Happy 2018 friends!

Netflix Canada has a nice selection of new titles premiering for kids, adults, and everyone in between this year. Including some fan favourites coming back with new seasons.

If you are looking for some suggestions, keep reading…

Upcoming Netflix Titles We Are Looking Forward To Watching!

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (Returns March 30th)

This dark comedy series following the ill-fated Baudelaire siblings returns on March 30 for a second suspense-filled season with Neil Patrick Harris reprising his role as the cunning Count Olaf. This one was a hit with our entire family and we can’t wait to watch the new season!

  • Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

The boys have watched the Trolls movie multiple times already and they love Trolls! They enjoyed the Christmas special as well and they are super excited to watch Trolls: The Beat Goes On!  

Trolls: The Beat Goes On! premiered on Netflix January 19 and it picks up right where the hit movie left off, following the adventures of Poppy, Branch and all their Troll friends.

  • Altered Carbon

O.k, we loved watching Black Mirror and we are looking forward to watching Altered Carbon, a fast-paced cyberpunk series where death isn’t permanent and human consciousness can be digitized and downloaded from body to body. This noir murder mystery is coming to Netflix on February 2. Adding this date to my calendar!

  • Seven Seconds

This February, I am also looking forward to watching the new Regina King-starring crime drama Seven Seconds, the show goes beyond the headlines of race relations and law enforcement. Adding it to my “must watch” list right now.

  • Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet returns for a second season later this year. This series is definitely a hit or miss for viewers. I am a huge Drew Barrymore fan since her E.T. days and I found the show pretty funny, even though there were some pretty gross scenes. This show is definitely NOT kid friendly though, so watch after the kids have gone to bed and also preferably after you have had your dinner!

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Netflix. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.