way to introduce technology and learning to very young ones and allow toddlers a safe way to learn as well!

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