How To Remove Head Lice Without The Use of Chemicals

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Did you know September is the most prevalent month for head lice? During back-to-school season your child may come home with some unwanted little guests…

I remember as a child taking home a letter from my school telling my parents that some kids were found to have lice, then my mom freaking out about it and searching my head everyday after school to see if she found any lice. One of my classmates ended up with lice and she came to school complaining about a strong smelling blue shampoo her mom used to get rid of them, probably filled with nasty chemicals!

Nowadays parents don’t have to panic if they find lice. Here are some great tips on what to do if your child comes home with lice and there is no need to use chemicals on your child’s scalp.

  • Be sure to wash all pillowcases and any clothing worn in the past couple of days with hot water and machine dry at high heat.
  • Soak all combs and brushes with clean soapy water overnight.
  • Since lice and lice eggs can only live up to three days, if they are not on your child’s scalp, ensure that all stuffed animals or bedding you can’t wash is stored in a sealed bag for a couple of weeks.
  • Try a Nitview device, a UV light that allows you to detect and extract lice and nits easily. The device makes the lice and nits glow and the comb removes lice easily. The comb is removable so you can also use the device to scan bedding and clothing. The Nitview Ledcomb is available for purchase from retailers across Canada, including: Calgary Co-op,, London Drugs, Overwaitea, PharmaChoice, PriceSmart, Rexall, Save-On-Foods, Value Drug Mart, or ask your local pharmacist.

uv light

Check out a Breakfast Television feature on the Nitview device: HERE

Remember that it is very important to remove ALL of the nits and to check all family members to ensure everyone is free of lice.  Dealing with lice is not fun but you can stop infestation easily if you follow all steps. Good luck!

Have you ever dealt with head lice? What are your tips for easy treatment?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all views and opinions here are my own.

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14 responses to “How To Remove Head Lice Without The Use of Chemicals”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Great tips, hate dealing with lice!!!

  2. Ick, hate lice. With drug-resistant lice around now this is even more important!

  3. This is exactly the type of comb that I used on my kids when they brought home unwanted visitors. While it worked well on most of my kids, especially the boys (short hair) it wasn’t so good on long, thick, curly hair. It took about 40 mins twice a day to go through my daughter’s hair and there was much crying too.
    Now this Nitview device sounds like a really good help to detect the little beasts, wish I’d had one of those.

  4. We’ve never had to deal with lice, and I hope we don’t ever have to, but this is really good to know!

  5. Haven’t had to deal with lice at all…..yet. Great to know about this device!

  6. I used LIndane when my kids were young, Later to find out how bad benzene is, an ingredient in this product. It can cause Leukemia, which my husband had a couple of years ago. All that to say, use ways to treat lice that are chemical free.

  7. that’s a great article

  8. what a great thing to have! i went through this twice! i am so hoping my daughters will not have to go through this

  9. i love that this doesn’t use chemicals

  10. That is definitely the scariest part of back to school. Very cool method. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Now that I have a little girl with long hair….I’m nervous. With my boy, a cute, very short buzz cut did the trick.

    Fingers crossed.

  12. I never had to deal with head lice,but it sure creeps me out

  13. I wish we had a Nitview device like this years ago.

  14. I never want to have to use this but its sure good to know incase

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