There Is Nothing Like A Mother’s Love

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Once I became a mother it really made me so much more grateful and appreciative of my own mom and for everything she has done and continues to do for me. I have always had a close relationship with her but we have become even closer since my boys were born.

I remember growing up and always knowing that anytime I was not feeling well my mom was going to be there ready to help and comfort me. She would take my temperature, tuck me in bed and feed me a healthy soup, some juice and TYLENOL® for my fever so I could just sleep and recover.

I clearly remember having chickenpox when I was in elementary school and staying home for a week. Every day my mom would take great care of me and put cream on the itchy spots. She would also make delicious and healthy meals for me to enjoy, serve me in bed and read books to me. Her entire day was all about making sure that I was comfortable and recovering.

After four or five days of loving care and comforting I had made a nice recovery and was ready for school. After all that fine pampering it was difficult to accept that I had to get back to my regular routine!

You truly don’t know what your mom does for you and sacrifices everyday until you become a mom yourself. Nowadays I am the one taking care of my own two children when they get sick. I am the one who has spent nights worrying over a cough or has ended up taking them to the hospital on the middle of the night to get checked out.

Both my boys have asthma and our youngest has had croup multiple times. It is scary when he gets a croup attack and cold/flu season can often be tough for us as a result. Sometimes I am the one who gets sick and I wish my mom was able to come home and take care of me!

My mom is my best friend and she is a very big part of my life. I am forever grateful for everything she has done for me since I was a child and what she continues to do for me and our family. I love her and I am very thankful to have her as my mom.

My mom and my boys


You can check out the moving hero video below and create a shout out to thank your mom for taking care of you during your own sick moments here:

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Angela V

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18 responses to “There Is Nothing Like A Mother’s Love”

  1. Love this, cute video too!

    • Love the video too!

  2. Love my mom too, the video made me cry!

    • Oh yeah, me too, I cried!

  3. Moms are truly the best. I don’t know what I’d do without mine. ❤️

  4. Awh, what a great vid. 🙂 Its hard watching kids get sick and being able to do nothing but make them as comfortable as possible until they’re better. <3

  5. Beautiful post,it truly is a blessing to still have your Mom,my Mom just turned 90 in Sept,yesterday we wnt Christmas shopping,an amazing day !

  6. Moms always know! When I was sick I always felt better when my mom would sit with me and rub my belly. I do the same to my son.

  7. A lovely post, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. what a heart warming video

  9. You never fully appreciate your mom until she is no longer there for you… Lovely piece.

  10. Amazing video that filled the heart

    • Yes, beautiful!

  11. This is really neat–especially with Mother’s Day coming up!

  12. A Mothers love can never be replaced

  13. I agree that there is no love comparision to a Mother’s love. I read somewhere that when ships were sinking, men looked for their wives. Mothers looked for their children first. The Mother love is extremely strong in most women.

  14. I reread your article and all my daughters and daughters-in-law are wonderful Moms. They would and do all they can for their children. I would think most Moms are like protective Tigers when it comes to our children.

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