Financial Advice for Parents {truePrep Makes College More Accessible and Affordable}

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While spring break approaches high school students and their parents are thinking about college and debating whether they will be paying for test prep classes to take the SAT/ACT. Considering the SAT/ACT are the major factor deciding where kids will go and scholarships, I’d say it’s a very important decision. But most people don’t really know the costs associated with taking the SAT/ACT and most importantly taking the test prep classes. Generic test prep class can cost up to $3,000…Not very affordable!

Enter truePrep, a technology-enabled SAT prep service that is introducing exclusive, one-on-one tutoring to a much wider audience. Developed by the concierge tutoring company ArborBridge, truePrep matches students directly with elite tutors through its platform and costs just $75 per hour, half of what typical test prep companies charge.


Now thanks to truePrep, parents everywhere will have access to personalized results-driven test prep that costs a fraction of the price of generic test prep classes, all because of the algorithm used to analyze each student’s specific needs and create tailored tutorials.

 photo truePrepTutorMatching_zpscd6d1ca9.jpgTo start students or parents fill out a short questionnaire and they are automatically matched with two trained tutors that are the best fit. The student then chooses their preferred tutor and takes a practice SAT exam, after that truePrep generates a customized learning plan based on the results of the practice exam. Students and tutors meet regularly via video conference for one-on-one instruction and learning plans change based on individual progress.

I appreciate that truePrep offers one-on-one attention from a tutor and personalized learning plans instead of generic group instruction. Creating material that best fits each individual is a wonderful idea and I specially like that they are affordable. If you have a child in high school or know somebody who does then consider forward this information to them.

truePrep is available immediately, and parents and students can sign up at

About truePrep

truePrep is a premium, online tutoring company that provides high-quality SAT tutoring at an affordable price. truePrep utilizes a proprietary algorithm to automatically match students with the right tutors and customize their learning plans based on how they perform on diagnostic tests, choosing from nearly 600 lessons developed by a team of SAT experts. Because truePrep eliminates time-intensive steps and concierge-level service, it costs just $75 per hour, while maintaining high tutor pay rates and strict hiring standards. truePrep was developed by ArborBridge, the elite SAT and ACT test prep company that has worked with students in over 40 countries and 33 states and boasts a team of dedicated educators who have graduated from some of the top universities in the world. truePrep and ArborBridge are founded by Andrew Finn and Tim Urban and headquartered in Los Angeles.

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by truePrep, however all views and opinions are my own.

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  1. What a great way to get prepared for college! I know so many people who were unprepared and a prep course could have helped them out a lot.

  2. Wow this is neat and a great resource.

  3. I have an RESP for my son. Building ever year since he was a newbie. 🙂

  4. I do remember how expensive it is when children go to Uni, my 3 oldest went to uni in MB, another 3 to uni in England. Only two of my children didn’t go to Uni at all. It costs an arm and a leg and is even more expensive these days.

  5. Great to know about a resource like this! Thanks for the introduction!

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  7. Oh this would be so handy! I worry about how we will afford this often.

  8. This sounds like such a wonderful program!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful program that would be very beneficial to those who have a very limited budget

  10. Education should not be such an expense!

  11. I have RESP’S for my 3 children, they are all still very young but I like being prepared and I am always researching university helper programs, this sounds great.

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  14. It is always good to have a plan ad implement it early

  15. I like the one-on-one tutoring if you are going to have to take these tests. I am glad mine all got into University or college without.

  16. Tutoring works wonders if you get a good one!

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