safari tales

I am always on the hunt for new child-safe, educational apps for my almost 5-year-old’s iPad. We have an iPad for him that he uses when we travel and when he is allowed screen time. I am however,  super picky with any apps we download for him. He doesn’t play with the iPad all the time, but when he does I want him to have the best options to choose from.

Enter SAFARI TALES™ from Kuato Studios. A new animal adventure game that is all about encouraging little ones to explore and get creative while working on their reading and vocabulary skills.

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The mobile app, available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, features five baby animal friends exploring the African savannah as they collect and discover new artefacts and relics. Children can walk along with the animals and experience the realistic 3D scenery while learning about their environment and unleashing their creativity.

One of my son’s favourite activities is when he can bathe his animal in fruit juice and change their colour and patterns. It’s a fun activity that keeps him entertained for a while.

safari tales
safari tales
The game also introduces a fun little friend called Darwin, he is always available to answer questions and encourage children to learn new things. Kids can ask real questions by selecting words and joining them together to form sentences. My son and I work together to create sentences and ask any questions he may have.

Something I also love about the game is that at the end of each play session, the game converts all of my son’s adventures into an interactive storybook. We can then sit together, read the story and I can introduce him to new words.

safari tales

The game also has a “Parent Corner” where you can access PIN-restricted areas to set the length of  a session and your child’s reading age. I love that the experience can be personalized according to age.

Safari Tales is recommended for children four to six and it is available now on iOS and Android platforms, priced at $3.99, £2.99. To download click below:

I highly recommend you purchase and download the game if you are looking for a fun, entertaining and engaging game that blends fun with education and learning new skills. My son and I both love it!
I was gifted a product code for review consideration, however all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.