Talking ABC
By Contributor Salma Dinani

There is no denying that as parents, sometimes we need to keep our kids occupied, so we can get dressed, prep dinner or even go to the bathroom. The iPad is a great, educational way to get a few minutes or even 20 minutes of time to get things done.

I got the opportunity to try out a new app called Talking ABC, a fun and interactive app that makes learning your ABC’s fun!

As soon as I told my kids we were going to try out a new app on the iPad, they were so excited and couldn’t wait to get started. Once Talking ABC’s was up and running there was a bit of squabbling as to who would play the games. I’d say that means they liked it.

When you first enter the app, the kids have different options. There is the Autoplay button which sings the alphabet as the letters morph into very entertaining clay animations.

Talking ABC

Then there is the Games option that has four different choices:

  • Letters – Here kids’s are shown six different letters. A voice asks them to identify a specific letter. A touch of a finger tells them if they are correct or if they need to try again.
  • Animals – Again, there are pictures of six different animals and a voice asks the person to identify a certain animal. If they make a wrong choice, they are happily told to try again.
  • Funny Words – Kids can pick any letters for the entire alphabet to make words. Then the letters turn into cute clay animals.
  • Puzzles – In this game, kids have the option of nine different puzzles to complete. Each one is a picture where the pieces are in the wrong direction. You can touch each puzzle piece with your finger to turn it until it fits.

Talking ABC

My two-year old loves singing the alphabet, so she really enjoyed the autoplay option. She also really liked the Letter and Animal games where she was asked to identify something.

My four-year old’s favorite was the Puzzles. He kept wanting to do them over and over again. He even tried teaching his little sister how to do it!

I really like this app for the kids. It’s educational, it’s entertaining and visually stimulating. I feel good when I leave the kids alone with Talking ABC because I know they are learning something. And it’s so great that it can occupy my two and four year old because it’s hard to find one toy or one TV show or one game that can do that.

You can purchase the app on iTunes here for $2.99.

Disclosure: I received the Talking ABC app to review it for this post. All views and opinions stated in this post are 100% my own.

Salma Dinani is a writer, TV producer, mom, wife and a lover of good books (she just has no time to read them!) You can also find her blogging about parenthood and lifestyle at