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By Contributor Kira Thompson

It’s so hard to find great kids apps. Maybe it’s because as a preschool teacher I’m incredibly picky when it comes to the games I let my children play. I’m a huge fan of PBS so I was very excited to see what their new app had to offer!

“Cookie Monster’s Challenge” is made for iPad and it is a great educational game for children. It’s geared more for preschoolers ages 3-5. My four year old loved it. He really got into the game and was able to follow Cookie Monster’s directions and play the games. The game features nine levels of fun. You earn cookies for successfully completing the games. At the end of each level you get parts of a great cookie making machine. The object is to build the machine and feed hungry Cookie Monster.

There are ten different mini games. Each game offers children a way to practice their memory skills, focus and even self control. There are nine levels that get progressively more challenging as you get further along. My four year old got through 6 levels before he started to get frustrated and asked for help.

I liked the cute tooth brushing game. You clean different characters teeth. It’s super easy but it made my son laugh hysterically. We also likes the “wack-a-mole” type game. You tap on the animal as they pop up and down. It’s a great way to work on your child’s coordination.

I’ve always like Sesame Street and the way they engage young children. This collaboration between PBS and Sesame Street was extremely well done. If you’re looking for a great educational app for your preschooler, this is a great choice.

Cookie Monster’s Challenge App available for $2.99

This is the adorable game that tests the hand eye coordination of your children


This is my son’s favorite game. He loved brushing their teeth and laughed hysterically during the whole game.

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