Now that cold weather is upon us, I’m looking for the best ways to keep my 6 month old warm. It can be tricky with babies! Especially when it’s unsafe to bundle them up in carseats, and they are not yet mobile, so they get cold easily. We had a carseat cover passed down to us but it was the style that went behind the baby as well, adding an extra layer of fluff to the seat and making it unsafe. I was really excited to find the Petit Coulou covers. Not only are they heavy-duty in the warmth department (they’re made for those freezing cold Quebec winters!), they are also practical and safe.

We were sent the cutest Petit Coulou, which is also very unisex.


It has a water repellent fabric, so it’s perfect for cold and harsh winter. It also protects infants from temperatures as cold as -25◦c/-13◦F.  There are sturdy side reinforcements that prevent the structure from collapsing, and the inside is super cozy with a polar fleece lining. It also comes with a back insulation panel that can be used for outings, but removed for when baby is in the car. There’s a zipper that goes the full length of the cover, which means I have easy access to my babe and can quickly zip it up and down.

thumb_DSC_0784_1024 photo PC2000_zpsyiki9xhj.jpg

As soon as I put it on the seat and zipped it up with her inside, she gave me the biggest smile. I’d say she likes her! Her older brother also thinks it is SO fun and loves to show everyone his “bear sister.” With a cold winter coming for us soon, I’m glad we have a great option that doesn’t entail me having to pile blankets on top or have my baby girl cold. Knowing she is super warm and safe is so important to me. If I leave the zipper undone, she’s still warm and cozy but she’s a bit more free and open. Otherwise, if it’s really cold out, I zip it all the way up and she still has a good size hole to see through, with plenty of air. She looks super cute in there and I know she is really cozy too!

Disclosure: I received a sample of a product to facilitate my review. All views and opinions stated on this post are 100% my own. Special thanks to Rachel Florio-Urso,  Celebrity Baby Trend Expert for providing the product sample!